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Please make sure you also keep posting on other public spaces. The only way we get the word out is to get the word out far and wide.

All-women spaces are fantastic (!!!) and a great place to inform each other, gather courage and organize, but we need numbers. We need normies.

Just today, I read that a school district in Minnesota has lost its case and now girls will have to share their locker facilities with TiMs (of course the fucking ACLU is involved). This is happening all over the US, so again, please also post in places where the general public will see GC ideas!

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Consider getting a spinster history. People get hooked up there.

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Yup you can ask on ovarit twitter or on their spinster account

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if you search ovarit on here, you can probably find a post by a mod or such who can send you invite. They occasionally make posts here about signing up.

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The way to get an invite code is through twitter or

I was already on spinster and don't have twitter so I messaged and they replied within hours with an invite code! Hope that helps! :)