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"Unwomen" is a pretty good description of them these days.

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I did have an impolite chuckle over how the name sounds like, I admit... UNWOMEN indeed.

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For those who cannot see the link for whatever reason, here are a few comments (which have thus far garnered hundreds, in some cases more than a thousand likes each - names of the commentators have been erased, I hope this goes with the rules of the GC platform):

"Woman or girl is NOT an identity. It’s a biological fact. And it is one that renders us vulnerable, from birth, to male assumption of ownership over our bodies and us. And it isn’t our job to cater to and mother everyone. WTF. You have lost your signal. You are lost, and you’re messing up another generation of young people. Good job. Really."

"Feminist role is to protect and promote womens equality not to make everyone else comfortable that's called misogyny when women are expected to put themselves last"

"A reminder of the definition of Feminism. Un-women needs to stop supporting the dangerous gender Ideology and remember woman = Adult Human Female"

"It is our role as feminists to act as mommies and hostesses and make everyone feel safe and included." See how sexist that is? Wrong, UN Women. Our role as feminists is to fight for the liberation of female human beings."

"'Women's work', eh? To be indoctrinated and emotionally blackmailed into putting themselves last to ensure everyone else's happiness and comfort since time began... Please focus on helping people to learn how to take responsibility for their own emotional needs. Women are busy."

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I saw this when it blew up on Twitter, too. The UN has lost the plot.

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Was just checking their Twitter - this is a partial, but direct quote from their post (29th of October):

empower female #refugees

end female genital mutilation

advance #genderequality

address gender impact of #COVID19

prevent #genderbasedviolence

support indigenous communities

develop women's IT skills

I highlighted the parts I truly do not get. "Address gender impact" what the what? What does that even mean? For reals? Advance gender equality? In their words, if you're a woman - just hunker down on your vageegee and carry the weight of a teensy weensy minority's issues. Because WIMIN! We were meant to suffer.

Prevent gender based violence? Did you mean violence against women or what is going on with UN Women?

Not for women or girls anymore, that's for sure. They drank the Kool-Aid.

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The comments are amazing. Fucking not one person is defending them. I LOVE IT.

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You still see the post? I do as well when I open the link (which I suppose did not work for everyone, for unknown reasons) yet when I go to the FB/Twitter feed it seems to have been... deleted?!

Unsure what happened there. In any case the comments brought me back to life.

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I can see it.

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Good :)

It is weird though how many people can NOT see it (and I couldn't find the post by searching their page, for example) and for some it opens as intended. Geez, Facepalm is truly a mystery.

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Yeah! I still see it. Not one positive comment rofl.

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I think it's a picture in the photo album, not a post. Try looking there.

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Hackerwoman face intensifies That might make sense. :D Still don't get why the link only works for some - I just see the pic and it leads directly to the comments. AHHH well, enough of social media mysteries for a day, hopefully peeps can find the pic & comments whichever way!

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Yeah, that's weird. I have no problems seeing it, and it was glorious to read.

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And that quote was from their executive director, ffs.

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They took the post down on FB it seems. And Twitter. Can't find it. But I am yet to see any explanation - or them addressing the MANY concerns women raised due to the original post.

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The link works for men. I can see the FB post and comments just fine. Am in the US, on east coast. So it's not been taken down.

edit: oops, I mean the link works for me, not that it works for men. Though these days, that wouldn't surprise me.

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Odd! I linked this to a few friends also and they couldn't see it at all. Well, it's Suckerberg's creation, who's to know how all of this works...

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You're in a Scandinavian country, right? Perhaps there are different rules?

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Doesn’t seem to work?

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Sorry! I tried and tried to find out a way to post a link that would work and... didn't manage. Not sure what went wrong. But you can see the original post and the comments if you check the UN Women page on Facebook, and scroll down until you reach the 27th of October.