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Subreddit for biological lesbians was banned (/r/TrueLesbians) for not including men. Only very small subreddits or subreddits who are banning lesbians for saying that they don't like dicks are left there:

They completely erased lesbians from that site. And attacked many gay men as well, made them uncomfortable and leave the site (still, not banwaves and complete erasure like it happened with lesbians).

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It's not a real biological lesbians subreddit. They are actually pro-trans. The real one has been banned sometime ago. Have you tried Ovarit? It's a full feminist discussion forum and not particularly lesbian centered (unless you are posting in the actual lesbian sub). For straight women reddit subs, I think FDS (/r female dating strategy) is one of the few places on reddit where you can talk about things from a more feminist, non-pro-trans and straight woman point of view.

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I love Ovarit but it also doesn't seem to have as much traction as the old GC sub. I really hope it grows. Female dating strategy isn't really for me as I'm married. I just miss when subs on reddit were really female focused like the girl survival guide and 2x and stuff. I wish I didn't have to go to a whole new site. The censorship really worked to make me feel alone and discouraged.

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I hope you post more here.

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What are you talking about? The biological lesbian subreddit that used to exist was r/truelesbians and that got banned along with all the other gc subreddits. The only one left is truelesbiangamers, and that has only 500 subscribers and talks about videogames.

There’s no sacred oppression status that spares lesbians. Our subreddits got banned too and the remaining lesbian subreddits are filled with dick talk (probably because over a quarter identify as trans women). We’ve been hit just as hard as straight women have.

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What sub is it? I don't think there's a bio lesbian subreddit? Truelesbians was banned

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R/biologicallesbians. I was as surprised as you to have stumbled upon it. Maybe it still exists cause not a lot of people know about it. If word gets out they might also be banned.

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Everyone is too scared to post there because it’s like putting a target on your back. Also, they are still pro-TRA there. It’s absolutely not GC. You are not allowed to be openly GC there. They still bend over backwards to validate the transbians.

I think if it developed any serious momentum it would be banned instantly. It seems more to exist so that Reddit can say it does.

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Everyone is too scared to post there because it’s like putting a target on your back.

I think this is the case for r/JoanneRowling as well. It's back online after being banned for awhile, but it's very inactive. TRA mods have eyes everywhere and are happy to ban anyone posting "out of line", even if the user never posted anything in their sub.

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It's fairly new and has less than 400 subscribers. Once it hits the TRA radar, it won't be there. I lurk (I'm a lesbian), but I wouldn't post under my normal reddit name, as, eventually, it will be targeted.

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I was slightly gnc myself in my teens, and rejected femininity because of sexism, until I finally realized that it's okay to look ultra feminine and not subscribe to mysoginistic ideas.

Femininity is inherently misogynistic because it's the makings of slave women; a male tool to oppress the female sex. It's the reason we're dealing with the trans cult because hets won't kill femininity and masculinity aka gender roles.

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Well, I run a subreddit called r/Cisgender_Women as a way to get around the banning. It's not very active, but I still try to keep it modded and run. The name is offputting I know, but I felt that to be the only way to keep it from not getting banned.