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No. There’s a massive difference between imagining oneself as a woman and imagining oneself, as a woman.

One is men imagining themselves as someone they are not. The other is women imagining their own bodies. There is no fetishisation or focus on the female form. The person merely imagines the body they inhabit.

Claiming women have agp makes no sense.

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"Cisgender" women do not exist, and none existing thing can't be anything.

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I would assume no, because there's no paraphilic fixation (read: fetish) involved. i.e. "no" for the same reason that the TRA phrase "genital fetishist" is likewise an oxymoron.

Though there is an equivalent paraphilia, autoandrophila IIRC, that describes the reciprocal phenomenon in women, albeit the literature and common sense would imply that each sex has vastly different motivators in developing these fixations.

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It is impossible.

And imagining yourself as yourself is not a kink or paraphilia - it is the norm. In romantic scenes self-inserting yourself on a place of another woman as a woman is not strange either and is the norm.

If you mean women imagining themselves as men - then it is called autoandrophilia, but it is extremely rare one.

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I wouldn’t imagine actual women experience this psychological condition. Autogynephillia if we break down the word means self-woman-attraction/fixation and it’s categorised as a paraphillia because of the sexual arousal or satisfaction that manifests imagining oneself as a woman when one is not female.

Males and females have different patterns of sexual response, the autogynephillic response is noticeably influenced by testosterone, it’s why a lot of trans women claim they “grow out of it” on estrogen. Because the estrogenic sexual response is not the same, it’s less intense.

So taking some markers from autogynephiles would be “I’m aroused at the thought of having breasts” Okay, most women are not aroused when they are growing breasts, nor by the presence of them on their body. What the breasts indicate is that a woman is of reproductive age, sexuality usually follows that rather than preceding it.

But the point of the thing is that autogynephillia always begins with a thought of having something which is not natural to their body, it is inherently cross-sex. The example of breasts is interesting because I think it marks the paraphillic desire to become sexually available as a “woman” even if only to oneself. Which is not usually the behaviour of autogynephiles, they usually also identify as lesbians and expect to be accepted there.

The female equivalent is autoandrophillia, women are certainly capable of being pathological and self aggrandising but autogynephillia as discussed by Blanchard is a male typography.

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I don't think so. However they can be autoandrophiles and be aroused by imagining themselves as a man. Or be autosexual and get aroused by looking at themselves.

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This concept, that women are aroused by themselves as women, is one of the retorts to the idea of autogynephilia in men. "Of course women view themselves as women during their sexual fantasies and activities." While true, it does not handle the details of autogynephilia--that the transformational idea itself (sometimes forced transformation) is often arousing, that interest in being a women is sated post-orgasm, sometimes replaced with feelings of shame, guilt, and disgust. Etc.

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I think it's possible. I'd just say the person has the "autosexual" paraphilia (attracted to oneself) with a lot of emphasis on one's female body or sexual role "as a woman".