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I avoid the word "transwomen" as much as possible. I generally say "transgender person/people" when I'm unsure of my audience, but use "men" around other GCs.

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That's a fair compromise. I personally just can't get myself to call obvious men in dresses and makeup "transgender person" when I know it's a man... And vice versa with masculinized women but I get your approach.

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I think that the terms transman and transwoman are the wrong way round.

Think about a boy who has a difficult puberty and resents turning into a man. He takes pills, wears a dress, and explains this by saying that he is a woman trapped in a man's body. Right way round terminology would call him a transman.

Think about a girl who has a difficult puberty and resents turning into a woman. She takes testosterone, tries to grow a beard, and explains that she is man trapped in a woman's body. If we swap the words back to how they should have been, she is a transwoman.

Get the words the right way round and I'm happy to say that a transwoman is a woman. Stick to the currently popular usage and I'd rather not use the words transman and transwoman at all.

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That's an interesting perspective and though I would rather just call these people what they are objectively, I think that calling a trans-identified man a "transman" and trans-identified woman a "transwoman", that could be a compromise that doesn't object biological reality.

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I've seen argument that "transwoman" in one word doesn't imply that's it's a woman like "seahorse" is not a subcayeory of horses.

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It's just ridiculous though.... I get the horse thing but you know that this is what these (obvious) men want, they can say that "transwoman" is not the same as "woman" but let's be real, they know deep down that the word associates with "woman" and that's where they get their euphoria from...

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I try to use language that will bridge the communication gap with the person I am talking to, so that I can get my ideas across with as few barriers as possible. So, yes, this sometimes includes using the word "transwoman" if that is the vocabulary the other person will understand the most easily.

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Never. They're trannies - a word, which, mind you, was perfectly acceptable in polite company all the way up through around 2015.

If they're going to keep referring to Latinos as Latinx (despite 97% of this group rejecting the term) and the rest of us 'cis', then I'm going to keep calling them trannies. None of this tongue-in-cheek, polite-but-factual "trans-identified male" nonsense (, 'timmy', 'Timothy', etc.) - tranny.

Remember that being polite and following social convention is what landed us in this situation to begin with. And hey, I'm male myself. They only ever pick on women.

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I say "TiM'. But really, if nothing is said to me, I'm going to say "sir", and "man" and because my head I've recently shaven my head and I look like a gen z woke woman (I'm not, I've been living without style for the past two decades and now I've just started shaving my head), I think I can get away with claiming I'm one of them.