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Maybe an unpopular opinion here but I'm honestly totally fine with "truscum" (people like Blaire White, Buck Angel, Rose of Dawn etc) who are just living with a difficult mental condition the best they can. It's the "tucute" that have co opted the movement -- ironically most of whom are not trans, just boring white people that call themselves "enby" because they think a gender is a personality -- and pushed the craziest bullshit. People with actual gender dysphoria aren't telling lesbians "suck my girldick" or demanding to be allowed into women's changing rooms, the whole point is that they don't like their genitals and most decent people have a basic desire to not make everyone around them deeply uncomfortable. But these crazies are much louder, and as far as I can tell much greater in number (since it's easy to be a creepy man with a fetish or a teen "not like the other girls" girl, and actual transsexualism is a fraction of a percent of society). At this point they ARE the trans movement and their nonsense is infringing on others' rights and doing more harm than good.

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I agree!

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I see some truth in this. It seems like a movement that calls people "truscum" may not have the best of intentions in mind, or be particularly grounded in serious medical and scientific thinking.

And I do think these sorts of movements can attract people who are looking for a place they can belong or have a favored position. I mentioned this blog before, but there is a blog The Dirt from Dirt which argues that a similar thing has happened regarding female homoeroticism: that there is a rare biological condition only a few people have, which a lot of people have tried to glom onto for various reasons. It also seems like this kind of hostility is not uncommon among female homoerotics, and I'm not very familiar with that scene, but it seems like there's a parallel.

However, I think there are problems with any male who wants to identify as female, whether he has a female-typical brain (to the extent that's a real thing), an atypical male brain, or whatever. He's still not a woman, and not recognizing the differences where they matter still creates a problem for women.

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female homoeroticism. or you could just say lesbian...

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I think transexualism is enough to peak anyone, due to how it is seen in the mainstream

It is definetly a mental disorder and instead of encouraging therapy or any other form of treatment they go straight ahead to changing their whole body and fucking it up with cirguries

Imagine a world where we encouraged bulimic/anorexic people to achieve the body they really want... it's what is happening with trans people, just people feeding into their delusion

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The trouble is it's the old school hsts transsexuals who are often the most pro hormones and surgery for children. That's an issue which peaks a lot of people.

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my peak trans was about a french transactivist influencer, aggresivelytrans who complains that gay scene in paris neglict transwomen as creators of gay culture and must be centered-oriented about transwomen because transwomen are source of inspirations ,an ideals of beauty and an pinnacle of seduction for gay men. So i was confused then i was bored with this ideas as constantly blaming gay men for all the problems of transwomen. But now, i'm scared for lgb youth because all french transactivst have huge influence and visibility in french mainstream medias .