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I'm actually partial to .22 Magnum. I guess the rimfire aspect of it limits military usefulness.

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Actually I often think of that, imagine a 22Mag machinegun, with some type of hopper-magazine system , would be pretty easy to design, and it could lay fire for a very long time, it would be great at making the enemy take cover, easy to suppress the sound, and super light, even 22lr would work for this, It would be crap at shooting buildings, but even 7.62 becomes useless against a masonery wall that is more than 5" tick, its not gonna go through! at this point might as well shoot 5 times longer at it , amd make the enemy cower for longer, giving you time to advance, ALSO , it would have so little recoil you would be able to shoot a laser beam of tracers

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apples are better than oranges