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Interesting idea... I kinda like it.

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I "kinda" like it, but it seems to me that if we were to so closely integrate ourselves with reddit in this way, then we wouldn't be much of a reddit alternative. More like an add-on site. This could possibly open us up to legal ramifications.

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Yep. Plus I doubt anyone wants to trust our mobile apps with their Reddit password, even though it's just a pass through kinda thing.

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The integration like snew does aka, notabug, plus the dissenter idea of commenting on censored things. Revealing censored comments like snew as well. Use the api to allow cross commenting like mobile apps use for reddit but double submit, one for saidit, one for reddit, then use the parent comment of anything on the api of reddit to be shown to avoid confusion. Hope this makes sense, I've heard you have a wonderful programmer here.

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This idea reminds me of invidious. (Alternative to YouTube. Uses YouTube but no trackers.) I'm not sure if they have their source chide opened