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<- Ideas For SaidIt

SaidIt future ideas

SaidIt decentralized

SaidIt vault

  • (possibly in a wiki), an archive to web-scrape and store all linked content, should they go stale

  • articles

  • media (images, books, audio, video, etc)

  • as a decentralized (shared) "permanent web" archive

SaidIt network

  • decentralization options

  • SaidIt wiki upgrade

    • a SaidIt version of MediaWiki, perhaps as a Wikipedia mirror/fork or as an additional filter/overlay, perhaps named ""
    • perhaps a mutually beneficial collaboration with existing wiki(s), ie. Wikispooks? This could be done in any number or ways. (Ask /u/JasonCarswell for further breakdowns.)
  • SaidIt media

    • SaidIt could start a channel, and regardless where or how the video is hosted, it would always be embedded on SaidIt. Naturally the various video hosting platforms would have crossover supportive communities too.
    • Vigte suggested in The Lounge Chat, "What about a saidit podcast - every month or whatever, D3rr and Magnora interview someone from the community to shoot the shit. Even if it's like 15 minutes lol."
    • Folks on SaidIt could crowdsource draft weekly scripts of a high caliber covering the news. With a good voice and sound engineering - I (/u/JasonCarswell) could animate an 80's era newsman at a desk with a PIP screen over his shoulder featuring source footage and graphics. "SAIDIT WEEKLY UPDATE" After a few episodes the kinks should be worked out, including some automation, and with script submissions including footage it should be pretty easy to smash out. [see also: /s/SaidIt/comments/hs9/ssaiditweekly_what_would_this_proposed_subsaidit/]

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