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Yeah, the people that miss the large userbase of braincels and celouts are fakecel memers who really cared about updoots and not about the fact that we'll die alone, childless.

The emptiness of this sub is reminiscent of the forum days of old tho, kinda cold and empty. We gotta be more active if we're aiming for longevity.

Oh, and good morning, I hate women.

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As someone who grew up in an era of "the forum days of old", there was always way more activity going on in most forums than this bullshit. Gathering a group of like-minded people with similar ideologies onto a website, and then having like 400 subscribers with none of them talking to each other is a post-reddit phenomenon. People wanted to come home from school/work, boot up their PC and catch up with their internet friends. Now you get two posts per day which can range from "yeah" to "yeah, i agree, fuck women". Low effort crap.

I don't know who the fuck you guys are, but I certainly didn't grow up with you in the 2000-era internet.

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I also grew up in the 2000s. It was a better and simpler time

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I guess I forgot to clarify, a lot of the "forums" that I used to browse were amateur help/troubleshooting, and you'd get lucky to get a reply on topics you posted because people didnt know answers. I'm sure general social forums were more active, but I wasnt on them (I was into video games/ irl socialization, so I never looked them up.)

However the irc chatbar on the side now is cool.

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It's hard to get excited about not enjoying life.

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That's what really hurts the most. To know that I'll die without ever having children. My parents are expecting me to have a child. And to look my parents in the eye, and tell them I can't fulfill my only duty as a human extremely painful. It's pure HomiFuel. My username did nothing wrong

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The admin can't let us make a joke. The mods have been moved 3 times in less than 2 months, my posts can't go through. How is that a cozy place?