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What's weird is when you make a new account don't post anything and still get your account suspended somehow. Whatever this site's better anyway.

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China doesn't want humans on their social media website; it's bad optics.

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Low IQ. The whole meme about Reddit being controlled by China is the quintessential example of the stupidity of Reddit's own groupthink. Ironically, the reality is that Reddit is controlled by some of China's worst enemies; the NATO intelligence apparatus. I mean, Jessica Ashooh, the 'director of policy' of the company, is literally a representative of the Atlantic Council. That is the reason why the front page of the site is constantly filled with anti-China and anti-Russia propaganda.

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Imagine sitting at faggit

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I got banned off from that shithole a couple of weeks ago after I made a joke mocking the admins for banning r/2balkan4u . All jannies are trannies.

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I'm suprised I havent ever been banned from reddit. I've been banned from many subs, but never the entire site which is suprising bc after the ban of incelswithout all I ever did was troll.