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Yeah this is why i won't make friends jfl what a shit feeling to experience that must have been.

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I feel like I should just start mentally preparing myself for more of this. I’m gonna eventually see my peers who I grew up with in high school getting married and having children… pretty much most of them are having sex right now as well.

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I see you've made a flurry of posts Alessio; it's good to see a brocel postmaxxing, there are some based people on this site.

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Thank you Scumyaal, it goes to show how much of a trucel I am that I can’t stop browsing for a day. I personally think these posts are shit but I try my best to describe how I feel and people in the blackpill community tend to find it relatable so…

I’ll probably get bored and start contemplating suicide again and eventually delete the account but today’s not that day.

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I’ll probably get bored and start contemplating suicide again and eventually delete the account but today’s not that day.

I know the feel man, hang in there (but not literally please no). I haven't been very active recently because I cba, but I have still been reading your posts and quite frankly I like the cut of your jib.

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How do you know he isn't larping? I play pretend on reddit all the time.

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Nah, why should he larp? His account was genuine three years ago so I’m assuming it still is.

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Why are you begging for being killed? They have their own lives. I don't have online friends, because normies are boring and I didn't found any ultra-nerds.

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We both were lonely and “incel” at one point and kept bitching about women in 2019, and now seeing him being able to get a girl is brutal; knowing that I was chatting with a fakecel normie this whole time. I didn't literally mean it when I said kill me lol.

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I bet he wasn't incel, just overreacting normie. That's lesson for you.