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I'm 32

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people in the incel communities

I'm not in any incel community except this one, I am 23 and I don't give a fuck. I lost it years ago and there is nothing to be done except comfymaxxing with copes. Also, I want to confront people who will be lying into my face in the near future when I will go into mid 20s.

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It's really frightening that younger and younger people identify as incels, and I say that even for people around 20, which used to be an age of optimism. Same for MGTOW, they used to be divorced men around 40 or 50 and now they are young men. I wouldn't go that far though as to say that most are 15yo.

On another note, is what it says in this video true? If yes, that would add another aspect to the difficult times we are living in.

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It's really frightening that younger and younger people identify as incels

Well, it is reasonable, since the age when foids start acting like sluts decreases. For me it was around 16yo when I could visibly see that, nowadays, i would say that it's around 13-14yo. Nothing weird that there are sometimes 16yo self-claimed incels, they are already weird ones among their peers.

Women should have their vaginas sewned.

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It is obviously reasonable, but still frightening that men in their early 20s (who in other times would feel they have their whole life ahead of them) have already decided to abandon hope and sink into desperation. It just proves that the world has reached a new low.