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They already did

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It's fucking happening. Look at my last post here.

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I don't think they steal. VG are still good. Anime is still good. Fuck comics. Fuck dnd.

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The classic titles that shaped and got shaped by incel culture will remain classics. It's like the watered down albums produced today pretending to be equal to the great albums of the past.

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Portions of it like the linguistics, but they will stay far away from the label of an incel.

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Yeah the well is deeply poisoned on that, I wonder if in the future incels will experience a rebranding with a new name as more and more normies will struggle to find love. Have you seen the new japanese statistics about inceldom? It's brutal there, especially during covid, it plunged many low-tier normies into inceldom

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Incels will always be culture-exporters. Since we have a distinct distaste for women and their simps, 75% of memes will never be adopted by us. We are edgy outcasts with strong group identity, and since everybody instinctively knows that the black pill is true, our memes will always reasonate with the general populace on some level, in the same way that comedians that just "tell it how it is" are funny or Trump got popular.