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Roasties have a problem and it's good. But watching foids saying that "it will only make it worse for incels" is the most hilarious. Like bitch, we don't fuck at all and nothing is changing it.

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It reminds me of when femoids on the TwoXChromosomes subreddit were posting threads calling for a 'sex strike' in response to the ruling. As if not having sex with men who they weren't having sex with anyway is going to achieve shit.

In fact, all it really it showed is that femoids' go-to response to not getting their own way is to throw a tantrum and threaten to withhold access to their holes. JFL, they even partly realised this for themselves in a later thread when they said something like "We should stop making these threads because sex shouldn't be our only value".

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They don't realise that less and less many give a shit about access to their holes - this tantrum doesn't work because it wasn't like that during last years, no matter what, ugly men still don't have sex no matter how far the sexual revolution goes. It's just more and more sexual, but just with attractive men beause access to them became so easy. That's why foids will be punished further and further, watching them trying to withhold access to their holes seems hilarious - afterall, not a single ugly guy tries to get them because it's not possible.

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There are people that actually are saying this is worst for incels?

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I haven't seen "worst" because it's definitely worst for foids, but I have seen that it will affect us way more than sexhaving guys XD

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Now that roasties can't take it raw, they won't be able to spread more STDs.

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