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Incel is a new non-conformist rebel movement. "Foids are stupid, my said that she won't do anal this night, I'm incel, yeah, mafaka".

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If he was an escortcel then I think that's fine. Your first mistake was browsing in the first place though. It's been confirmed as a honeypot so many times, why do people still use that site?

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The worst clown is the cretin known as tenta. Literally just someone using the site in order to brag about how much he kisses and hugs and put down actual incels while rug-pulling and saying random worthless garbage.

Funny how feds actually got people to believe you can hug and still be an incel. (kissing and handholding maybe but hugging is a female embracing your entire body sexually, kissing can be done as a reward for doing something for her etc so still probably fakecel but not so bad)

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Just another bragger that roams freely on an incel forum because the mods on .is are beyond retarded

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The worst part is how you can literally blame bullying victims and not be banned. The new fat link guy is just as much in charge of making the site a honeypot.

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fat link is literally a senile boomer., he unironically believes elliot rodger is a ''chad''.

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I guess an extremely advantaged, privileged puke, but certainly not an 8/10 in looks let alone in voice.