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Happy indigenous peoples day to all indigenous people living in their indigenous homelands.

All non indigenous people, it's not your day, suck it up. Seeth, cope, lockdown.

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Much appreciated!

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No, it was Columbus Day. Indigenous Day can be on some other day that doesn't coincide with the first known historical connection of the Americas to the rest of the world.

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Hahaha, I know resistance to tyranny is understood by my fellow dissidents on Saidit, but I expected there’d be at least one. Skoden!

I have no problem with you “celebrating” Columbus Day, which I doubt you even do...because if you did, you’d probably have a better argument than it being “the first known historical connection of the Americas to the rest of the world.”

Here on s/indigenouspeoples, since I’m pretty much the only one posting here, I choose not to uplift someone who wrote a how-to guide on the mistreatment of native people, including native North Americans. Instead, let’s celebrate my people, whose ancestors were forced into state-sponsored brainwash institutions, abused by Jesuit rapists, and have quietly suffered in shame through that trauma. Our new generations are motivated to heal that trauma, break self-sabotaging cycles, and ensure our sovereignty via the US court system. We owe our lives to those who went down fighting tyrants and those who silently resisted tyranny in the darkest corners of their mind by remembering our songs and our ceremonies until it was safe to share them again. You see, for culture bearers, it’s indigenous peoples day every day, no lobbying, no federal recognition, that’s just how it is, and those culture bearers are who I’ll continue celebrating.

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Well, at least you're enjoying yourself.

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Vinland Saga?