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haha yes!

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I think this will ultimately blow up in their faces; as far as entertainment crap; which is huge to their money. As people have more access to the technology, we're already seeing things change. I recognize more youtubers, than supposed Hollywood 'celebrities'.

It's becoming easier, and easier to find people with talents to aid in creating awesome content, pick an arena, and there's someone a click away.

I could spin this another way, look at saidit, from reddit; the censoring happened, and presto, smart people, people with know how created an alternative. I've had previous forum experience, and all of it goes by the wayside at some point. It's not so much a question of if, but when at some point will saidit go?? I don't know, but I know people will find a way.

I'm not saying it's right, or optimal, but usually with conflicts, issues, and the like, perseverance does prevail.

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Well the articles are meant for big platforms like all of google and facebook youtube.

The reasoning is facebook and youtube (easiest examples) are making money off of content users provide, but if a user uses (fair share) a (small) clip of a movie (which is fine) it's facebook and google that make a (potentially) a lot of money off of it while the orginal movie get's nothing.

Like if I made a song and you made a video using that song and I agreed on that, but we have to share the proffit a bit. Still facebook and google make money off of it. (for youtube you can say, heh enable ads etc, but google makes money off of it without ads (the basically seel their 'view time'. facebook is hard to get moneytised anyway)

That's how the Eu commision looks at it, and it's a directive, countries have to see how (and even if) they implement it. I would guess The netherlands stays a freehaven and might ven become a bigger crucial hub in the internet of europe because of it.

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Another win for the technofascist uprising :(

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Yes, though It's also a kick in the nutts for the BIG data companies like google, facebook and streaming services (most likely the dramatic excesses discussed for just users are not going to happen).

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This... is bad.

Tom is sad.


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ha, time to rename this sub to filternet

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Saidit needs to up it's donation goals too, to pay for the linktax (article 11)

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SaidIt is in the US though. Does it really need to bow to illegitimate European laws?

The US is generally a pretty bad place, but sometimes it has its perks.

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"This site is blocked in the European Union"

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Does it really need to bow to illegitimate European laws?

Ehm yes, like you have to pay to get stuff from Europe ;) I would only be for the certain (or all) countries that do this, but a linktax is a linktax. I don't see it happening that quick for small sites, as it's intended for google news etc.

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I think the point is that the EU does not have the authority to collect taxes from an American website. That would be like San Francisco taxing the chocolate sales in Switzerland. Sure, San Francisco can pass the tax.... but they don't have the authority to collect.

What the EU probably can do is block sites that refuse to pay.

I hope I didn't misunderstand what you were trying to convey.

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What the EU probably can do is block sites that refuse to pay.


but they don't have the authority to collect.

I'm not sure about that, but I fear that if they want to implement it beyond the big platforms (for which both articles are intended) I would guess some sort of general payway/subscription service for smaller platforms.

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idk. the warship donation drive, in theory at that, netted only $25


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I don't see my submarine.