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The reddit software (which saidit runs) is not optimized for dealing with this situation. Reddit wants to force users to moderate content with votes instead of blocking users.

On a free speech site it should be easy to block users you don't want to interact with.

This is something Gab got right. There are users on Gab that endlessly post nazi stuff or use slurs in every post, but it's easy to block them. It does not take long at all until your feed contains content you're comfortable with. I am personally surprised that it works so well, so fast.

I think saidit should tweak this codebase a bit and put a "block" option next to every username. The other side of the "free speech" coin is the freedom to not listen if you don't want to - without compromising others' ability to listen.

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I don't know about blocking that seems dangerous because someone who at one point posts shit and retarded pseudonazi stuff all the time may at some point have something insightful and interesting to say. The option to apply filters should instead be implemented as is possible on 4chan. Just filter the word "jews" or "race" and you'll get more of what you're looking for and less of the same old tired shit everywhere has

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Just looked and it seems like you can use RES which would allow filtering.

says here:

Reddit Enhancement Suite (RES) : builds, git source (official)

 WARNING: stomps your RES for Reddit settings

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Just because an idiot is right once in a while doesn’t mean you’re net-negative if you block them totally. Even if you have keyword filtering, they’ll start using new code phrases and keep popping up with the same stupid arguments said differently.

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Your button is coming. It already exists, but only if a user replies to you and messages you. For now it shows in only.

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Welcome. I share some of the views you say you find tiresome, but relate to where you're coming from. One challenge with anti-censorship offshoot sites like this is that they sometimes end up dedicated, tediously, to the specific points of view that were banned, versus simply replicating the uncensored golden age of the prior website. Gab is an example of this. Anyways, I'm brand new to Saidit but hopeful that it can avoid being all alt right, all the time.

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Totally agree. It gets really annoying to see people painted with the same brush based on their group identity, the far left and the far right both do that constantly.

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Then use a different brush.

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That's why I like the Pyramid of Debate orientation that Saidit has. Calling people names and not productively adding to the discussion is rightfully removed, while controversial posts that do contribute remain.

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This is why The Jeffersons holds up better than All in the Family: because George Jefferson was right and the racebreeders on this site and every other site they infest prove it. Shut the motherfucking goddamn hell up, you stupid racist fucking inbred honky breeder goy trash!

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/u/magnora7 More ad hominems

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Thank you for questioning the content on those sites and finding an alternative

Small thing but it means a lot and the world would be better if everyone did that periodically lol. What you take in can start to stick with you I guess that's how people's obsessions grow.