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I left reddit in this last purge. It's a horribly misogynistic hellhole.

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Welcome. Leftism always eats it's own so it's no surprice that TERF and Anti-trans related subs are getting nuked as well as regular fun subs. Gender supremacy subs and subs that fetishize mental illnesses like transgenderism are pretty gross, but they shouldn't be banned unless they do something illegal.

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Thanks. Yes, I agree everyone should be able to write about whatever they want. Calls to inflict real life harm toward individuals should be censored, but "ouchy your opinions hurt me!" is not violence for god's sake.

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I agree, the standard set by the 1A in the US is how all speech should be governed. Anything more is diving head first into censorship.

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        troons harassing lesbians with their chodes and threatening to beat them bloody should they lack enthusiasm for girldick.

        Jesus fuck. Can I get some links? That's disturbing as fuck

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        We used to have subs called /r/thisneverhappens and /r/terfisaslur that were chock full of this shit. Gone now, but you can find them on

        They were literally just a subs that linked to news articles and had screen shots. Very active, too. Can't go against the narrative, though, that's hate speech /s

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        Yes lol. All we ever did was repost their own words. "That's hate!" Yes, yes it is...

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        This is an article from 2014 about a Porn director that refused to hire a pre-op transwoman for porn:

        This is the first mention I found in actual lesbians on reddit. Lesbian saying she isn't having sex with her transwoman girlfriend due to "low libido" - yet... it sounds like she's not sexually interested in her "girlfriend".

        Here is some gaslighting about what a lesbian is:

        Here is a post seriously saying transwomen are the same a black women:

        And that's all the really mild stuff. JK Rowling got tons of "suck my girldick" comments on twitter. But they argue that's not a "threat of violence".

        Last, google "Seven sex attacks prison transwomen" - and read all the articles about sexual offenders transitioning for the purpose of sexually assaulting women in prison. Yeah. So safe around women.

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        This is a video of a transwoman explaining that "I'm not saying you have to have to have sex with transwomen, you're just a bigot if you don't", and a great takedown by Magdalen Berns.

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        I still have some of the screenshots, sounds like the mods who took over the sub are archiving as we speak. I expect the content will be posted over here at some point.

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        I think it's a category on pornhub

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        this is still up

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          This is frequently discussed among radfems. Many of us will continue to vote for democrats, because at least they still support legal abortion. I know of a few who will vote for conservatives/ republicans because at least THEY aren't trying to change the definition of "woman"- and "women's rights" don't exist if "women" as a sex class don't exist. See- nursing mother lost discrimination case because men can lactate too Some said they would not be voting at all and they felt politically homeless.

          See also the controversy surrounding feminist organizations such as WOLF working with conservative orgs like heritage against transgenderism. Some feminists support it, others are against it. Unfortunately conservative outlets are the only ones nowadays that will even host this kind of content :/

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          As a conservative (I guess), the whole trans/feminism drama seems so moronic, and I am really no fan of either movement. Why not just craft legislation that treats people as individuals? And define gender/sex as biological. Seems that would solve a lot of problems.

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          As a conservative (I guess), the whole trans/feminism drama seems so moronic, and I am really no fan of either movement. Why not just craft legislation that treats people as individuals? And define gender/sex as biological. Seems that would solve a lot of problems.

          That's the liberal position, but sadly, there aren't many liberals left.

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          In the UK that is the current law, but we have powerful LGBT lobbying groups giving "advice" to various institutions. They are purposely misrepresenting the law on sex-based rights, and censoring any pushback on social media. TRAs lie and either say trans women are not protected under the law or that they are, and women are trying to prevent them from accessing spaces they are entitled to. All their stats are junk. They have the backing of google, twitter, Facebook, reddit, etc. Right now, Google is tying to intervene with UK politics. It's disturbing.

          In the UK, autistic so-called "trans" children are being experimented on with hormones and surgery. Free speech is a joke, people are being fired. Trans rights activists have captured institutions and are wrecking the lives of many, many people. That's what we're fighting against. Men, women and children are, and should be, protected by current law, but in reality our rights are being flouted; speaking out against it makes us BiGoTs.

          Personally, I'm pretty conservative. I know most of the women I speak with aren't, but who cares? We are united by the same goals: protect sex-based rights, safeguarding of children and free speech.

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          Kanye. #Vision2020

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          It’s honestly a crapshoot, at this point.

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              no. i am an Anti-Feminist Trans Rights Activist.

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              You are one of the biggest retards i have ever seen. That comment alone gave me brain cancer.

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              He is definitely a troll.

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              A braindead one at that.

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              lol you're giving into the troll and i find it fucking hilarious

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              So a misogynist in addition to being a homophobe.

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              Did....did you read the post?

              Edit: god damnit I thought he was referring to op because apparently I am colorblind. Ignore my dumb ass.

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                Trannies are superior to cisfemale scum. And btw, most trannies don't chop their balls off.

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                We get it incel, you hate women.

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                Don't feed the troll.

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                Let 'em, it's fun!

                They're refugees from ban-happy reddit echo chambers, so they have no natural defenses!

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                The troll is a fat disgusting slob who will literally eat anything.

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                Actually a lot them still have their cock and balls, and call themselves lesbians.

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                Hun nobody is afraid of you, and the fact that your username is "professional incel" is pretty telling.

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                  I can only assume that your entire life revolves around going on a barely used reddit alternative to hate on women, which frankly is worse than what you refer to as the "cock carousel" (lmao, a woman can have as much sex as she wants and not be worth any less, get over it. Regardless, I'm a lesbian, have never had sex with a man, and never will.)

                  You may be an incel, but let's be honest, if you can't come up with more original shit than "cock carousel" and "bucket of cum lolololol", can you truly call yourself a professional?

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                    No advocating violence, it's against site rules.

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                    OmG n wordddd not very woke of you smh. Disrespecting the poc trans queens.

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                    Can't you read what you just wrote?

                    That's sounds like a great life.


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                    Anti-trans is pro-gay. You are a goddess.

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                    Thank-you! I still have many of the original screenshots so I can help rebuild the sub over here.

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                      Lol an incel who’s a TRA why am I not surprised?

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                      They call it the incel to trans pipeline.

                      You can't get a girlfriend so you become your own girlfriend.

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                      Wouldn’t this just make transphobic people more transphobic? Your comment doesn’t make any sense.

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                      Tr-nsph-b-- is just a PC way of calling gay men f----ts and lesbians d-k-s.

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                      If you are this friendly in person I 'm gonna guess she will remain transphobic

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                      I am not transphobic. My subs reported on verified crime stories from transpeople and trans rights activists, as it's relevant to the debates surrounding sex-based rights. The other subs supported my argument for protecting sex-based rights by highlighting the rampant misogyny and homophobia coming from TiMs/TRAs. It upsets their uWu narrative so they tried to get us banned immediately lol.

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                      I was making fun of him, not really calling you transphobic.

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                      Shut up freak

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                      give me your address RIGHT NOW!

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                      07 n-am cartela sa ma iei de manivela

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                      So you are going to prove male people aren't all a stereotype by picking a physical fight with a random person you've never met.

                      The logic can't fail.

                      Prediction: after meeting you she'll be even more sure she's right. You are the proof.

                      Dumb autogynephiliac thugs. Try thinking with you're brain rather than your ladydick for once in your life.

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                      Hy dude. Hang around. It's pretty cool here

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                      You are part of the problem. No different from the reddit admins, just have a different angle.

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                      How? I linked only to verified crime reports from trustworthy news outlets and posted screenshots from social media sites of TRAs/TiMs threatening violence towards gay women (and others, but they targeted lesbians mostly). I followed reddit's site-wide rules including censoring all identifiable information, like TRAs/TiMs faces and usernames. Pointing out hatred of others is hateful apparently lol. I put "anti-trans" in scare quotes for a reason... there was nothing hateful about my subs. Any genuinely hateful comments left by users were removed swiftly. I made it very clear in the rules, slurs and advocating violence towards trans people is unacceptable; if a user repeatedly flouted the subs rules I would ban them permanently.

                      I noticed the censorship ramping up, and sensed a purge may well be on the horizon. I was fed up, so left the sub for others to do as they saw fit. I regret that, it was selfish.

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                      You very well may be right: typically, those of that ilk aren't against censorship in principle, they're just aghast when the same sorts of rules are applied to them by a slightly different mob.

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                      I'm an individual, you have no idea what I believe in. I do not advocate for censorship of any kind and that was not the purpose of any of my subs. It was precisely because I am against the censoring of uncomfortable truths when it goes against the "narrative" that I made my subs. I reported on verified crime stories and posted screenshots from TiMs/TRAs threatening violence toward lesbians; something swept under the rug by TRAs. Other people covered detransitioners, child abuse, etc... You don't know what you're talking about lol.

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                      Uh huh, sure.

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                      omg! Hi u/loxicom nice to see you here, I'm working on archiving the 4 subs you created

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                      Thank-you! I regret leaving, it must be a nightmare. I didn't nuke my account completely, but cannot remember my password after logging out. It was one of those funny Norton strings, so god knows what it was lol. I recently discovered I have some of the original content on my laptop. I would need to edit names and faces out again, but I have screenshots. Is there anything you'd like me to do?

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                      Ah understand, if you make another account I'm happy to mod/approve you if you wanna save any links or anything, surprised but glad it's not banned yet. Seems like all the other mods got suspended for badlybehaved and others unfortunately but they are good resources. Set them to private after the banwave.

                      Still getting info on the new site that gc will have but if you're up for having the subs there I'd be happy to help.

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                      I'm wary of creating an account and having my IP address banned. I'll think about it. How do you build an archive? I've checked out the archives for other subs and the content doesn't show. Maybe this an idiotic question, but why isn't everyone just dragging the screenshots into folders to upload elsewhere? And copying weblinks to articles/sites into a master document? We could do with a GC site. Is anyone making one?

                      Almost everything from BadlyBehaved were links to womenarehuman articles, so that's the easiest to recreate lol. They are idiots. PP would be an annoyance to rebuild, and probably unnecessary. What do you think about PP? The original GC sub and r/thisneverhappens are the greatest losses.

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                      True, reddit now IP bans - but if your loxicom account hasn't got banned and you just create a throwaway it should be okay. Archive was made using a python script while the sub is in private but you can also put it on restricted and archive it through wayback machine. Head mod from troll (dontdoxxmebro) archived quite a lot of posts before trollgc got the ban. I'm not sure what the main gc sub did though. I did the screenshot thing but often there's hundreds of posts which makes that method more slow. For smaller subs though it's doable, just create a document for the links and maybe separate them by type of crime for badlybehaved (similar to the flairs). PP was specific but it's one of those things that tras said wouldn't happen (in mixed sex spaces) so was a good record but maybe it can be merged with another sub.

                      Just waiting for the new site to go live, it's in alpha testing at the moment.