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Be careful of hidden knowledges. There are many of them, but unfortunately, many among them are planted falsely. So what appears to be "Wow! This is the Truth!" turns out to be yet another manipulation to distract our easily distracted emotional self. The training which takes a lifetime's discipline is to sort out Truth from its many glitzy impersonators. Just because something appears "hidden" doesn't mean it reflects reality; it may be "planted". That said, you are correct that reality is now mostly hidden under the obvious falsehoods that comprise the "orthodox" world we are bombarded with daily. Good luck and welcome!

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timetraveler you are in a bad time period. I suggest that you time travel to a better time period.

The secret knowledge that's been covered up is history, covered up by promoting ignorance in education.

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Hello, welcome here time traveler. yes, the universe is full of mysteries. Everything has hidden knowledge in our whole universe, be it earth, space, or any other planet. We just have to explore it. I am a Top CIPD witer malaysia, and I am curious to explore everything and write about it as much as possible. I have a craze and I really wish that time travel might be possible but unfortunately it is not!