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I am but a humble shepherd leading my flock to the promised land

We don't like jews here.

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    Jesus Christ, some people have no sense of humor

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    Welcome to Saidit, but your chosen username advocates torture, and is against Saidit rules here and here. If you want to enjoy Saidit, please consider a different username, as it's particularly agregious. We do have a sense of humor, and indeed one of our famous users is /u/FuckYourMom .

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    and is against Saidit rules here and here

    Well, honestly socks, when my accounts get banned for testing the rules, by posting disgusting content that did actually violate the rules, then I stop caring about what the rules are. If they are not going to enforced in good faith, what do I care?

    as it's particularly agregious

    Its actually spelled 'egregious'

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    why do you advocate for rape?

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    The username was just meant to be graphic and offensive. I think you have talked to me enough to know that I would not seriously advocate for sexual assault of any kind.

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    If it was not intended, then why do it? (No need to answer the question, as you've already mentioned that you've done it because you were annoyed.)

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    If it was not intended, then why do it? (No need to answer the question, as you've already mentioned that you've done it because you were annoyed.)

    You seem unsatisfied so I'll be 100% real with you, it's far more than annoyed. You may have noticed I have some serious psychological issues with authority, especially when I consider it to be exercised arbitrarily or capriciously. It triggers me and fills me with a vindictive misanthropic rage. Everyone who doesn't stand up to abuse of power is guilty of enablement in my mind, and I generally have no compunctions about making it everyone's problem - because it is. I've always been like this despite the fact that it often hurts me as much as the people I am lashing out against.

    However, I've talked with you enough to have some empathy for you personally, that allows me to see past that a little - so out of respect for you I will retire rapefist since it bothers you so much, despite the fact that I feel like the psychotic hate speech this site is rampant with is far more harmful than my username.

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    Just to be clear - I have nothing against you personally. And you seem normal to me. I think many here have had similar issues. I am only concerned about the username. Rape and rape culture are very serious problems (internationally, and especially in South Asia, and in several African countries, and in many other places). Some may not give it much thought. Others will be extremely angry about what they see as your support for it. It can be a 'trigger' for some.

    Thanks for the explanation. I'll try not bother you again about it.

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    You did the same thing as me.

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    (The comment isn't necessarily about the user.)

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    Too late now

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    makes about as much sense as tits on a turtle

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    Are you the new district attorney? Lilo's mom is single!