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Welcome to saidit! I have heard of sedevacantism but I don't know a whole lot about it.

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Basically, it's the position we have no pope, because last 6 were heretics when they got the conclave votes. A non Catholic with open mind would side with us. Who is pope or not pope affects more than Catholics. Most of conspiracy theorists would choose us over Francis/ commie friends. Take care

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I am the pope. Now give to me my fifty bucks.

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This is very good. I am gonna follow you

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Hey, John Raymond. I'm not Catholic, but have a lot of love and respect for Catholic Saints and theology. I go to Mass when I can. Good to meet you.

Vatican II has been.... interesting, from what I understand. I think had the Pope just read the Mystery of Fatima when he was supposed to, none of this would have happened.

Prayers for the Church, and for all Christians everywhere. God bless you, man, good to meet you.

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You're too kind, Tiny Brown Mug. Catholics at large missed doing their part, and Consecration wasn't done. Thus God allowed chastisement. I reject Vatican II, all of it. Our Lady of Fatima ended on very hopeful note: In the end the holy Father.... And ...Triumph of Immaculate Heary. Peace

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There are pre 1958 Masses Not in union with Francis. sends priests from Ohio to Texas. If you ever want info please let me know.

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All I know is Catholic Charities is responsible for mass nigger migration to the west. Fuck the Catholic Church.

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Can you not read " We've had no pope since 1958". Francis and his church are not Catholic. It's A sham. Catholic church is very tiny.

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Hey jack wagon, I didn’t want to read. All I wanted to do was say what I know is true about the church. Did I say anything about any popes? No, I didn’t. Maybe it’s you who can read, but can’t comprehend.

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If you won't read what can I do. What you think is Catholic church AIN'T

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You’re an idiot. Be gone.

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You got it, ice. Well stop talking. Ill begin when you actually read more than first sentence.

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Welcome! I’m new as well.

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Awesome. Let's bring down NWO. By summer!

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Jesuits, mafia with the black pope took over the catholic church years ago.

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To other readers: I'm not going to engage on this nonsense. My desire is to get conspiracy theorists to question whether Globalists, commies, new world order effectively controls Vatican.

Btw, I'm Catholic, love Catholic Church, love papacy. Sedevacantists are most logical. You'll see if you look

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It's not nonsense but the truth. What do u think happened?!

BTW I'm Christian who follows the teaching of Jesus. Not man.

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I'm an ex-1958 sedevacantist.

I agree Francis is a manifest heretic and hence ipso-facto is not the pope. The pope died on the last day of last year.

Have you considered that if the pope can be gone for over 60 years, then the Catholic Church defected? Home aloners are the most consistent, for the sedevacantist church lost at least 3/4 marks and none of its bishops can claim to have an apostolic mission.

If no apocalypse happens within 7 years I don't know what I'll do. There will be no logical position to take in Catholicism.

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Ratzinger was a fraud. We have many apostolic bishops. I don't want to argue details. Go to Sedevacantists group. I love fighting but...

I'm trying to engage conspiracy theorists to attack Rome

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I'm not posting to argue. You said that I should prove you wrong. There is no sedevantists group here.

If Rome is not punished in 3.5-7 years I don't know what is true.

I don't think Ratzinger was a fraud, but that Francis contradicts God Himself. Because trads accept him as true pope people junk the last few popes as well, because Francis is so bad.

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If you don't want to argue, fine. But I'm getting last word. I believe Rome gp, Vatican has horrible punishment coming. Only trad Catholics are sedes: we reject heresies (of false popes) and we do not refuse submission to man we recognize as pope. Sspx, fssp, burke, vigano, Taylor Marshall etc all refuse submission to francis.. Not Catholic. There will be a sedevacantism group in 10 days. Mine. With other subjects. Peace

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Here's is rap sheet. Deceiver who thought fine vestments would fool fool folks. AND IT WORKED!!. Not forx sedes

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Organized religion, at least how most organizations work seems to be for profit. So that can't be right and anything from them is suspect.

I got no problem with religion or people practicing it, it can be good... if done right. I'm just not seeing it, except in the few friends I got that hold their own private meetings and research and discuss for themselves. Like with many things today, the theory and original sources may be sound, but the current implementation, direction and leaders seem to have been corrupted. There's a big reason why i'm super skeptical of anything "new".

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So, I'm not trying to convert or defend. I'm simply saying most famous (infamous) person in world, Francis is a fraud. I'm trying to get conspiracy theorists to at least look at this. If his honesty and position is questioned then his globalists friends can be asked: why are you hanging around with this fraud

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