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Welcome. My guess on why this site isn't bigger, is because there is already Reddit. The users here have typically gotten tired of the Reddit censorship and forum manipulation by the shills and bots. So, while you can find news, information, and discussion here that has been censored at Reddit and other sites, there is far more content there, both with news and hobbies, than gets passed around here. Also, the "free speech" turns some people away. While you can speak you mind here freely, there are some no-no's such as no porn, no calls to violence, and no sexualizing children. These posts and comments will be removed and may even get you banned. Add your own content and join in the discussions of others' posts and this place will grow.

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very cool with those restrictions. if free speech turns ya off then go back to Reddit lmao

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Some one said racism, freedom of speech, and lack of moderation is this websites downfall.