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13 years here with with 125k+ karma, and got perma banned when I posted that their mods are laughable corrupt and drunk on power, they allow a small group of pleebs to mod hundreds of subs while they do not have to follow any reddit rules, dox people, try to infect them with keyloggers, and threaten people, all of which has happened to me personally.

IMO, reddit is dead and has been for about 3 years minimum with nothing but far left ideologs who worship their party and quite litterally attack anyone who is right of their own person politics no matter how little. But really, much like Holywood, they have just fallen into just hating thier users and consumers. Fuck em. They can die just like Digg did in the exact same way.

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Well I usually spent most of my time in hobby based subs which I guess maybe didn't have quite the same issues but either way I'm hoping after the 2 week time waiting to make subs here we will have more of the communities I'm looking for a bit sparse right now understandably so, but the format is right, although I don't understand the 2 upvote and no down votes yet, also it looked like there was an app available but I'm not seeing it in the android app store.

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Agree. I am not sure about this site yet, I can tell a LOT of the most vile comments all seem to be a few days old, likely some of the radical ideologs from Reddit coming here posting in HOT their standard vile crap or trying to act like what they think far right acts like to turn people off from this site to stay on failit.

IMO, so far this has been a great site, people have been respectful, save the 2 day old radical redditors, and if this site grows and moderation stays strong and fair and impartial... this could be the replacement. I need redditenhancement suite for it though :P

I think the no downvotes might be so people cannot brigade posts or people and just downvote them into oblivion via scripts. It is a TRASH way TRASH people who cannot tolerate "wrong speech" can silence speech, as fascists oft do, and who do you see trying to block speech these days? That's right, the garbage extremists on both sides, odd how you don't see that with any moderates closer to centrist than the radicals sides.. lol

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    Well.... A system of government led by a dictator who typically rules by forcefully and often violently suppressing opposition and criticism, controlling all industry and commerce. Of course there are minor changes here like they only want one party in power, they DO want to control industry and commerce (that is the BS Democratic Socialism horse crap we hear about all the time). constantly suppress opposition and criticism so much we have a term for it in this age "canceling", and quite often are violent while calling the people they attack violent. It's pretty straight forward honestly...... and if you want to throw in and say it REQUIRES racism, well last I hear, and often, you cannot be racist towards whites... which is racist.

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    A merger of state and corporation, kinda like the US.

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    While I agree with that assessment, no at the same time. This is more the "people" merging with the state still thinking that somehow they could make decisions without having someone in charge. Someone in charge leads to corruption which leads to communism, not socialism. People cannot be trusted to be good, or at least stay good, that is why the the most successful countries have been either democracies, where everyone "has a voice" or dictatorships where no one has a voice. In the second one, the system is already corrupt and people do whatever they are told, or else, which means if the dictator is not a moron, the country will prosper. In a "democracy" (because they are always some blend of it, like we are a constitutional republic) the people are not in charge but have a say as to who leads us, and that makes them invested which leads to a prosperous country. Both of these examples have ways to get corrupted. Here in the states we have a variety of ways to subvert the will of the people, electoral colleges (put in place to grant people in small states as much say as large states), gerrymandering, flat out illegal fraud... etc.

    As I said, PEOPLE cannot be trusted to not become corrupt, but as far as I am aware this is the best system that exists to have options to keep corruption to a minimum.... unless you end up in a two party system that limits the people options, which is what our First Past the Post voting system, which is quite literally the WORST system possible and the most easy to corrupt or limit choices. Where I agree with you is that in the US we VERY much are a Corporatist country (IMHO), not a Constitutional Republic, and I would like to stop pretending it's not. Companies have more rights than people, they can still vote and act like a person with their rights, but have no drawbacks like being able to go to jail or draft as well as special privileges in taxes and more. It's disgusting and I am glad you also see that.

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    I am as extreme left as it comes, and I am so tired of people not being able to express themselves no matter how stupid or uninformed they may be- myself included.

    Honestly, you and I will agree on 0% of things, but it is EXTREMELY REFRESHING to being able to hear your point of view at least... I miss when we could disagree without being instabanned for life behind our backs without rhyme, reason, or being even informed of it.

    So, hello, nice to meet you, my new Enemy! :) <3

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    Think you would be surprised, I am center left actually, and fully support quite a few liberal hot topics but draw the line at ideological insanity or when either side thinks they should be able to tell everyone else how to behave or what they can or cannot say.

    I doubt everything we could talk about, we would not see eye-to-eye on quite a bit of it, but I agree with you it is quite nice to be able to talk to people, openly and honestly, without fear of horrible corrupt power hungry mods being hypocrites while breaking their own rules to silence you if they do not like what you said, and being able to debate, talk about issues, differing view points, and treating each other like people first, and not bowing down to pray to the god of politics instead. Also interesting when you go to a site that is not all in on a political side just how DIFFERENT the stories that are posted are, how many stories are ignored or buried because they do not fit the party/ideology line, or that make them look bad.

    So, nice to meet you as well, but excuse me if I do not instantly label you an enemy just because we might not agree on something.

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    try to infect them with keyloggers

    Wait, what?

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    Oh yeah! I had one sub where I had an argument with what turned out to be a mod on his private account, and made the moron look like the complete confidently incorrect chump he is wrong with proof and full studies. So he got on his mod account then perm banned me in that sub. I appealed it saying a total idiot was arguing with me and I provided the proof they demanded and broke no rules. The total idiot told me that it was HIM and if I wanted to get back in the sub I had to apologize to him, then fill out a online form..... an online form that JUST happened to contain a keylogger and the form said "Fuck you, see how you like being the slave now." OOpsie, I use a VDI that resets itself after each use.... and then contacted reddit mods to report this trash mod with link to the form and screenshots. Seems that trash is still a mod at blackpeopletwitter. Oh, I was also told that nothing I said is correct because black people can't be racist to whites, such a progressive site.

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    Watch out. There’s a lot of racism. And people telling you the truth.

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      Oddly, the ONLY people I have seen that speak like you.... have been on this site no later than 3 days at this point... which means they came from Reddit and are likely here just trying to make the site look bad. Report them, and carry on.

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      Yea. It’s fun to joke around. But I don’t enjoy discussing genocide seriously.

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        You may be correct.

        I don’t know if you have used it. But it is amazing.

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        This site are opposed to jewish supremacy and jewish censorship. Reddit is run by jews, (the newhouse jewish family), so it shouldn't be a surprise that people are annoyed by jews when this is their behaviour. They act like they can do no wrong because they think of us as cattle and of themselves as Gods chosen lol

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        No warnings for the weak

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        What hobbies are you interested in?

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        Juggling, woodworking, lego, tabletop rpgs, and individual subs for specific video games. Are the main things I'd like to be involved in off the top of my head.

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        Interesting. Most of those are acceptable hobbies. I hope you find it worth your time to try to build those communities here. I think the political and social tyranny is just beginning and eventually most people will need to find a place to migrate. Idealy there would already be a place, but someone has to be first.

        In the meantime a lot of users split their time here and other places, even at the r word. Growth is always slowest at the start, but once it gets rolling you will end up wishing it wasn't EVERYONE coming over.

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        He he. Hard R word. :)

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        I liked Reddit for a while

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        Welcome to Saidit!

        Ten years on Reddit here. I've only been more actively browsing Saidit since the Reddit blackout myself, but I've had this account for two years. The first time I was around was because I was looking for a more Libertarian, censorship-free version of Reddit without power-tripping mods, but unfortunately left due to the lack of content and general common opinions on here.

        My honest opinion of this site - many users hold racist opinions about blacks and Jews, and are very anti-vax, anti-trans, and anti-immigration. This is understandably a huge deterrent to many who consider Saidit as a potential alternative to Reddit, especially if they politically lean more left, as I do. The users here are not particularly nice and arguments often devolve into name-calling, but I can't say that's any different from Reddit.

        Despite that, there are some things to like about Saidit. I personally love the lack of a downvote button to prevent downvote brigades. Many users here (oftentimes even the same previously mentioned users) also offer insightful comments about a variety of topics. It's nice to be able to read multiple viewpoints or know that you can speak an opposing opinion without being censored or banned, as long as you are being respectful, which is a massive difference from Reddit.

        But if you're looking for hobby subs, well it might be a while until they pick up. I'm guessing Saidit is still too small to have an active community especially for more niche hobbies. I think the fact that a lot of the site's content is deterring to many people will make it more difficult to grow such communities.

        I don't mean to scare people off of Saidit, but thought I'd explain my experience with it as it's definitely not for everyone, at least not in its current state. I've heard many Reddit users have migrated to Lemmy instead, which tbh I haven't looked into much myself. Might be another alternative to look into if Saidit isn't what you're looking for!

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        I am a scientific racist: blacks evolved where they could run around naked all the time and not plan clothing for cold weather. The growing season is all year so no need to plan food storage. The sub Saharan part of the continent (Africa) is very isolated so no exposure to commerce or ideas.

        How long would the above last on Reddit?

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        14 years here. Know how you feel, friend. Hey yo, by the way, when do the narwhals bacon? Right? Amirite? Friend? DON'T LEAVE! I CAN CHANGE!!

        Btw, we reply because everyone here can relate. <3

        Start that hobby sub my dude, I'll come hang out even if you don't want me to.

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        It's great to hear that you've been on Reddit for 11 years and are considering exploring a new platform. If you feel that this platform could be a good new home for house of hazards, it's entirely up to you to decide whether you want to run scripts to edit your posts and suggest people join this new platform.

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        It's understandable that you feel unsure about the direction this post has taken. It's always surprising how quickly a conversation can shift on the internet. It's great that you are open to free speech, but it's important to remember that not everyone will share the same views. It's also exciting to hear that you are considering suggesting this new platform to others. Immaculate grid As for hobby-based subs, I'm sure they will come in time as more people join and contribute to this community.

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        Everyone has the right to freedom of speech and to leave their comments on this forum. Suika game

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        Regarding the unexpected turn of the comments in your post, online discussions can sometimes take unexpected directions, influenced by various factors such as individual perspectives, current events, or the broader online culture. It's not uncommon for discussions to diverge from the original post.

        As you look for a new online home, consider platforms that align with your interests and values. Many platforms cater to specific niches or communities, so finding one that resonates with your preferences might lead to a more satisfying online experience.

        Alex at Parramatta Bathroom Renovations

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        All individuals possess the entitlement to express themselves freely and to contribute their remarks on this forum, while also engaging with papa's freezeria

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        For nearly a decade, Tom's fingers danced across the keyboard, navigating the labyrinthine corridors of Reddit. It was his digital sanctuary, where he shared stories, swapped ideas, and forged connections with strangers turned friends.

        But when protests erupted in his city, Tom felt a stirring within him—a call to action beyond the confines of cyberspace. Setting aside his keyboard, he ventured into the streets, joining the chorus of voices demanding change.

        Months passed, and as the echoes of protest faded, Tom found himself yearning for the sense of community he had left behind online. Yet, he couldn't shake the unease lingering in the digital air—a cacophony of voices drowning out meaningful dialogue.

        That's when Tom stumbled upon a new platform—a haven for genuine connection and meaningful discourse. Intrigued, he extended his hand, clicking through its interface and immersing himself in its vibrant community.

        As Tom explored, he encountered a familiar face from his Reddit days—Sarah, who had also sought solace in this digital refuge. They reminisced about their Reddit red ball adventures and marveled at the potential of this new platform.

        Inspired by their reunion, Tom decided to take action. With a steady hand, he ran a script to edit his Reddit posts, leaving behind a heartfelt message inviting others to join them in this new digital sanctuary. As he hit "send," Tom felt a rush of anticipation, hopeful that here, amidst the warmth of human connection, he had found his new online home.