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Welcome I'm hopeful this comunity can be what we all want it to be.

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Welcome! This place is kind of like reddit 15 years ago, there's some shills but also some cool people.

I saw Rossmann just posted another video 30 mins ago about reddit.

Could be a good opportunity to tell more people about saidit by leaving a youtube comment, saidit might be hitting some sort of critical mass now that reddit has screwed the pooch. And Louis Rossmann fans would be great people to have on saidit, they seem to be high-quality people overall

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    Oh please. Lots of people here don't hold views like that. The difference from reddit is that those people aren't immediately silenced

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    You just fly in from stupid town?

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    While it's still possible to use old. domain it is living on borrowed time, it's not profitable for them, can't track you enough on that. And Reddit is all too corrupt by the new design, I've seem people changing the conversation subject to talk about each other avatars, backgrounds, or replying using sub stickers that don't show up right on the old interface or even alternative apps.