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Welcome. New users like yourself being active will make this place more active.

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Good morning!

There’s no apps for this website.

Because, there’s lots of racism. And a lot of right leaning.

Please don’t be scared away. Welcome.

Also, you can say anything you want.

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Welcome Ragnar, I follow Louis Rossmann's too but didn't catch him mentioning this website, found it thanks to alternative to (this is not an ad).
I hope this website healthily grows, Reddit became too astroturfed and bloated for it's own sake and now it's already marching to be another TikTok/Instagram clone.

About the Apps, found on the FAQ some (Android only), also the mobile domain seems to work (

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Well, you may face many problems before deciding on this idea. Why don't you join spacebar clicker to express stress? You may forget the bad things.

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Reddit has become too bloated and astroturfed to be useful on its own, and it's already trying to basketball stars replicate Instagram and TikTok. I hope this website expands healthily.