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My usual advice for newbies: don't just look at front page, look through /s/all/new/ to find active subs/discussions you might find interesting. Feel free to block annoying posters/spammers and mute uninteresting subs from there.

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Cheers. Is there an app on the Google Play store? I saw an Android app elsewhere, but not on Google Play. The site is a little unwieldy on my phone.

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Sorry, I just use the website, but some app does exist, I think /u/P-38lightning used it (let's hope he'll see the username mention and help you).

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    Can confirm the google store censored the saidit android app after a few years and about 5000 downloads, they just removed it one day without saying anything.

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    Is that a safe way to download an app? My knowledge of these things is very limited. But I thought it was dangerous to download apps from anywhere other than official sources (like Google Play store)?

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    It is like anywhere else ideas and information is discussed. There will be trolls and shills.

    I like this site because it gives a platform for freer discussion and exchange of information. Although I am a natural skeptic, I am not one to follow a lot of the trends here, but I do like that I can pick up information that otherwise would be suppressed by the main-stream media and other publications.

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    That does sound good. I'm getting really tired of suppressed information, algorithms etc. Looking forward to trying it out some more.

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    And just because we're paranoid doesn't mean others aren't out to get us ;-)

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    Welcome. We used to have a regular "canary" here where m7 would say there have been no requests by law enforcement for user information... and that stopped.

    But now Twitter has relaxed their policies and have allowed literal calls for genocide, and we don't allow calls for violence, so I doubt we're high on anyone's radar.

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    There definitely were known law enforcement operatives present on this site at its height, because it was exactly the kind of place where some nutbar would brag about how they were planning a mass shooting.

    Nowadays... I'm skeptical. There's just nothing here for LE to care about.

    Nonetheless, a good portion of the site thinks I'm LE, and they'll probably suspect you of it, too. Just kinda goes with the territory.

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    That makes sense. I'm a boring peaceful person so I doubt LE would bother. Cheers.

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    Welcome. I hope you have a good time over here!

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    They are everywhere that allows free speech. They are the goons who unwittingly and sometimes intentionally enforce jewish control of information.

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    I think it's just that humans suck, not social media. The only reason this place doesn't suck yet (or well, not in the normal sense), is because not enough idiots joined yet. This place seems to be an ideal testing ground for Russian and Chinese propaganda (and perhaps even Western propaganda, which is harder for me to see since I am from the West, obviously).

    Not sure whether I should welcome you or whether I should ask you to leave.

    "WARNING: there are known law enforcement and/or intelligence operatives and/or paid manipulators present on this site. DO NOT REVEAL ANY PERSONAL INFORMATION or click on suspicious links without hiding your true ip address."

    This is just someone role playing as if anyone important is on this website. It is a message clearly designed to make some random schmuck feel self-important. Just look at yourself: You can't even use proper punctuation.

    If you are a completely ignorant sucker and you believe everything you read, then you might fall for propaganda. I actually enjoy consuming propaganda to some degree. It's fun to see their pathetic attempts, although deep fakes have made propaganda too easy in theory and it's kind of killing the fun for me.

    I think traditional news sources are acting irresponsible regarding the threat posed by deep fakes, but it's not like there is a cure for stupidity.

    In theory this world is super dangerous, but in practice you may have found humans to be stupid. Perhaps the top-5 countries in the world even have the capability to do anything that could be considered "dangerous" with a state budget. The story where a "terrorist" does something without state funding, just doesn't happen or it's at most a minor incident by someone with a mental illness (like what happened in France some weeks ago).

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    We are all 13-year-old girls posing as FBI Agents.

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    So is it indeed true that boys are stupider, due to their being from Jupiter?

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    Just dont plan any crimes.

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    Joking. Thank you for the sensible advice, RapeMyMouth.

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    Yea. But seriously, I think of some of these people as my friends. I have been here for a while, its a small community. This isnt my first screen bame here.

    Just dont meet up with people from here, and dint make any plans, and dont accept money.

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    That's the price you've got to pay for freedom. Welcome!

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    Honeypot post hiding in plain sight? That's my first initial reaction.

    I mean I very well could be wrong, and most likely am.

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    Jews are trying to genocide white people. Welcome to Saidit

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    Welcome to saidit I hope Mexican Jesus bless you

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    I don't know what that means, but thank you.