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You saw saidit on askreddit? That's cool, I must've missed that thread.

This place is designed to be a place to peacefully debate and learn, so we hope it can fulfill your dreams of what it could be.

I hope everyone's been having a good day and it's nice to be in a "secluded" area for once. Everything now has 100k+ active users and zero sense of community.

This is kind of a funny paradox isn't it? It's like living in the city vs living in the country. When people are rare, you value them more. When there's too many people it becomes some sort of cattle situation, lol

Anyway, welcome to saidit Zombi!

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M7: Here is the reddit page where I found Saidit nine months ago. I am surprised the mods didn't delete this list of reddit alternatives but it is still there:

Maybe in retrospect, the mods wish they had deleted it. Within the last week, Saidit has well and truly hit the tipping point and there is no going back. But instead of a "cattle situation" I'd rather you said, crowd control situation. Because that's what you've got now, a crowd control situation. :) Congrats.

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Welcome to Saidit!

Have fun by contributing some good contents and encouraging healthy discussion here.