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Hey Vanta!

Linux isn't hard to get started with. At first you may feel confused by all the options, but the easiest way is to just start with one of the flavors of Ubuntu. Not that Ubuntu is necessarily the one you'll stay with, but it actually is the easiest to find support for. Another popular and easy distro is Linux Mint. Here's a nice beginner video:

Backup your files for safety, and have fun!

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The official site for the software I need to learn recommends I train on Knoppix.
What are your thoughts on that?

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Knoppix is Klaus Knopper's live disc. It's a great way to experiment in relative safety, and provides quite a complete system, but it is still a live disc. That means whenever you shutdown or reboot the system you lose all changes. If you create or download anything you want to keep, save it to a separate disk before shutting down or restarting.

Ubuntu or Linux Mint are good distros to start with if you want to permanently install Linux on your PC.

You may keep your Windows system in a dual boot configuration with Linux. To do so you'll create a separate partition on your computer's internal boot disk. (It is also possible to boot Linux from an external USB disk, but that's not the typical installer default.)

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good luck with Linux! my extent of knowledge with it is using it on my old Chromebook when I was a kid.

what's it like working in vape shop? what do you do the rest of the week?

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The rest of the week I'm a freelance PC Tech. I go fix old ladies' computers when they forget their passwords, or they get some kind of hacker trying to talk them out of thousands of dollars.

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my grandma's email got hacked and we had to deal with a similar-sounding scam. not fun at all. that's a nice job, i bet you meet all sorts of interesting people.

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I do. It's the sort of job meant for an extrovert, but I do it pretty well, nonetheless.

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Welcome and good luck with linux! When I first started I was confused for what felt like a month and then suddenly things started to click and the learning curve wasn't nearly as steep so don't get discouraged!

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Welcome to Saidit!

Have fun by contributing some good contents and encouraging healthy discussion here.