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The truth is about Muslims, is that we being forced to play ball with the modern West has messed us up. We see the right wing in the West speak against Islam, and the leftists say that they are the friends of Muslims, when in reality they see us Muslims as nothing more than leverage to score brownie points. So many of us fall into their trap, and in doing so leave the traditions that Islam was based upon. Another thing is that the globalists want to water down Islamic identity, to nothing more than cultural trivialities (e.g. food and clothing) and leave the true things Islam is based upon (e.g. philosophy, taboos, and beliefs).

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I agree. So what are you going to do about it?

All it would take is one Muslim to start a reformation to bring Muslims back to the core of Islam. Today's Muslims think that following the sunnah of Muhammad means sneezing the way Muhammad sneezed, when what is really needed is to follow the spirit of Muhammad. Muhammad was intelligent and determined and willing to stand alone for what is right. The challenges that Muhammad faced in Mecca were at least as bad as the challenges Muslims face today in the West. So where is the Muslim willing to follow Muhammad's example and reform Islamic practice to make it resistant to western degeneracy? It just takes one Muslim, just one. Where is he?

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believe the many globalist lies like the covid lie

Do they? Are there new restrictions of freedom justified with COVID? Is it used as a justification for new unconstitutional laws?

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Do they?

Yes they do believe the covid lies. I have yet to find one Muslim or mosque in America that rejects these lies. And I know something about this because I used to attend mosque as a non-Muslim.

Are there new restrictions of freedom justified with COVID?

Ambiguous question. The new restrictions of freedom are rationalized with covid but are entirely unjustified.

Is it used as a justification for new unconstitutional laws?


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How is this relevant? The Old Testament also recognizes the value of quarantine which isolates the sick in the case of lethal disease. This is irrelevant to covid which is ubiquitous and (mostly) nonlethal.

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