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2021-09-14: International Covid Summit 2021 - Rome, Italy - ongoing 3 day event (Sept 12-14, 2021) - Dr Robert Malone, Dr George Fareed, Dr Bruce Patterson and others from FLCCC, AAPS, and independent researchers and physicians - Day 2 includes a presentation to Italian government officials


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Mar 3, 2022: Large study retrospectively comparing outcomes data for Remdesivir vs Ivermectin - finds Ivermectin had 1/3 the mortality vs those given Remdesivir, after propensity score matching (Feb 28, 2022)


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Apr 24, 2022: Survey of Anosmia treatments - IVM or other treatments - share your experiences reversing covid19 anosmia (taste/smell loss) esp. if reversal was immediately after treatment start (i.e. looks like treatment helped immediately) (April 21, 2022)


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Alternatives to Media Platforms (that are Trusted News Initiative (TNI) signatories)


Most of the big media and social media outlets are signatories to the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) - see elsewhere here for more information.

These platforms decide if content is diversionary - if in their view, it contributes to "vaccine hesitancy" - if so they feel it is justifiable to censor that information.

Oftentimes that judgement is made by fact-checking organizations who go overboard in censoring early treatments, questions about vaccine side-effects, and reports of rare vaccine-related events.

This deprives oxygen from ideas that would drive innovation and improvements in treatment strategies etc.


For example, early treatment is seen by some fact-checkers as some fantasy.

This perpetuates the perception in the public and many doctors that there is no early treatment.

The reason for hostility - that if early treatment was acknowledged, it would lead to vaccine hesitancy.


However, early treatment is complementary to vaccination - if vaccinated folks get a breakthrough infection, early treatment could save their lives.


TNI-inspired censorship includes suppression of early treatment, questions about vaccine side effects, and questions about vaccine severe side effects.

This censorship has contributed to:

  • the lack of awareness of early treatment

  • lack of awareness of viral timeline

  • lack of awareness of treatment strategies for severe cases, such as for long haulers - and especially for post-vax side effects


Google search results routinely suppress content - that same content is more easily found on - which has less harsh filter.


Are there any alternative platforms where such censorship is not happening?

Yes - but these are mostly smaller companies which were not signatories to TNI, and thus can offer censorship-free participation.

In an environment where users are banned or face censure on the mainstream platforms, these smaller companies see opportunity to grow and attract new users, by offering less censorship.

Reddit alternative

  • (r/ivermectin wiki which is now not visible because of quarantine - is mirrored on saidit)

Twitter alternative

  • (Dr Robert Malone moved there when banned on Twitter)

YouTube alternatives

  • (bitchute links can't be posted on Reddit from pre-covid19 times)

  • (famously offered Joe Rogan to move off Spotify to Rumble for $100M)

  • (this is an interesting new outlet - where automatic mirroring of YouTube videos to Odysee is one of the features) - Dr Bret Weinstein, FLCCC and Dr Been are also on Odysee. Ivory Hecker is on Bitchute.

Medium alternative

  • - FLCCC, and many others have blogs on Substack

Discord alternative

  • ??

Google alternative

Google often censors results that fall awry of the TNI.

In such cases, use DuckDuckGo:


Another option may be:



COVID-19 - Timeline of Events (Mika Turkia)


Mika Turkia has an excellent timeline of events related to Ivermectin and covid19.

New parts are added over time - these are the parts created so far:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

Part 5:

More details are given below.


April 04, 2021:

The Ivermectin Chronicles

"A Timeline of Ivermectin-Related Events in the COVID-19 Pandemic"

57 pages and growing...


Part 1:

A Timeline of Ivermectin-Related Events in the COVID-19 Pandemic [April 3, 2021]

April 2021


Project: COVID-19

Authors: Mika Turkia


Part 2:

A Continuation of a Timeline of Ivermectin-Related Events in the COVID-19 Pandemic [June 30, 2021]

June 2021


Project: COVID-19

Mika Turkia


Part 3:

Third part of a timeline of ivermectin-related events in the COVID-19 pandemic [September 30, 2021]

September 2021


Project: COVID-19

Authors: Mika Turkia


EDIT: January 7, 2022:

Part 4:

Fourth parth of a timeline of ivermectin-related events in the COVID-19 pandemic [December 31, 2021]

December 2021


Project: COVID-19


Mika Turkia


EDIT: February 12, 2022:

Part 5:

Fifth part of a timeline of ivermectin-related events in the COVID-19 pandemic [January 31, 2022]

January 2022


Project: COVID-19

Authors: Mika Turkia


Caution - Veterinary Ivermectin


We generally avoid discussing the veterinary version of Ivermectin. However you can try some of these venues:

Discord channel created by u/foggynotion:

EDIT: August 27, 2021 - u/foggynotion reports that his discord server has been removed as a consequence of the current crackdown on ivermectin on social media. This happened coincidentally at the same time that supermods of reddit (those who moderate multiple sub-reddits) joined together to protest the existence of sub-reddits like r/NoNewNormal (which is seen as anti-mask and right-of-center) - and r/ivermectin (which they were perceiving as forum advocating horse dewormer).


Dr Been's Discord server:


There are some websites also dedicated to sources of ivermectin - via prescription and internationally:


Users should be cautioned about the risks and cautions regarding use of veterinary ivermectin - there is a risk of inadvertent overdosing - see these posts for warning and cautionary information: How to get IVM - new resource page



Another website examining dosing issues around veterinary ivermectin: Ivermectin… what’s good for the horse is good for the handler February 4, 2021



This webpage also examines measurement and dosing issues associated with veterinary ivermectin:

Some of the information needs to be updated to match the newer FLCCC recommendations for treatment (which are now higher than 0.2mg/kg bodyweight).

The webpage also talks about monthly dosing for prophylaxis - which may not be sufficient, as weekly dosing was recommended for a long time, and now more recently with Delta variant and increased virulence, a twice a week dosing is recommended to avoid breakthrough cases (prophylaxis).



This video and webpage from 2014, explains some of the details regarding dosing - with fatty mean for 2.5x bioavailability for systemic use and on empty stomach if want for worms. It also explains halflife, as well as the issues around use of veterinary ivermectin and understanding of dosing: Calculating a dose of ivermectin for scabies

However the use of odd mathematics on this webpage is confusing:

Take your weight in pounds, divide by 33 and that’s how many 3 mg ivermectin pills you get.

It would be much simpler to say 0.2mg/kg bodyweight weekly or twice a week for prophylaxis, and 0.4-0.6mg/kg bodyweight per day for treatment (once someone has shown symptoms i.e. is past day1 of symptoms). This mg/kg dosing is how dosing is presented on the FLCCC protocols.


Ivermectin - Guides, Methods of Action




u/iResistDe4iAm guide to Ivermectin Quick Guide to Ivermectin (version 2)


u/albenstein has a guide as well

Here is a google doc i use to organize links for myself. Maybe there is something useful in there for you.


Dr Been

These two videos by Dr Been were removed by YouTube (the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) at work) - and are now available here:


See: YouTube/Google book burning during pandemic - two more of Dr Been videos removed (July 10, 2021)


Here is Dr Been announcing the removal of 2 videos by YouTube:

Behold the work of modern era book burners - our ushers to dark ages. @YouTube censorship.

Two books burned!

Yes. Moving to odysee and bitchute.


Whiteboard Doctor


Whiteboard Doctor has covered many Ivermectin studies - like Dr Been, MedCram, Dr John Campbell, and others, he has had his videos on Ivermectin demonetized - the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) at work.


Video: Ivermectin Binding SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein In COVID-19: A Possible Mechanism Of Action? Mar 24, 2021 Whiteboard Doctor


also see: Ivermectin And COVID-19: How Is It Proposed To Work? Review Of All Theorized Mechanisms Of Action. Nov 2, 2020 Ivermectin, STAT3, And COVID-19: A Possible New Mechanism To Explain Efficacy Against SARS-CoV-2! Oct 26, 2020


Some other sources Identification of 3-chymotrypsin like protease (3CLPro) inhibitors as potential anti-SARS-CoV-2 agents - study highlights why ivermectin may be effective vs COVID-19 Identification of 3-chymotrypsin like protease (3CLPro) inhibitors as potential anti-SARS-CoV-2 agents 20 January 2021


Guidelines for Companies


Guidelines for Companies - risk management


Companies can take certain steps to reduce incidence of covid19 among their employees.

While social distancing, ensuring there is no stagnant air inside buildings and such measures are already being used, more direct, safe and cost-effect methods are available as well.

One direct step is relatively safe (short term use of Ivermectin), and cost-effective - the administration of Ivermectin to all close contacts of an index case.

If employees are tested regularly using rapid tests, or PCR tests, or even if employees are just monitored for symptoms like fever, bodyache, headache, minor cough, runny nose - their close contacts can be administered Ivermectin for 2-3 days to ensure covid19 is not spread beyond the index case.

Because in adults there is a 4-5 day gestation period before symptoms appear (day1 of symptoms - which coincides with live viral peak) - it is possible to identify all close contacts of an index case, and administer Ivermectin for 2 or 3 days in order to ensure all exposed personnel receive Ivermectin well before day1 of symptoms (before live viral peak).

One complication is the presence of asymptomatic covid19 cases who may be spreading the live virus, while being asymptomatic.

With increased intramuscular vaccination (which produces humoral immunity but not mucosal immunity in the respiratory airways), it becomes possible for vaccinated individuals to be infected in their respiratory airways and to spread live virus to others from their respiratory airways.


Guidelines for Companies - Diabetes, Vitamin D3


Companies around the world that are worried about employee sickness due to covid19 or sickness in their families can consider some actions:

  • ask employees that are diabetic to maintain their blood glucose levels - many employees may have stopped visiting their doctors and may have under-managed blood glucose levels. Since out of control diabetes can affect outcomes negatively, restoring to normal levels will improve outcomes.

  • have employees maintain a Vitamin D level above 30ng/mL (Vitamin D levels closer to 40ng/mL may be desirable for protective effect against covid19) - such a level is achievable if Vitamin D3 5000 IU is taken daily for an adult - test after 2-3 months if a level above 30ng/mL is achieved - reduce dosage slightly if needed


Guidelines for Companies - Prevent Household Spread


You can also adopt more aggressive guidelines regarding treatment to ensure there are near zero deaths, and zero long haulers. A single death in a family will impact employee health and productivity for months from an employer viewpoint.

The following guidelines may be more difficult as long as there is regulatory hostility towards Ivermectin specifically, and Early Treatment generally.

  • if an employee or family member gets sick, all family members should start the weight-specific pre-exposure prophylaxis I-MASK+ FLCCC protocol (pregnant, breastfeeding and children under 15kg weight should avoid Ivermectin). This will ensure that no one (beyond the index case) progresses to symptomatic disease, or if they do that it is mild. The index case can be treated with the outpatient treatment in the I-MASK+ or MATH+ FLCCC treatment protocols.


Guidelines for Companies - Critical Employees


For employees who are critical to the functioning of an organization, an even more aggressive prophylaxis approach can be adopted:

  • have the crucial employees take Ivermectin weekly according to the pre-exposure prophylaxis FLCCC protocols - for both vaccinated and un-vaccinated employees

  • this will ensure nearly zero employees have symptomatic disease

  • the reason a weekly prophylaxis dose works is that Ivermectin has a half-life of 18 hours, which means it's levels in blood fall by half within 18 hours, and to a quarter in a further 18 hours. Monthly doses reduce incidence, and every two weekly also reduces cases, but not perfectly. Weekly dosing is effective because covid19 has a 5 day gestation period - from exposure to live viral peak (at day 1 of first symptoms). This means **regardless of which day of the week you get exposed, during the gestation period the live virus will get exposed to an Ivermectin peak before viral peak, or very soon after.

  • if exposures to virus are likely to happen over the weekend, then a weekly dose of Ivermectin every Sunday may be a good strategy

  • if exposure to virus is likely to happen at the workplace (Monday to Friday), then a weekly dose of Ivermectin every Wednesday may be better. It will arrest exposures that happened on Monday, Tuesday (which will have only had 2-3 days to grow), as well as Thurday and Friday (Ivermectin impact will still be strong for some days after dosing).

  • additionally, for obvious exposure events, a critically important employee can take a one day additional dose of Ivermectin (in addition to the weekly doses of Ivermectin they are taking). For example if they took a long airline flight, and feel they were exposed, or took a crowded bus or train, they can come home and take an additional Ivermectin dose that day, or within the next 2 days (well before the live viral load has had a time to peak in 5 days).


Understanding COVID-19 Timelines - for physicians


NOTE: please consult the FLCCC MATH+ extended protocol document, and the earlier MATH+ versions from Dr Paul Marik for explanations of viral timeline


The timeline of COVID-19 symptoms appearance, and deterioration follows a predictable pattern.

After exposure, it typically takes (gestation period) 4-5 days for first symptoms to appear ("day 1 of symptoms").

The live viral load peaks on day 1.

After exposure, the virus is replicating exponentially, and within 4-5 days achieves peak (at day1), and then starts going down.

By day 5-6, the live viral load is near zero in many people.

By day 8, for nearly all people the live viral load is near zero.


Viral timeline - a blind spot for regulators and in media coverage


This pattern was examined in the FLCCC MATH+ protocol old documents first, and were the only location where this information was discussed and disseminated.

For months after that regulators, and media have failed to highlight the pattern and timeline of infection.

This "confusion" has allowed for the rampant use of drugs like Remdesivir - under the guise that "the virus is still alive". And that has been repeated all over the world, most recently around May 1, 2021. During that wave there was a rush by patients, desperate appeals, and campaigns to increase the supply of Remdesivir. Even state governments pledged to increase supply. However, Remdesivir is not helpful esp. in late stages of the disease. This has been known from the time the pre-print study was revealed.

The lack of understanding shown by regulators and the media (around day 8 and the likelihood that live virus is near zero) has continued to this day (July 2021) - however, in the last few months some officials have mentioned (usually in videoconference calls released to the public) that the virus is nearly zero by day 8.

The FLCCC has from very early in 2020 been showing that the live virus is deady by day 8 in most people.

This has been the reason they have argued that steroids CAN and should be used by day 8 if you want to stop the hyperinflammatory stage (post-day-8) from happening.

This is also why the FLCCC (Dr Pierre Kory) testified in front of the US Senate in 2020 that steroids should be used to save lives - this was at the time that NHS, CDC, WHO had all guided for non-use of steroids - bringing the use of steroids to a halt around the world (that doctors were already using according to their judgement).

It is unclear how many lives were lost due to this hiccup in the use of steroids. For a time, the use of steroids became associated with bad behavior because of the pronouncements of the WHO.

It was only after the RECOVERY UK trial some time later, that NHS, CDC, WHO and then regulators around the world relaxed their guidelines around non-use of steroids.


Foundational work by FLCCC MATH+ protocol


From the early days of the disease, the FLCCC MATH+ protocol document has remained the pre-eminent document for understanding the timeline and the reasoning for that timeline.

I (u/stereomatch) have observed a number of covid19 cases, and have found the FLCCC timeline to be spot on.

Once exposed it takes 4-5 days for live virus to peak (this coincides with "day 1 of symptoms).


Understanding timeline for diagnosing day 1


This gestation period can be used to rationalize the timeline stories you collect from members of an infected household - it can sometimes allow you discover the actual day1 for a patient based on who and when he infected someone.

From the live virus graphs from Dr Michael Mina, it becomes clear that the live virus goes from what seems nearly zero to max peak from 4th day (after exposure) to the 5th day.

Probably a person is infectious at day 1 (and from one day before day1) - and remains infectious for some days after that, until the live viral load achieves near zero by day 5-6 in some and by day 8 in nearly all patients.

This is why after day 8, it becomes hard for a person to infect another.

For safety, quarantining may continue until day 10 or so or day 14, depending on the policy adopted.


Hyperinflammatory stage - post-day-8


While the virus expands after exposure within 4-5 days to achieve peak (day 1), and then starts going down (probably because ACE2 receptor targets on cells get exhausted and growth slows, and meanwhile the immune response catches up).

By day 8 it is near zero in nearly all patients.

However (as Dr Paul Marik explains in his appearances on Dr Been YouTube channel) the viral debris is huge - and this continues to trigger an immune reaction.

This hyperinflammatory reaction grows exponentially.

If it is not arrested early, it can get out of control - to the point where even steroids are unable to reign in the immune response. As Dr Paul Marik explains at that point, plasma exchange (not to be confused with convalescent plasma) has been shown to help - as it removes the viral debris irritants. Dr Paul Marik reported there have only a very few cases where plasma exchange was used.


Timing the steroids dose - day 1 and oximeter observations


For this reason, we can rougly split the timeline into a day1-7 stage (so-called "viral stage"), and a day8-onwards stage (hyperinflammatory stage).

While Ivermectin, Famotidine, Vitamin D, Vitamin C, NAC (N-acetyl cysteine) and other supplements can be given at any time, it is the timing of the steroids which is the real crucial decision for anyone treating a covid19 patient.

The timing of steroids depends on having a firm grasp on when "day 1" was.

This means interviewing the patient comprehensively to establish when they first had symptoms.

With earlier patients it was a very clear fever, or cough, or backache or bodyache.

But now with new variants, early symptoms can sometimes be very mild - that combined with imprecise recollections by patients (usually won't remember mild symptoms) - can lead to difficulty in ascertaining "day 1" for some patients.

This used to be a problem with earlier variants as well, but with newer variants this seems to have become a bit more common.


Newer variants with milder early symptoms - deciding day 1


It is possible that this change may be behind the perception among some Indian doctors on Twitter that the May 1, 2021 wave in India had patients becoming severe "within a few days". There were suggestions that this was more common in vaccinated individuals, and that this behavior may be an outcome of ADE (antibody dependent enhancement).

ADE may be familiar because it happens with dengue, where a second infection by a variant leads to the earlier antibodies in a patients binding imprecisely in a non-neutralizing way to the variant dengue virus - and it can lead to a situation where the antibody fast-tracks the entry of the varient into the cell.

It is not clear if ADE was responsible for this perception.

But I (u/stereomatch) proposed that one possibility is that the new milder symptoms at day 1 may be missed by patients.

And I quote the example of a case I (u/stereomatch) observed, where a 74 year old diabetic (pre-covid19 blood sugar of 280), obese, patient was reported as having "had fever for 3 days". Yet his oximeter was 90, pulse rate 98, and looked like a day 10 or a day 14 case.

On further query, it appeared he may have had earlier symptoms a week earlier, and then on matching "who infected whom" it became apparent that the patient was at day 14 from first symptoms - which matched his condition - he couldn't speak, couldn't get out of bed, oximeter would drop to mid-80s on going t o the bathroom or on effort.

This case may naively have been reported by patient's caregivers as day 3-4, if they are only seeing fever as a symptoms, and are ignoring the very mild cough he had 2 weeks ago.


Lacking day 1 precision - aiming for middle ground


Once day 1 is confidently ascertained, it becomes earlier to watch for oximeter declines (or pulse rate increases) around day 8.

In the absence of a clear handle on when day1 was, the treating physician has to balance his approximate estimate for day 8, with the observational oximeter/pulse changes - if there is a steady drop of oximeter below 97 (i.e. patient is not able to reach 97 even with breathing deeply), then this may be a sign that hyperinflammatory stage is starting.


Steroids timing - not too early, not too late


Steroids are used to reduce the rising inflammation starting with day7-8.

You cannot start steroids too early (while live virus is still dominant and is growing) - since suppressing the immune system with steroids will allow the live virus an advantage.

For this reason steroids are started, but not too much earlier than day 8.

And steroids are not delayed too much longer after day 8. Otherwise the inflammation has had a chance to reach high levels (becomes harder to quell), and in the meantime has started to damage organs.

The oximeter declines visible at day7-8 onwards, are evidence of vascular changes - inflammation leading to leaky blood vessel walls, leading to leakage (and potentially spread any remaining small amounts of live virus to new virgin territory for infection and growth).

In addition the inflammatory damage to blood vessel walls (endothelial damage) can lead to clotting factors being released.

Other ways in which the virus can wind up coalescing RBCs (red blood cells) via CD147 receptor, can also lead to coagulation, hindering blood flow.


What is Inflammation?


Inflammation as a regular part of machinery in the body - for repair and responses to infection etc.

But then if gets out of hand (as with covid19 post-day7-8) or when become never-ending (chronic or auto-immune disease - and in covid19 long haulers).

For a general discussion on inflammation with Dr Roger Seheult (MedCram on YouTube):

The MAIN CAUSES Of Inflammation & How To REDUCE IT TODAY! - Roger Seheult

Dec 16, 2021


PCR testing


PCR testing - understanding positive and negative results


PCR tests are a useful way of identifying whether parts of the virus are present in the test sample - usually taken with a nasal swab from nasal area.

PCR positive is thus reliable in terms of detection of viral debris (excepting rare case of contamination while testing).

If a PCR test is positive, it indicates that the virus has touched you at some point in the recent past.

However, a positive PCR test is NOT indicative of infectivity.

The reason is that the PCR test is not a test for presence of live virus alone - but it can also be triggered by the presence of viral debris.

This is relevant because the viral timeline for covid19 has the virus grow after exposure - within 4-5 days it leads to a live viral peak (usually day 1 of first symptoms as well) - after which the live viral load starts going down. By day 5-6 it is near zero in many, and for nearly all patients it is near zero by day 8.

However there is a lot of viral debris - which continues to trigger the body's immune system.

By day 7-8, this hyperinflammatory response is becoming evident.

A PCR test can show positive results well beyond day 8 (when the live virus is near zero) - and can be PCR positive for a month or longer.

So while a PCR positive test does show that virus was there at some point, it is not diagnostic for infectivity.

That being said, there is probably a slighly higher probability someone is infective if they have tested PCR positive.


A PCR negative test result is not diagnostic at all (except for some statistical or demographic sense).

The reason is that a lot of infective people can show up as PCR negative.

In fact a person can test PCR negative one day, then PCR positive the next, and PCR negative the next day, and so on.

By my (u/stereomatch) estimate testing active cases will lead to nearly half testing PCR negative (seen for a family - a mother and 3 daughters - who all had symptoms but half tested negative).

PCR negative is a dangerous thing as many patients and doctors who may otherwise have treated for covid19 can be lulled into being complacent, and assume it is "only pneumonia" (as happened with the husband of above family - he wound up in ICU).

Nowadays PCR lab results have a disclaimer that PCR negative is not diagnostic.


Live viral persistence

After day 8 live virus is dead in most people.

However a large amount of viral debris is still present.

The PCR test can continue to be triggered by this viral debris for a month or more in some patients.

In some immuno-compromised patients, the live virus been found to persist for 100+ days (rare).

The live virus may also persist in some immuno-privileged sites in the body.

Live virus has also been found to reside in some parts of the gut in some patients.


PCR testing - should one wait for PCR testing before starting Ivermectin for suspected covid19 case?


The current FLCCC suggestion is to start Ivermectin at the first signs of flu-like or symptoms that look like they could be covid19 - see reference below.

That is don't wait for test results.

The reason is that even if it is not covid19, the downside to taking ivermectin is minimal. The downside of waiting a day for a PCR test, is time you are not going to get back.

In any case, if PCR test comes back negative, it is not diagnostic (as explained in the PCR section). That is, you could have covid19, and it can still give a PCR negative test result.

Some people have wasted time this way thinking they have "pneumonia" just because their PCR test came back negative. It later turned out to be covid19.

See this section in the wiki on PCR positive and PCR negative test results:


References: FLCCC WEEKLY UPDATE—8/11/21—Dr. Pierre Kory & Dr. Paul Marik on the Delta Variant & Protocol Changes

August 12th, 2021


at the 29:10 minute mark:

due to safety of ivermectin

Totally reasonable to do treat then test

Rather than waiting for test

Time matters, early treatment is key


at the 30:05 minute mark:

Dr Paul Marik

If you have flu like symptoms

Likelihood is it is covid19

If it is not have no downside to taking ivermectin


PCR testing - for airline travel and at work


Fallibility of the PCR negative test

Despite it's unreliability as a screening tool (PCR negative does not guarantee you are not currently infective), a negative PCR test is often used for airline travel or by human resources departments - for lack of any other tool for testing.

While a negative PCR test does not GUARANTEE you are disease-free/non-infective, as a demographic tool it MAY have some efficacy.

That is, if you took out all the PCR positive people, the people you are left with (who are testing PCR negative) are more likely to have fewer actual non-infective people.

So you can use a PCR negative as a ROUGH screening tool.

But it will not guarantee that every infective person has been screened out.


Fallibility of the PCR positive test

The PCR positive test result is more reliable (barring contamination during testing or processing).

However, it is only reliable in the sense that it will indicate that:

  • either you have the disease currently

  • or you had it sometime in the past month or two

Yet many human resource departments in companies use a PCR positive test to prevent the return of an employee to work.

Since the live virus is near zero by day 8 from first symptoms, after that there is little culturable live virus present.

That is, a person is USUALLY non-infective after day 8 from first symptoms.

Exceptions are those who are immune-compromised (were taking immuno-suppressants for an organ transplant or for some other disease).

And there can be occasion for viral persistence in immuno-privileged sites in the body. Live virus has been found to persist in some parts of the gut as well in some people.

However the bulk of people are not infective much beyond day 8 from first symptoms.

Yet their PCR tests can continue to test positive due to viral debris.

These people will be excluded from returning to work by human resources departments - even though they are not actually infective.


A far better way to screen may be to expect a robust recovery and 10 days (14 days for even more safety) or more having passed from day 1 of first symptoms.


PCR testing - Dr Michael Mina (Harvard) comments on PCR testing


Michael Mina has been an advocate for testing for high viral load as a proxy for active infection - since testing for any low viral load is not diagnostic (since in some, while they may stop being infectious, the PCR test may continue to test positive for a month because of viral debris).

Dr Michael Mina is a strong advocate of rapid testing.

He argues that a rapid test does not have to be extremely sensitive - but that one which is only triggered by high viral loads may be a sufficient tool to screen for infectivity in individuals.

While it may not be an accurate tools for the individual - as there can be variation, he argues that on a demographic scale, it will on average (statistically) reduce the community spread of disease.

As someone testing positive on it in the morning, will know he has a very high viral load, and should not go to work.

August 9, 2021:

Michael Mina (Harvard) graphs for live viral load

Michael Mina's graphs for live viral load suggest that the bulk of the viral expansion occurs in the last day of the 4-5 day gestation period (which is expected for exponential growth).

For this reason, a person is expected to be infectious from one day before their "day1" and onwards - by day5-6 the live viral loads is very low:

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Press Conference with Michael Mina, 01/22/21

It’s really hard to appreciate, but if you put that on a linear scale, something that our minds can really understand, the peak viral titers on that same graph, if you put it on a linear scale, will be extremely narrow. It’s not this broad kind of curve like that. 95 percent of that curve is essentially really, really low viral load compared to the peak. 

that PCR stays positive for a long time. So if you’re asymptomatic and you just happen to go get a PCR test through surveillance, it’s more likely than not that if it’s a very low viral load, very high CT value, that you probably already were infectious and you maybe don’t need to be isolated in your recent contacts yesterday.

And this is one of the reasons I feel very strongly that we should not try to scale up PCR any more than we have, because when you try to scale PCR, you’re playing with fire. It’s an extremely easy technology to get wrong, it’s easy to get false negatives, it’s easy to get false positives. If used appropriately, and all the steps are put in place and designed and everyone’s following every rule perfectly, then the tests can be amazing and amazingly sensitive. But when you’re scaling up testing for one of the highest complexity tests, we could do, which is manual PCR, where if you drop one specimen that has already been amplified with PCR and it splashes, you could contaminate your entire lab because the PCR can detect one molecule and one specimen post amplification makes literally trillions of trillions of molecules. So if it crystallizes and goes airborne, not the virus, just the molecules, then all of a sudden you can get whole plates for a week that are false positive, you could misstep and lead to a lot of false negatives.


Early Treatment


Early Treatment - ivermectin is one part of the wider need for Early Treatment


Better medicines may emerge later, and Ivermectin may or may not remain an issue.

However, Early Treatment and the widespread denial of Early Treatment is the actual crime of the century.

Despite a year of experience, there still is no official recognition of early treatment as a strategic necessity in order to reduce mortality to near zero, and long haulers to near zero.

US guidelines as of July 2021 still predominantly favor supportive care - giving Tylenol and waiting for patient to become hypoxic at home. This is an unnecessary and cruel imposition.

The public has been conditioned to also not seek out early treatment - which creates a vicious cycle. Once hypoxic, the patient will come to hospital out of desperation, however in the period prior to that, they feel they are doing the right thing by staying at home and not seeking help.

By telegraphing that there is no treatment available, regulators are criminally negligent for misdirecting public thinking away from mitigation strategies that are known to reduce mortality and incidence of long haulers syndrome.

While mortality is a low risk per individual, long haulers is a very palpable risk, because nearly 25-30 percent of covid19 patients (not receiving early treatment) experience long hauler syndrome.


Early Treatment - denial of early treatment


Widespread denial of early treatment is contributing to unnecessary deaths and disability as long hauler syndrome seems to be affecting 25-30% of covid19 patients when they are given Paracetamol and sent home from hospital.

There is slow mobilization to address long haulers syndrome - the NIH has allocated funds for the study of long hauler syndrome.

However there still is no examination of Early Treatment - perhaps because it is seen as a "distraction" from vaccination strategy. Reduction of threat of the disease (down to near zero mortality) may dissuade people away from vaccination.

Early Treatment (ivermectin + steroids at day 8, or anti-histamines + steroids by day 8 or such variants of early treatment) are capable of achieving near zero mortality, and zero long haulers.

Yet it is not universally recognized as an option by regulators, hospitals, and even by patients themselves. The Trusted News Initiative (TNI) further cements the silence around this topic.

The Denial of Early Treatment by both the public and the hospitals, has led to a toxic situation:

  • Hospitals turn away the mild cases of this week with just Paracetamol (a policy that was adopted due to early triage conditions) - these mild cases then become the severe cases of next week. We are witnessing a case of triage protocols gone wrong.

  • Patients have been made to believe there is nothing they can do to improve outcomes - they have been told to stay at home and wait for hypoxia to appear. As a result, patients ignore advice from those who argue for early treatment - but when day 8 arrives, their hypoxia then forces them to seek oxygen. As a result, an unnecessarily large portion of patients arrive at hospitals at day 10 or day 14 when it becomes much more difficult to save them.


Early Treatment - understanding early treatment denial


A possible explanation for why early triage protocols at hospitals may have led to entrenchment of denial of early treatment: The Concerned Citizen's guide to proselytizing to Early Treatment deniers


An introduction to denial of treatment - in response to Dr Jordan Peterson's question about Ivermectin: How would you explain the psychological denial-of-treatment phenomenon around Ivermectin? Dr Jordan Peterson (renowned psychologist) would like to know!


Ivory Hecker - whistleblower - formerly of Fox News - examines media censorship of Early Treatment she experienced when reporting on FLCCC affiliated hospital - with mortality of 6 percent compared to 18 percent at area hospitals. She explains how mention of the treatments that accomplished that was forbidden at Fox News: Reporter/whistleblower Ivory Hecker covers censorship of Ivermectin use at Houston hospital


Dr Bret Weinstein interviews Dr Pierre Kory of the FLCCC (authors of MATH+ protocol) - this podcast was removed from YouTube (the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) at work): COVID, Ivermectin, and the Crime of the Century: DarkHorse Podcast with Pierre Kory & Bret Weinstein Bret Weinstein June 1, 2021

Transcript: Transcript: COVID, Ivermectin, and the Crime of the Century July 14, 2021


Bret Weinstein talks with Dr Robert Malone pioneer of mRNA vaccine technology, and Steven Kirsch entrepreneur and funder of trials for Fluvoxamine, another promising generic drug - this podcast was also removed by YouTube (the Trusted News Inititive (TNI) at work):,-in-three-easy:0?t=3391 How to save the world, in three easy steps. Bret Weinstein June 10, 2021


This shorter segment covers some of the denial of early treatment, ivermectin and other such issues:,-2021:9 Tucker Carlson Today - Bret Weinstein - July 9, 2021 July 13th, 2021


Early Treatment - is early treatment denial heartfelt or feigned?


EDIT: November 13, 2021 - taken from:

We don't know if all this incredulity by skeptics of early treatment is real or feigned.

But they have mired themselves so severely into an impossibility universe, that it will be a real internal reckoning for them to justify why they delayed early treatment and the attendant deaths.

That is, if their skepticism was heartfelt.


If their skepticism was feigned, in service of an agenda, they will not do too badly, since plenty of camoflage available with all the other people they have convinced.

Fortunately for the feigned skeptics, they have convinced so many people to be skeptics, that skeptics of early treatment are a majority.

So nothing will happen to those who played a part in delaying early treatment, and the attendant deaths.


Those skeptics who are feigning are also likely to speak in absolutes, to be brash, callous even. As they have nothing to lose - can't be more wrong than being party to a killing.

No wonder they act not curious, but keep quiet about real world reporting by early treatment practitioners ("oh we only look at RCTs" is the refrain - and certainty of paper reports is what they are looking for - they don't need alerts from the battlefield).


Unrelenting shift

But the tide is only going one way - the list of early practitioners is growing.

While the US is bedeviled by hijinks (medical license threats, removal of ability to prescribe MATH+ and denial of prescriptions by pharmacists), the rest of the world is not so constrained and early treatment is the norm in all the unregulated countries.

Recognition of early treatment is not ebbing but growing.

Not one, but every early treatment practitioner, is saying early treatment is leading to near zero deaths, and zero long haulers.

What were a few emerging early treatment physicians with their protocols, are now more numerous.


Public display of abuse-by-RCT

All the shenanigans with the ivermectin RCTs (Lopez-Medina) - done right in front of a mainstream audience this time (since pandemic is everybody's business) - has made it completely plausible that a similar fate may have befallen Dr Paul Marik's vitamin c-thiamine protocol for sepsis (used often as a preamble to belittle him).

If Dr Paul Marik is SO right in what he has said about covid19 - viral timeline, justification for steroids (and has been pilloried at every stage for that) - could his sepsis protocol also have had similar authenticity?


That sepsis protocol was shot down as standard industry practice with no outsiders looking.

This pandemic is different - all this is playing out with many interested viewers from outside the industry.

And it is not looking good - when industry insiders/authority figures lack common sense, common tools of science like curiosity are absent (zero interest in interviewing the early treatment doctors).

And zero interest in learning anything that distracts away from the research THEY currently are doing in their department.


From the outside, all this is not looking so good - more like turf wars than science, curiosity and exploration.

The entrenched mores in pharmaceutical and medical industry look less like science than high dogma.


Early Treatment - labelling of early treatments as "Right Wing"


Currently in the U.S., the standard of care for covid19 is paracetamol, isolation, and to come to hospital only when hypoxic. This means organ damage has already started before a patient feels he can get back to the hospital.

As a result patients often delay going - feeling they have to comply with hospital orders - and thus wind up going several days too late, when the hyperinflammatory post-day8 stage has taken it's toll, not only on their lungs, but also on other organs. Often tachycardia due to pericarditis is present and ignored by the patient, because they feel they would be a burden going to the hospital with such a minor ailment.

The result is, not only are hospitals remiss in not treating early, they have convinced the patients that they too should not seek out help unless they are hypoxic.

The mild patient of this week is being turned back - to become the severe patient of next week.

Triage conditions may have allowed such practices to prevail earlier - though even then separate teams of volunteers should have handed out medicine packs in the car park. Medicine packets could have included Ivermectin (or even HCQ) - but most importantly steroids like prednisolone at 30mg per day - to be taken on day7-8 from first symptoms, or if oximeter was not able to reach 97 persistently, or if pulse rate was elevated in 90s or 100+ at rest. Patients should have been advised over phone to take steroids in that situation, and then report daily via phone.

Continuation of triage conditions at hospitals - and failure of govt agencies to institute parallel support for outpatients is burdening hospitals unnecessariliy, and also failing to deliver treatment to outpatients in time.


There are two major groups of doctors in the US which are lobbying for early treatment to become standard of care.

  • FLCCC - which is generally leaning towards Democrats

  • AAPS - which is right-leaning and generally pro-Trump

BOTH organizations say the same thing:

  • Ivermectin should be part of the multi-drug protocol for early treatment

AAPS differs in that it also includes HCQ in the multi-drug protocol, while the FLCCC feels HCQ, while beneficial, is not beneficial enough, and is not included because more effective drugs are available - like Ivermectin.

Thus there is little difference between left-leaning and right-leaning doctors in the U.S. regarding the necessity for early treatment.


Trump was given Famotidine and HCQ - and Ivermectin?

There has been an effort to politicize Ivermectin - in the same way that Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) was during the Trump administration.

Thankfully, Trump did not mention Ivermectin.

This article, however, by journalist Michael Capuzzo suggests Trump got not only HCQ (as is usually reported), but also Ivermectin at Walter Reed Hospital: The Drug that Cracked Covid Michael Capuzzo

In addition, Kory, Marik, et. al published the first comprehensive COVID-19 prevention and early treatment protocol (which they would eventually call I-MASK). It is centered around the drug Ivermectin, which President Trump used at Walter Reed hospital, unreported by the press, though it may well have saved the president’s life while he was instead touting new big pharma drugs.


For HCQ, a campaign was launched which leveraged the hatred for Trump to turn off the anti-Trump voter from HCQ, and any possibility that it may just help a bit.


Although some of the better studies from that time did suggest some benefit for HCQ - for example one NYU Langone study showed that HCQ was lowering IL-6, and had some benefit.

Recent studies - like this large Iranian study suggest HCQ has some benefit as well: Large 28,759 patient study (Iran) suggests Hydroxychloroquine beneficial for early treatment - results match those seen in earlier smaller studies of HCQ - hospitalizations reduced by 38% and deaths by 73% (April 6, 2021) - how long before pundits stop using HCQ as argument against ivermectin?


A Right Wing Drug

Whether HCQ has benefit, that pales in comparison to the benefit Ivermectin seems to be showing in the numerous trials.

And meta-analyses have been published showing a signal in favor of Ivermectin.

Yet, even though Trump is not around to use as a prop, there still is an ongoing effort to paint Ivermectin as a "Right Wing" drug.


The Hill discusses Matt Taibbi's article on how Early Treatments for covid19 are labelled as "Right Wing" in order to make them distasteful to half the population.

This is ironic, since the effort to counter "fake news" was motivated by the evidence on Cambridge Analytica where politically divisive fault lines were exploited to divide people.

Yet the same Trusted News Initiative (TNI) is engaging in similar practices - labelling Early Treatment as a right wing effort - essentially polarizing public perceptions on Ivermectin along political lines.

The opponents of Early Treatment are doing exactly the same thing as Cambridge Analytica did - they are seeking to label Early Treatments as somehow antithetical to the left-of-center voters, and trying to gain followers for the anti-ivermectin view by proxy. (The Hill) The Rising show converses with Journalist Matt Taibbi about unfounded censorship & Right-wing designation of Ivermectin


Video: Matt Taibbi: Silicon Valley Makes Ivermectin ‘Right-Wing,’ Medical Community Held HOSTAGE By MSM The Hill Jul 1, 2021

Journalist, Matt Taibbi, details his reporting on the controversy surrounding the Covid-19 treatment Ivermectin.


The Hill article accompanying above video: Matt Taibbi: Reporting on potential COVID-19 treatments like ivermectin shouldn't be taken as an endorsement July 01, 2021


Matt Taibbi article: (Matt Taibbi) Ivermectin: Can a Drug Be "Right-Wing"? Ivermectin: Can a Drug Be "Right-Wing"? A potential Covid-19 treatment has become hostage to a larger global fight between populists and anti-populists Matt Taibbi June 26, 2021


When does social media censorship become State Censorship?


In this article Matt Taibbi argues that when social media platforms censor while following governmental guidelines, that may be equated with state censorship (which goes against the First Amendment of the US).

YouTube explicitly forbids (as of July 2021) any mention of Ivermectin or HCQ as possible treatments for covid19.


Article: If Private Platforms Use Government Guidelines to Police Content, is that State Censorship? Matt Taibbi Jul 3, 2021

YouTube's decision to demonetize podcaster Bret Weinstein raises serious questions, both about the First Amendment and regulatory capture


Early treatment - understanding Trusted News Initiative (TNI) and regulatory capture


The Trusted News Initiative (TNI) was launched to coordinate media censorship of "fake news" - but seems to have wound up censoring discussions about early treatment as well.

While this censorship by private companies is harder to prosecute, an argument under development is that if private companies are censoring according to some government guidelines, then it may fall awry of the First Amendment i.e. right to free speech in the US: If Private Platforms Use Government Guidelines to Police Content, is that State Censorship? Matt Taibbi Jul 3, 2021

YouTube's decision to demonetize podcaster Bret Weinstein raises serious questions, both about the First Amendment and regulatory capture


Also see: (The Hill) The Rising show converses with Journalist Matt Taibbi about unfounded censorship & Right-wing designation of Ivermectin


This comment has a summary of the video:


Dr Edmund Fordham (BIRD Group UK) analysis of the early treatment denial syndrome plaguing most countries: Scandal of the suppressed case for ivermectin By Edmund Fordham June 29, 2021


Early Treatment Protocols


FLCCC Prophylaxis and Treatment protocols (MATH+, I-MASK+, I-MASS, I-RECOVER)


Check out:

it takes you to:


Check out the I-MASK+ protocol for prophylaxis and early outpatient/home:

I-MASS protocol for mass administration:

MATH+ hospital:

I-RECOVER long haulers:


And the longer MATH+ extended PDF - which has more explanations (61 pages):


Also of interest is their webpage for optional medicines (Inhaled Budesonide, Nitazoxanide, Colchicine):


Original MATH+ protocol

Earlier MATH+ protocol as it was published by Dr Paul Marik (now been updated by the protocols above) - but the original one had some good commentary - here dated Dec 27, 2020:

Summary PDF:

Extended PDF:


EDIT: Jan 7, 2022 - here is a very early review of the MATH+ protocol (June 8, 2020) - provided here for historical purposes:

MATH+ Treatment Protocol for COVID-19 Explained!

Jun 8, 2020

ICU Advantage

322K subscribers

In this lesson we take a look at the MATH+ treatment protocol for COVID-19, put together by the Frontline COVID-19 Critical Care work group. This protocol was designed in a time when people were desperately looking for something to use to treat these patients, and this work group of critical care and emergency medicine clinical scholars combined the best available evidence and best practices in to a protocol to treat COVID-19.

The most important take away with this protocol is that timing is imperative and that this is meant for early intervention. The goal by utilizing this protocol and these medications aggressively is that we can prevent the 2 major complications of COVID-19; the hyper-inflammatory state, or cytokine storm, as well as the hyper coagulable state that we see in these patients. By doing this and doing this early, we can try to prevent ICU admission, ventilator usage, and ultimately save lives.

The name MATH+ is an acronym for the medications. Methylprednisolone, Ascorbic Acid, Thiamine, low molecular weight Heparin, and PLUS additional options, such as zinc, vitamin D and other treatments the provide may determine. I go through each of these talking about why we use them as well as the recommended dosing.

Finally we finishing up covering a few points that they make regarding hypoxemia in COVID patients. Hopefully at the end of this lesson, you will have a much better understanding of what is involved in this treatment protocol, how to use it, and more importantly, why.

0:00 Intro 1:42 What is MATH+? 5:46 The Protocol 11:15 Hypoxemia 13:20 Conclusion


A few comments in the above video are interesting - for how some doctors agreed with the protocol and strategies:

Hannibal EnemyofRome 1 year ago

Have used this, plus Ivermectin since June. Clearly mortality is down. One key point vs Recovery decadron, is that you adjust the methylprednisolone to the patient and the CRP. You do not just plop them on decadron 6 mg daily. Have used as much as 125 mg every 6 hours. Thanks for doing is largely considered witch doctoring and homeopathy in my State by organized medicine types. The politicizing of Medicine is the biggest CoVid tragedy.

ICU Advantage 1 year ago

I couldn't agree more with the politicizing. It is sad. As for your dosing to CRP, how are you determining the dose/frequency? Sounds like you are also weighing other factors such as the patients presentation I imagine.

Hannibal EnemyofRome 1 year ago (edited)

@ICU Advantage if they are at less than 4 lt/mn nasal cannula, I will often use decadron 6 mg orally. But sick patients, I bolus 80 mg Solumedrol and start 40 mg IV BiD. I follow CRP daily; if CRP and patient better, I can consider going down in steroid dose, but if either is worse, you go up. A common feature is that the CRP will fall, but the patient is needing more oxygen. Then you must increase steroids till the patients oxygen requirements also fall. That is where I have used up to 125 mg every 6 hours. Use high flow up to FI02 of 60 %, but not beyond. That is the point to use your BiPAP machine in CPAP ( PEEP ) mode. Too many lungs have been fried by days of high flow or BiPAP above 70%! Have been experimenting with hyperoxia in some patients stuck at high oxygen levels, ( the home concentrators that can be used on discharge are maxed a 5 lt/ min flow ). I take them to a tight fitting mask with rebreather that can go to about 80% for four hours, then back to their previous oxygen. Their sats go from 88 to 98% on the mask and then back to 88% on their previous. Trying to use the relative hypoxia to engender Hypoxia Inducing Factor - 1 alpha and furins to transcribe more ACE 2 for their lungs and restore the RAAS system from inflammation and fibrosis to goodness and anti- inflammatory niceness. Cheers!

Dawood Azeemy 1 year ago

Enjoyed this and helped a lot of my patients. Thank you

Thom Zydervelt 4 months ago

I find it fascinating that suddenly directly after big pharma “donates” 4.5 million dollars to Vietnam the highly profitable but ineffective Remdesivir suddenly appears. While ivermectin cheap, overwhelmingly shown to be effective, generic, readily available is never mentioned. A bit suspect?


Mika Turkia - review of FLCCC MATH+ protocol


Mika Turkia has also reviewed the FLCCC and MATH+ protocol in this report: A brief review of FLCCC Alliance's MATH+ protocol and I-MASK+ ivermectin protocol





The History of Methylprednisolone, Ascorbic Acid, Thiamine, and Heparin Protocol and I-MASK+ Ivermectin Protocol for COVID-19

Mika Turkia

Published: December 31, 2020 (see history)

DOI: 10.7759/cureus.12403


Alternate links:



Dr George Fareed & Dr Brian Tyson - protocol


Dr George Fareed & Dr Brian Tyson (AAPS affiliated) have also reported great success with early treatment (reduced mortality, and lower incidence of long haulers syndrome). Dr. George Fareed and Dr. Brian Tyson share early treatment protocol Dec 12, 2020 Updated Apr 16, 2021

Their protocol includes moderate amounts of Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and other supplements.


Dr George Fareed and Dr Brian Tyson protocol for Imperial Valley, California is covered in this news article:

Local frontline doctors modify COVID treatment based on results

Apr 5, 2021


Dr Dirk Koekemoer (South Africa) protocol


Dr Dirk Koekemoer (South Africa) - well written protocol that is similar to FLCCC, and includes elements of Dr Shankara Chetty protocol - ie includes H1/H2 blocker antihistamines.

And steroids at day 8 (just as in FLCCC protocol).

u/JosephTheManJohnson brought this protocol to our attention here: A 26 page continuously updated Google Docs document on Ivermectin



Taking Ivermectin for COVID-19

Dr Dirk Koekemoer

MBChB (South Africa)

Last updated (26 June 2021)


See my (u/stereomatch) review of it here:


Dr Peter McCullough protocol


Dr Peter McCullough is one of the most published cardiologists in the U.S.

He has been active in early treatment and his group has published a paper on treatment strategies:

Multifaceted highly targeted sequential multidrug treatment of early ambulatory high-risk SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19)

Peter A. McCullough1,*, Paul E. Alexander2, Robin Armstrong3, Cristian Arvinte4, Alan F. Bain5, Richard P. Bartlett6, Robert L. Berkowitz7, Andrew C. Berry8, Thomas J. Borody9, Joseph H. Brewer10, Adam M. Brufsky11, Teryn Clarke12, Roland Derwand13, Alieta Eck14, John Eck14, Richard A. Eisner15, George C. Fareed16, Angelina Farella17, Silvia N. S. Fonseca18, Charles E. Geyer, Jr.19, Russell S. Gonnering20, Karladine E. Graves21, Kenneth B. V. Gross22, Sabine Hazan23, Kristin S. Held24, H. Thomas Hight25, Stella Immanuel26, Michael M. Jacobs27, Joseph A. Ladapo28, Lionel H. Lee29, John Littell30, Ivette Lozano31, Harpal S. Mangat32, Ben Marble33, John E. McKinnon34, Lee D. Merritt35, Jane M. Orient36, Ramin Oskoui37, Donald C. Pompan38, Brian C. Procter39, Chad Prodromos40, Juliana Cepelowicz Rajter41, Jean-Jacques Rajter41, C. Venkata S. Ram42, Salete S. Rios43 , Harvey A. Risch44, Michael J. A. Robb45, Molly Rutherford46, Martin Scholz47, Marilyn M. Singleton48, James A. Tumlin49, Brian M. Tyson50, Richard G. Urso51, Kelly Victory52, Elizabeth Lee Vliet53, Craig M. Wax54, Alexandre G. Wolkoff55, Vicki Wooll56, Vladimir Zelenko571Baylor University Medical Center, Baylor Heart and Vascular Institute, Baylor Jack and Jane Hamilton Heart and Vascular Hospital, Dallas, 75226, TX, USA

2 Department of Health Research Methods, Evidence and Impact, McMaster University, Hamilton, L8S 4L8, Ontario, Canada

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5 Chicago Health and Wellness Alliance, Chicago, 60603, IL, USA

6 Recipient of the Texas HHS Meritorious Service Award, 78751, Texas, USA

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30 December 2020


Also available on the AAPS website:

Multifaceted highly targeted sequential multidrug treatment of early ambulatory high-risk SARS-CoV-2 infection (COVID-19)

December 30, 2020


Their main points:

  • early treatment is essential

  • early treatment is not being done currently in large hospitals (instead it is "wait at home until you turn hypoxic")

  • multi-drug therapy is essential to cover all bases and reduce risk of breakthrough to severe disease

Their multipronged therapeutic approach includes:

  • adjuvant nutraceuticals

  • combination intracellular anti-infective therapy

  • inhaled/oral corticosteroids

  • antiplatelet agents/anticoagulants

  • supportive care including supplemental oxygen, monitoring, and telemedicine

They emphasize that relying on RCTs (randomized clinical trials) do not provide the nuanced treatment protocols that doctors develop from practice:

  • "Randomized trials of individual, novel oral therapies have not delivered tools for physicians to combat the pandemic in practice. No single therapeutic option thus far has been entirely effective and therefore a combination is required at this time. An urgent immediate pivot from single drug to SMDT regimens should be employed .."


Steven Kirsch protocol


Steven Kirsch, a tech entrepreneur (inventor of the optical mouse), has spent his own money for trials for repurposed drugs (where the NIH has been notably absent - as they have been busy with big pharma drug candidates, and have neglected the old drugs with well established safety results).

He had funded a trial of Fluvoxamine - which has allowed it to be included in further trials. It has yielded positive results in the TOGETHER trial as well.

Fluvoxamine is in the FLCCC I-MASK+ and MATH+ protocols as well.

Here Steven Kirsch discusses various early treatment options: Is there any cure for COVID-19?

Steve Kirsch, High tech serial entrepreneur based in Silicon Valley

April 16, 2021


His website has a tutorial on early treatments, finding early treatment telemedicine doctors who will prescribe the necessary medicines (including ivermectin for prophylaxis), and for long haulers syndrome, and post-vax side-effects (see the section Post-Vaccine Inflammatory Syndrome PVIS):

How to treat COVID, long-haul, and COVID vaccine side-effects

Steven Kirsch

4 MAY 2021


AIMMS, New Delhi, India protocol


Recent AIIMS, New Delhi, India guidelines for at home treatment: AIIMS, New Delhi


7th April 2021

AIIMS releases Interim Clinic Guidance for Management of COVID-19


Early Treatment Deniers



Early Treatment cases


Long Haulers Syndrome (long COVID-19)

Long haulers syndrome (or long covid19) refers to those who have evidently "recovered" from covid19 i.e. 2-3 weeks since day1 of first symptoms, and yet are still suffering from some symptoms.

Some of these symptoms can be due to continuing inflammation (usually recoverable with ivermectin, famotidine, short course of prednisolone (steroids), or other drugs).

And some of these symptoms can be due to organ damage (usually for cases who were in hospital or needed oxygen for a long time and had some lung damage. These symptoms can take time to slowly recover from - for example if there is structural damage in the lung, it may take a longer time to recover.


Long Haulers Treatment cases


Long Haulers Treatment protocols


Long Haulers Treatment Deniers


Pre-vaccine protocols for reducing vaccine injury


Rationale for pre-vaccine protocols for reducing vaccine injury

While risk of vaccine injury is low, it is not zero.

There are protocols which can be used to reduce that risk.

Most of these protocols are based on treatment protocols that have been effective in reversing post-vaccine injury/severe side effects either in 1-2 hours, or in severe cases within 3-4 days.

In order to be completely sure these protocols are preventing side effects, one would need to do a trial using a large number of vaccinated cases.

However, it can be reasonably assumed that what works for post-vax injury should also work in a protective way if used early enough (soon after vaccination, or just before).


The reality of mandated vaccinations in a post-Omicron vaccine-hesitant world

Some folks are not comfortable with mRNA vaccines, have already gotten covid19, or feel they have already been exposed to Omicron by now (given it's high transmissability and ubiquity).

A person may already have gotten covid19 (which has superior immunity compared to vaccination according to some studies).

Or a person may be unvaccinated, but is reasonably sure they have been exposed to the ubiquitous and highly transmissable Omicron variant.

They may feel they have little to gain from an mRNA vaccination.

In addition, in a post-Omicron world, there may be less urgency overall for mandated vaccination.

However not all organizations have understood this.

As a result, some employees are stuck between a rock and a hard place - with their workplace-imposed mandated vaccination requirements at odds with their vaccine hesitancy.

Or they may have to travel, and some airline or some country is still requiring mandated vaccinations.



See: Interested in a discussion on taking Ivermectin post vaccine

And the answer there by u/stereomatch:



Post-vax injury and precautions


Post-vax - side-effects and treatments


This is just a preliminary entry.

Discuss the following with your doctor:

See this case and my (u/stereomatch) comments there too - if you want you can contact the author of that post by replying there with a link to your post here so you don't have to retype.

They also reported benefit with the proposed treatment protocol: IVR After Pfizer Vaccine [Neurological Side Effects].


Update: Ivermectin + Pepcid + Liposomal Glutathione Cured Me. 90% Better After Vaccine Nerve Problems.


Check out Dr Syed Haider (who has a lot of experience with ivermectin + fluvoxamine - and is current with FLCCC protocols and Dr Bruce Patterson/Dr Yo efforts for long haulers).

In this 2nd interview with Dr Been, he says he is now getting 2/3 cases who are long haulers, vaccine injury etc. and 1/3 covid19 patients.

You can get consultation with him as well if you want:


Dr. Syed Haider Discusses COVID Management (July 2021) Drbeen Medical Lectures July 9, 2021


Post-vax - treatment cases


Post-vax - treatment protocols


Post-vax - treatment deniers


Early Treatment and Long Haulers/Post-vaccine treatment - finding doctors and obtaining a prescription


Early Treatment Doctors

The FLCCC dot net maintains a list of doctors that do early treatment.

However currently there are few doctors there for Canada and the UK.

Canada has even prosecuted doctors doing early treatment, and seems to have a toxic atmosphere for doctors.


Early treatment doctors lists

FLCCC maintains a list of early treatment doctors - who will prescribe medicines for prophylaxis, treatment, long haulers, and post-vaccine side effects: How to Get Ivermectin

Usually a doctor who is capable of prescribing for covid19 treatment, also will have built up the toolset for treating long haulers and post-vaccine side effects to some degree.


May 13, 2022 - here is another FLCCC webpage with a list of covid19 care providers:


Here is another list of early treatment doctors: Directory of Doctors Prescribing
Effective Outpatient COVID-19 Therapy Updated: 21 March 2021


Early Treatment situation in UK


The early treatment doctors lists above have very few or zero doctors listed from the UK.

Dr Tina Peers (UK) is one early treatment dotor - who is active in treatment of long haulers (search this document for Dr Tina Peers).


Early Treatment situation in Canada


The early treatment doctors lists above have very few or zero doctors listed from Canada.

EDIT: but now we can see one doctor listed at:


Dr. Umbrine Fatima (Ontario only)

+1 (716) 407-3250

Prophylaxis, Active, Long COVID (appointments only ... no walk ins)


Dr Ira Bernstein based in Toronto, is an active early treatment campaigner who is active on Twitter (search this document for Dr Ira Bernstein).

But he may not be taking new patients.


The early treatment situation in Canada is worse than in the US.

In the US there is a push to censure early treatment doctors with the American Medial Association (AMA) writing to state medical boards to penalize doctors, and to pharmacist associations to deny delivery of early treatment drugs.

However, there is also pushback by early treatment doctors and those in support of early treatment.


In Canada the situation is much worse than the US - with the few who have tried to treat early having been debarred or censured.

Very few doctors in Canada are listed in the list of early treatment doctors.


While one can get a consult with an early treatment doctor in the US or India, they will find it harder to get their prescription respected by a pharmacy in Canada.

It will be difficult to get a pharmacy in Canada to fill a prescription for Ivermectin.

However Ivermectin is not the only drug to use.

Far more important is the availability of steroids-at-day8 - which can be a lifesaver (to quell the post-day8 hyperinflammatory stage).

So even though a Canadian doctor may be afraid to prescribe Ivermectin (for fear of being debarred by his medical accreditation board), they should still be able to prescribe other drugs suggested by the FLCCC MATH+ protocol.

For example Famotidine, and steroids-at-day8 (Prednisolone) - or Cyproheptadine and Inhaled Budesonide (inhaled steroids) for serious patients post-day8.

So even if Ivermectin is not available, there are plenty of other non-controversial drugs that an early treatment doctor can use to ensure there are zero deaths and zero long haulers (notably the availability of steroids-at-day8 protocol).




Dr Been (Dr Mobeen Syed)

Dr Been is a licensed doctor and engineer.

Dr Been is only licensed to practice in Pakistan.

Dr Been is an educator with a long list of important videos esp on the covid19 pandemic.

He has also interviewed a number of early treatment doctors about treatment strategies.

Dr Been has also contributed to the FLCCC I-RECOVER protocol for long haulers.

And has hosted some of the FLCCC conferences.


A medical doctor and software engineer, Dr. Mobeen Syed (known to his fans as Dr. Been) has been teaching medicine since 1994. He collaborated with the FLCCC Alliance to create the I-RECOVER protocol to treat long COVID.


Dr Been's YouTube channel: Drbeen Medical Lectures

Dr Been's newer YouTube channel - for discussion (created March 2022): KoolBeens Cafe Live


YouTube has been censoring some of his videos on Ivermectin.

YouTube is a signatory to the Trusted News Initiative (TNI).

Dr Been often has to use other names for the drug in his discussions:

  • Loofymectin (Loofy is one of his cats)


Dr Been now has a presence on Odysee:


And Bitchute as well. There is a reddit-wide ban on bitchute links, but you can use a tinyurl or bit dot ly url shortener instead:

https://www dot bitchute dot com/channel/bbZOpTZkmPY0



And on Rumble:




Dr Been's substack:

Dr Been on reddit:



Dr Syed Haider

Dr Syed Haider is a pioneer in the use of Fluvoxamine (along with Ivermectin).

Dr Syed Haider has a lot of experience with Ivermectin + Fluvoxamine - and is current with FLCCC protocols and Dr Bruce Patterson/Dr Yo (IncellDx and efforts for long haulers.


In this 2nd interview with Dr Been (from July 9, 2021), he says he is now getting 2/3 cases who are long haulers, vaccine injury etc. and 1/3 covid19 patients.

You can get consultation with him as well if you want via his website (see below).


In his 2nd interview with Dr Been, he said his website is free for signup, and the chat feature there is free for asking him questions:


Dr. Syed Haider Discusses COVID Management (July 2021) Drbeen Medical Lectures July 9, 2021


The above interviews are examples of how responsive doctors have been thinking about the management of covid19 disease, long haulers and post-vax side effects.

Compare this to how doctors at large US hospitals are following rigid hospital-mandated protocols (6mg dexamethasone + Remdesivir) - protocols which have remained unchanged for 1.5 years - despite the excessive mortality seen at these hospitals (when compared to hospitals which use FLCCC MATH+ protocol for example) - or as compared to the early treatment doctors (who have near zero deaths, and near zero long haulers).


Here is his 1st appearance on Dr Been:


Dr. Syed Haider Discusses COVID Management Drbeen Medical Lectures May 2, 2021


As one of the moderators of r/ivermectin I (u/stereomatch) had been hearing a lot of feedback on patient experiences with Dr Syed Haider. In this post on r/ivermectin, I discussing the telemedicine doctors available that have been vetted by the FLCCC, as well as Dr Syed Haider: Telemedicine doctors - Dr Syed Haider - an interesting telemedicine doctor and emerging resource for Ivermectin and Fluvoxamine


Dr Syed Haider mentions in the video above that signup is free on his website - and he mentions that asking questions via chat is free.


Twitter: (Twitter banned this account)

Twitter: (however this account is not used that much)

April 29, 2022 - Dr Syed Haider now has his own YouTube channel as well (mirrored to Odysee as well):





Some users had reported that Dr Syed Haider is focusing more on delivering medicines ahead of time to the patient.

FLCCC also recommends having the protocol drugs available at home ahead of time because of the delays in getting drugs delivered to patients, pharmacies that are refusing to fill generic drugs for covid19 (like Ivermectin). Thus having these medicines at home in the medicine cabinet ahead of time is preferred.


Dr Miguel Antonatos (

Dr Miguel Antonatos is also one of the pioneers in the use of Ivermectin + Fluvoxamine: Dr. Antonatos Discusses COVID management May 11, 2021 Drbeen Medical Lectures

He also has made a 2nd appearance on Dr Been: Dr. Antonatos Discusses COVID management (7/14/2021) Drbeen Medical Lectures July 14, 2021


He is also listed on the early treatment doctor's list:

Dr. Miguel Antonatos (855) 767-8559 >

(States: AL, AZ, CO, FL, GA, IA, ID, IL, KS, KY, MD, ME, MI, MN, MS, ND, NE, NJ, NV, NY, OK, SC, SD, TN, UT, VT, WA, WI, WV)


Dr Miguel Antonatos also treats long haulers.

You may want to check out some of the comments for this Dr Been video - similar symptoms - neurological etc.

And the one comment below has mention of Dr Miguel Antonatos (

Post COVID Long Haul Syndrome (PCLHS) Management

Drbeen Medical Lectures

Jun 17, 2021

Post COVID Long Haul Syndrome (PCLHS) Management Let’s discuss the first release of the post COVID long-haul syndrome management.


Lisa Tipton

My husband and I have just completed the entire FLCCC I-recover protocol and happy to report all of our symptoms have resolved. We are patients of Dr. Antonatos/text2MD and we are happy he gave us this protocol even before it was published on the FLCCC site. We did take IVM + protocol during COVID but 2 months later found some of the symptoms returned after we resumed exercise, or a few had just not completely gone away. This protocol works!!! - founded by Dr Ben Marble

u/Full_Food6568 has a walkthrough for getting a prescription from (founded by Dr Ben Marble) - they ask for a donation from those who can pay, free for others: IVM prescriptions from (see captions for how to)


u/botfantasies has another walkthrough for getting a doctor's consult and prescription for ivermectin from CONFIRMED: FASTEST, CHEAPEST, SAFEST WAY TO GET IVERMECTIN IN THE USA


Dr Mollie James (Telemedicine - US)


Dr Mollie Brown is familiar with the FLCCC protocols and was one of the panel members on stage at the Global Covid Summit.


Dr Mollie James



Dr Mary Talley Bowden (Florida, US)


For Florida residents, Dr Mary Talley Bowden offers monoclonal antibody treatments and early treatment protocols (is familiar with FLCCC).


Dr Mary Talley Bowden

Dr. Bowden’s practice Breathe MD is here - website:


Dr Darrell DeMello (Mumbai, India)


Mumbai based Dr Darrell DeMello favors use of Colchicine (which has not done so well in studies - but perhaps they are using it incorrectly).

Currently has incorporated Ivermectin - but still used Colchicine (anti-oxidant/anti-inflammatory) and steroids. Dr. Darrell DeMello Discusses COVID Outpatient (June 3, 2021) - Dr DeMello shares his experiences treating in Mumbai, India with Dr Been

Colchicine is used for pericarditis - it's use for covid19 may prevent the heart rate issues that are common in long haulers.


COVID Telemedicine. Treated over 10,000 cases of Acute Covid Infection successfully. Treat Post/Long COVID. Vaccine Prophylaxis.


Call/WhatsApp: +918097249586


Dr Darrell DeMello offers telemedicine services in India and in some countries outside India as well - possibly the UK (?)

For the US - although he may be able to consult in the US, if he is not registered to practice there, his prescription may not be filled by a pharmacist.

He also offers consultation to corporations:


Dr AK Chaurasia (UP, India)

Dr AK Chaurasia (Anil Kumar Chaurasia) is located in Uttar Pradesh, India.

He is well regarded among early treatment-aware users on Twitter for his insights into covid19 treatment.

He is quite accessible, and answers questions, and may be contacted for consultations as well:



Dr Shankara Chetty (South Africa)


Dr Shankara Chetty has had to work without access to Ivermectin (South Africa initially jailed doctors for prescribing Ivermectin - has now relented in the face of legal action by doctors). COVID Management With Dr. Shankara Chetty (June 23, 2021) - Dr Been interviews Dr Chetty from South Africa who has been treating covid19 with an H1/H2 anti-histamine protocol (and steroids at day 8 - similar to MATH+ protocol)


He has crafted a protocol that uses H1/H2 blocker anti-histamines initially - and then steroids at day 8 (similar to FLCCC protocol).

Now he argues that using anti-histamines usually shows recovery within 4 hours.

If patient is not showing recovery within 4 hours, he sees that as a sign that this is post-day-8 hyperinflammatory stage which will require steroids.

And then he treats them aggressively with steroids.

Essentially he is treating with steroids by day 8 - however since with newer variants it can be difficult to pinpoint day 1 (because of mild initial symptoms) - one needs to be independently assessing patient state for day 8 hyperinflammatory stage. Declines in oximeter settings is another.


Dr Ira Bernstein (Canada)


Dr Ira Bernstein is an active early treatment campaigner who is also active on Twitter in support of early treatment strategies for covid19.



Dr Ira Bernstein in based in Toronto.

However does not take many new patients last we heard (from comments on reddit from some time ago).


Dr Tina Peers (UK)


UK based doctor specializing in Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS).

Active in treatment of long haulers - which may also have MCAS involvement.

Treatment includes H1/H2 blocker antihistamines.



See also:

See Dr Been interview of Dr Tina Peers: Dr. Tina Peers from UK Discusses the Management of Long Haul Syndrome Drbeen Medical Lectures May 21, 2021

Dr Tina Peers has also contributed along with Dr Been on the FLCCC I-RECOVER protocol for long haulers (search for I-RECOVER in this document).


Dr Been interviewed her here: Dr. Tina Peers from UK Discusses the Management of Long Haul Syndrome May 21, 2021 Drbeen Medical Lectures


Dr Been has a related video on dietary impact on MCAS: Low Histamine diets for MCAS and long COVID patients May 22, 2021 Drbeen Medical Lectures


Dr Been and Dr Tina Peers have contributed to the FLCCC's I-RECOVER long hauler protocol.

H1/H2 blocker antihistamines are now part of the FLCCC I-RECOVER protocol.


Dr Steven Phillips (author of bestseller 'Chronic')


Dr Steven Phillips is the bestselling author of "Chronic" and has been interviewed by Dr Been many times: Chronic Diseases Talk with Dr. Steven Phillips (Lyme, COVID Long Haul and More) March 19, 2021 Drbeen Medical Lectures


He has some interesting insights into Lyme disease, Multiple Sclerosis.

And auto-immune disease, dementia and chronic pain.

And is aware of Ivermectin use for nerve remyelination in Multiple Sclerosis (see the section on Multiple Sclerosis).

He has expertise in covid19 treatment, long haulers (long covid19) as well.







Dr Steven Phillips substack article on Ivermectin - anti-cancer, nerve remyelination potential, and use against chronic viral infections: Ivermectin--Upon Neutral Ground The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off. Mar 1, 2022


Dr Pierre Kory (President - FLCCC)


Dr Pierre Kory is one of the founding members of the FLCCC, and has been very active in his advocacy for early treatment protocols.

He is well known for his testimony at the US Senate, first in favor of steroids-at-day8 (at a time when WHO/NIH/CDC had campaigned to dissuade doctors from using it), and then for Ivermectin for prophylaxis and treatment.

Prior to his advocacy for early treatment, Dr Pierre Kory was an Associate Professor and Medical Director of the Trauma and Life Support Center, and Chief of the Critical Care Service at the University of Wisconsin, in the US.


Advocacy for early treatment cost jobs

Dr Pierre Kory recounts how his advocacy for early treatment landed him in hot water at his job:

How I Lost Three ICU Jobs During the COVID-19 Pandemic - Job 1

Prior to COVID, I was a nationally known expert in Pulmonary & Critical Care Medicine. Despite the massive need for specialists like me across the US, I had to leave 3 different US medical centers.

Pierre Kory, MD, MPA

January 19, 2022


Dr Pierre Kory's substack blog:


Dr Pierre Kory now has a website (April 2022) - for telemedicine appointments for covid19, long haulers (long covid19), and post-vax injury for most states in the US:

Pierre Kory, MD MPA

Me and my team are happily learning more and more about the treatment of long haul and post-vax syndromes..and our patients are even happier. Check out our reviews, let us know if we can help anyone, we are seeing most states now!


Dr Pierre Kory is active on Twitter:







Eary Treatment discussions - censorship by YouTube, Facebook and others

YouTube Terms of Service explicitly prohibits Ivermectin and Hydroxychloroquine as drugs that should NOT be suggested as treatments for covid19: COVID-19 medical misinformation policy

Or snapshot (May 24, 2021):

YouTube doesn't allow content that spreads medical misinformation that contradicts local health authorities’ or the World Health Organization’s (WHO) medical information about COVID-19. This is limited to content that contradicts WHO or local health authorities’ guidance on:

NOTE: are they aware that WHO's own meta-analysis (based on Dr Andrew Hill for UNITAID) found 81 percent mortality benefit, and yet a recommendation to use in clinical trials only?

NOTE: WHO decision seems to be a political decision - as Dr Andrew Hill suggested in a video presentation earlier, EU and other countries without a strategic stockpile of ivermectin need time to acquire such stocks


Note: YouTube’s policies on COVID-19 are subject to change in response to changes to global or local health authorities’ guidance on the virus. This policy was published on May 20, 2020.

If you're posting content

Don’t post content on YouTube if it includes any of the following:

Treatment misinformation:

Content that recommends use of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19

Claims that Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments for COVID-19

Prevention misinformation: Content that promotes prevention methods that contradict local health authorities or WHO.

Content that recommends use of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine for the prevention of COVID-19


NOTE: text below is taken from:

Mary Beth Pfeiffer reports on YouTube's warning to content creators about mentioning ivermectin:

The folks at YouTube, who think they know best, have updated their medical misinformation policy. IVM & HCQ are off the menu. Step out of line, censor cops strike. Legit medical debate is being squelched. Free speech is being stomped on by this monopoly.


The tweet above is not visible because it's author Mary Beth Pfeiffer has been banned from Twitter (!)

However the rest of the thread can still be viewed using the above link.


Other articles on YouTube censorship:


YouTube will remove videos advocating the use of chloroquine and ivermectin to treat Covid-19 By Ana Paula Ruiz , edited by Lyncon Pradella April 16, 2021

YouTube has updated its rules regarding content about Covid-19 . Now, the platform has announced that it will remove videos that recommend the use of ivermectin or hydroxychloroquine for the treatment or prevention of Covid-19. The update, according to YouTube, is in line with current guidance from health authorities on the effectiveness of substances.

Since the beginning of the pandemic, YouTube has already removed 850,000 videos that violate the platform's content policies on the coronavirus. Between October and December 2020, 9.3 million pieces of content were excluded because they violated some platform rule.


Conflating early treatment with promoting "vaccine hesitancy"

Promotion of early treatment is often conflated with anti-vaccine sentiment - using the expectation that availability of early treatment options in the minds of the public will lead to "vaccine hesitancy": YouTube bans all anti-vaccine misinformation. Davey Alba Sept. 29, 2021


In addition to banning Dr. Mercola and Mr. Kennedy, YouTube removed the accounts of other prominent anti-vaccination activists such as Erin Elizabeth and Sherri Tenpenny, a company spokeswoman said.

The new policy puts YouTube more in line with Facebook and Twitter. In February, Facebook said that it would remove posts with erroneous claims about vaccines, including taking down assertions that vaccines cause autism or that it is safer for people to contract the coronavirus than to receive vaccinations against it. But the platform remains a popular destination for people discussing misinformation, such as the unfounded claim that the pharmaceutical drug ivermectin is an effective treatment for Covid-19.


Censorship by Facebook Facebook groups promoting ivermectin as a Covid-19 treatment continue to flourish. By Davey Alba Sept 28, 2021


Media Matters for America, a liberal watchdog group, found 60 public and private Facebook groups dedicated to ivermectin discussion, with tens of thousands of members in total. After the organization flagged the groups to Facebook, 25 of them closed down. The remaining groups, which were reviewed by The New York Times, had nearly 70,000 members. Data from CrowdTangle, a Facebook-owned social network analytics tool, showed that the groups generate thousands of interactions daily.

After The Times contacted Facebook about the Ivermectin vs. Covid group, the social network removed it from the platform.

So the media groups which are party to the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) actively were policing each other to ensure compliance.


YouTube censorship - Sen Ron Johnson

Sen Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) - has played a strong role in advocacy for early treatment in covid19.

He led the Senate hearings on early treatment - which highlighted Dr Pierre Kory testimony favoring use of steroids for covid19.

This was at a time when WHO/NIH/CDC had started dissuading doctors from using steroids for covid19 (a wrong move - since steroids-at-day8 is THE way to prevent progression to death and to get zero long haulers).

His second set of hearings at end of 2020 led to Dr Pierre Kory's famous plea for inclusion of Ivermectin in early treatment protocols - especially their use for prophylaxis.


Listen to the tone of this piece from Forbes - written by a Professor of Health Policy and Management at CUNY (previous research has been funded by Gates Foundation as well): YouTube Suspends Republican Senator Ron Johnson’s Account For Violating Covid-19 Policy Bruce Y. Lee June 12, 2021

Senator Ron Johnson (R-Wisconsin) is neither a medical doctor nor a scientific researcher. And he isn’t the Johnson in Johnson & Johnson. But that didn’t keep him from talking about the use of hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin against Covid-19 and his YouTube account from posting a video featuring his comments. And now surprise, surprise this video has gotten his account banned from YouTube for seven days.

According to Bill Glauber reporting for Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, a YouTube spokesperson said the following about the Johnson video: “We removed the video in accordance with our Covid-19 medical misinformation policies, which don’t allow content that encourages people to use Hydroxychloroquine or Ivermectin to treat or prevent the virus.” Per Glauber, Johnson apparently stood up and made the comments at the Milwaukee Press Club on June 3. Glauber also quoted Johnson criticizing the U.S. government for “not only ignoring but working against robust research [on] the use of cheap, generic drugs to be repurposed for early treatment of Covid.”

So these journalists and their outlets were instrumental in the suppression and generation of derision for early treatment options.

YouTube’s policy about ivermectin and hydroxychloroquine is pretty clear. It says, “Don’t post content on YouTube if it includes any of the following:

Content that recommends use of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine for the treatment of Covid-19

Claims that Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine are effective treatments for Covid-19

Content that recommends use of Ivermectin or Hydroxychloroquine for the prevention of Covid-19”

This is completely in line with what’s indicated by the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Covid-19 Treatment Guidelines about hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin.

Note how these draconian measures against Ivermectin are an overreaction - compared to NIH's own ambivalence about Ivermectin - don't recommend for OR AGAINST Ivermectin:

And here’s what the guidelines say about ivermectin: “There are insufficient data for the COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel (the Panel) to recommend either for or against the use of ivermectin for the treatment of COVID-19. Results from adequately powered, well-designed, and well-conducted clinical trials are needed to provide more specific, evidence-based guidance on the role of ivermectin in the treatment of COVID-19.”

This statement about the number killed by vaccines may be not far from the mark - from new disclosures about Pfizer clinical trial (as of March 19, 2022 today):

And in May, Joy Reid on her MSNBC show Joy Reid called Johnson a “dangerous disinformation peddler” after Johnson inaccurately claimed that Covid-19 vaccines had killed over 3,000 people:


YouTube censorship - Sky News Australia Sky News Australia barred for week by YouTube over Covid misinformation 1 August 2021


YouTube has barred Sky News Australia from uploading new content for a week, saying it had breached rules on spreading Covid-19 misinformation.

YouTube did not point to specific items but said it opposed material that "could cause real-world harm".

A YouTube statement said it had "clear and established Covid-19 medical misinformation policies based on local and global health authority guidance".

A spokesperson told the Guardian it "did not allow content that denies the existence of Covid-19" or which encouraged people "to use hydroxychloroquine or ivermectin to treat or prevent the virus". Neither has been proven to be effective against Covid. YouTube’s Sky News Australia suspension ‘disturbing’ assault on freedom of thought

Digital Editor Jack Houghton argues YouTube’s decision to suspend Sky News Australia is a disturbing attack on the ability to think freely. Jack Houghton Digital Editor August 1, 2021



YouTube censorship - Kim Iversen (journalist - The Hill)

Kim Iversen's YouTube channel was suspended (removed) from YouTube after she covered a study on efficacy of Ivermectin.

Another example of the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) at work.

Here she discusses her suspension on a segment of The Rising show on The Hill in which she appears: Kim Iversen Is SUSPENDED from YouTube Over Segment On Covid Therapeutic Study and IVM prosperouslife


Kim Iversen Is SUSPENDED From YouTube Over Segment On Covid Therapeutic Study

Mar 14, 2022

The Hill

Kim Iversen details the suspension of The Kim Iversen Show's YouTube channel.

According to the CDC: Ivermectin is not authorized or approved by FDA for prevention or treatment of COVID-19. The National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) COVID-19 Treatment Guidelines Panel has also determined that there are currently insufficient data to recommend ivermectin for treatment of COVID-19.


Dr Been (Dr Mobeen Syed)

Dr Been now has a presence on Odysee and Bitchute as well:

There is a reddit-wide ban on bitchute links, but you can use a tinyurl or bit dot ly url shortener instead:

https://www dot bitchute dot com/channel/bbZOpTZkmPY0



At one point, Dr Been had 54 of his videos demonetized by YouTube - the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) at work: Dr. Been mentions at 5:20 that all of his past videos mentioning ivermectin have been demonetized and he won't be speaking that word going forward.


In Dr Been's own words:

54 videos demonetized in one day by @YouTube.

All are medical concept videos for education. No conspiracy. Just medical concepts.


MedCram (Dr Roger Seheult)

Has also reported videos removed by YouTube for discussing academic papers about Ivermectin - the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) at work.


WhiteBoard Doctor


Has also reported videos removed by YouTube for discussing academic papers about Ivermectin - the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) at work.

Very active YouTube doctor who has analyzed papers on Ivermectin and other treatment options very actively.


Dr Yo


Has also reported videos removed by YouTube for discussing academic papers about Ivermectin - the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) at work.

Dr Yo is a prominent YouTube doctor. Joined Dr Bruce Patterson (IncelDX) work on characterizing long haulers syndrome, and is active in their outreach effort to collate blood samples so a test could be fine-tuned for long haulers (a test will go a long way to dispelling the notion among many doctors who don't know how to treat it - that it is a psycho-somatic disease):

He also has had YouTube videos fall victim to the Trusted News Initiative (TNI).


Dr John Campbell


Has also reported videos removed by YouTube for discussing academic papers about Ivermectin - the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) at work.


Mainstream YouTuber - frequent guest on Deutsche Welle TV (DW TV).

Has always maintained Vitamin D deficiency needs to be addressed for improved outcomes in covid19.


Has also been repeatedly disappointed by WHO and NIH/CDC guidelines and how far off the mark they are or always late to the game.


Has invited Dr Tess Lawrie on his YouTube channel (see Dr Tess Lawrie section above for videos).

Slow convert to Ivermectin.


Now urges UK govt to strongly consider ivermectin for further investigation: Dr. John Campbell reviews Egyptian nasal spray study and re-issues an urgent call to all health authorities and ministers to immediately address the evidence on ivermectin!

Video: Vaccination and ivermectin

Dr. John Campbell

994K subscribers

Jun 16, 2021


Dr John Campbell discusses how there is money and support for patented antivirals still in development (with no safety profiles).

Yet generic drugs with excellent safety records that are promising (like Ivermectin) remain unfunded and unsupported - the NIH has (as of July 2021) not funded a single trial of Ivermectin (despite pleas by Dr Rajter author of the first Ivermectin study in the US - at the Broward County Hospital system): Money for antivirals


Jun 20, 2021

Dr. John Campbell

1.05M subscribers


Pharmacies which fulfil Ivermectin prescriptions


August 15, 2021:

The FLCCC has a list of pharmacies that will fill ivermectin prescriptions:

May 13, 2022 - this list of pharmacies is now quite large.

From the above webpage, this Sept 2021 pdf document is "to help guide you in how to effectively push back with any pharmacists that deny filling your prescription": Overcoming the Barriers to Access Ivermectin Prescriptions


It has been reported by patients that some pharmacists (see have decided they will not fulfil prescriptions for Ivermectin.

The reason for this is the signaling coming out of Merck - which has reneged on it's 2003 opinion on the safety of Ivermectin, and now suggests it is not safe - a change which may have to do with Merck's rollout of the drug Molnupiravir which aims to do some of the same functions as Ivermectin - except at much higher price.


August 28, 2021:

Dr Fauci has recently started to dream of a pill - he is probably dreaming of Molnupiravir and the drug coming out of Pfizer - since the NIH has been a laggard in their support for Repurposed Drugs.

Dr Fauci dream pill:


September 19, 2021:

The FLCCC had a discussion video on the difficulties posed by pharmacists who are refusing to fill prescriptions from doctors for Ivermectin:

FLCCC Weekly Update September 15, 2021: Pharmageddon Unleashed on Ivermectin

September 16th, 2021

This week's FLCCC Weekly Update hosted by Betsy Ashton features Dr. Paul Marik, Dr. Pierre Kory, and attorney Alan Dumhoff.

This episode discusses the issues that doctors and nurses are facing writing prescriptions for their patients and how pharmacies are blocking needed prescriptions from being filled. Alan Dumhoff discusses the legal implications of all of this for healthcare providers and patients.

at the 44:00 minute mark:

Attorney Alan Dumhoff has some suggestion for doctors worried about medical boards coming after them

Should have ivermectin consent form (patient recognizes was informed vaccines as top recommendation but still wants IVM) filled by patient not at front desk, but signed after discussion with doctor


October 22, 2021:

Dr Syed Haider provides a list of pharmacies that will fill and ship ivermectin to the 40 states in the US that he is licensed to practice in.

Dr. Syed Haider

My staff has spent months scouring the country for pharmacies that will fill and ship ivermectin to each of the 40 states I'm licensed in. Here's the master list.



Dr Syed Haider also outlines the difficulties he has had with pharmacies:

Dr. Syed Haider

My experience using ivermectin and fluvoxamine in 4000 acute COVID-19 patients: 5 hospitalized. 0 dead. 4000 recovered. 5 pharmacist threats. 1 medical board complaint. 1 lawyer retained. Hundreds of medication transfers for pharmacist refusals.




Ivermectin is considered a safer drug than Tylenol or Aspirin according to the adverse events data collected over 40 years and 3.7 billion doses administered (TODO: add reference).

NOTE: ivermectin should generally only be given to those above 15kg in weight, and those who are not pregnant and not breastfeeding a baby. Since Ivermectin is neuro-toxic but does not cross the blood-brain barrier in humans, care should still be taken for those who have weakened blood-brain barrier - small children and those who have an active ongoing meningitis infection.


About 1 in 20 people may show signs of dizziness or visual disturbance - for these patients the dosage can be halved and often the issues go away. If issues remain, then consider discontinuing ivermectin - or switching to a spread out dosing strategy (for example instead of 12mg every Sunday, you may consider giving 3mg morning + 3mg evening on Sunday, and then 3mg morning + 3mg on Thursday).

Usually Ivermectin at the 0.2mg/kg bodyweight every Sunday (pre-exposure prophylaxis) dosing - does not give any side effects.

However at the 0.4mg/kg bodyweight every day for 3 days (post-exposure prophylaxis) or for 5 days or longer (for treatment) - some patients may experience dizziness or visual disturbance (sensation is similar to when you are sleep deprived and start seeing visual artifacts).

In some people, ivermectin (esp at the 0.4mg/kg dose) may be causing lower blood pressure (which may lead to dizziness) - (TODO: add reference or confirmation).


Genetic variation

Rarely, some people may have a genetic variation which weakens the blood-brain barrier. In these folks, Ivermectin may trigger the dizziness etc. side-effects mentioned above.

The 1 in 20 people mentioned above who have side-effects, may have these issues, or may be suffering from parasites.


Ivermectin - regions offering over the counter (OTC) List of country where Ivermectin is available over the counter


Tennessee, USA (April 22, 2022): Ivermectin may be sold or purchased as an over-the-counter medication in Tennessee without a prescription or consultation with a pharmacist or other healthcare professional (signed by Governor - April 22, 2022) - IVM becomes available OTC in Tennessee


New Hampshire, USA (May 10, 2022): Ivermectin gets approval for over the counter (OTC) use in New Hampshire (May 10, 2022) - earlier IVM was approved for OTC use in Tennessee (USA)


Ivermectin - Meta-analyses of studies - informal meta-analysis/study aggregation by @CovidAnalysis is an informal website that collects references for studies and their results, and presents a near real-time meta-analysis of studies.

As another example of clampdown (see Trusted News Initiative (TNI)), evidently @CovidAnalysis twitter account was suspended by twitter: has come under attack by pro-vaccine or pro-Trusted News Initiative (TNI) employees for pushing an imprecise meta-analysis.

The reason for their ire is the frequent quotation of the website by pro-ivermectin personalities like Craig Kelly MP (Australia).

As a result the ire falls on the website for a free service this website has been providing for months - pointing researchers to new studies. does not make claims of being a rigorous meta-analysis, but is a best-effort service provided free to the world.


But that is not all. has tabs at the top that point to other meta-analyses for researchers to get a birds-eye view of potential generic drug candidates for covid19. (calcifediol (fast acting) and Vitamin D3) (povidine-iodine nasal flush/spray) (bamlanivimab) (casirivimab/indevimab) (hydroxychloroquine)


EDIT: 2021-11-17 - it has become apparent that on reddit as well, the and type websites are blacklisted. That is, unless mods approve it, the default reddit behavior is to remove the comment that includes that url.


Dr Tess Lawrie/BIRD Group UK

Dr Tess Lawrie and the BIRD Group UK meta-analysis final peer-reviewed meta-analysis: Dr Tess Lawrie meta-analysis now available as peer-reviewed paper (June 12, 2021) - in the American Journal of Therapeutics (same journal that the FLCCC paper was published in)


Paper: Ivermectin for Prevention and Treatment of COVID-19 Infection


Video: Dr. Tess Lawrie thanks her team and supporters from around the globe for the publication of the BiRD group meta-analysis on ivermectin.


Dr John Campbell reviews the meta-analysis by Dr Tess Lawrie group:

Best ivermectin meta analysis

Dr. John Campbell

Jun 25, 2021


Dr John Campbell discussion with Dr Tess Lawrie: Ivermectin discussion with Dr Tess Lawrie

Dr. John Campbell

Published on Apr 7, 2021


Dr John Campbell earlier interview of Dr Tess Lawrie: Dr John Campbell interviews Dr Tess Lawrie (meta-analysis and BIRD panel) - interesting because Campbell has a large viewership, and appears on Deutsche Welle TV as well (March 7, 2021)


Video - 1st part: Evidence based practice, Dr Tess Lawrie Mar 6, 2021 Dr. John Campbell

Video - 2st part: Ivermectin Evidence with Dr Tess Lawrie Mar 7, 2021


FLCCC meta-analysis

The FLCCC peer-reviewed meta-analysis paper on Ivermectin and early treatment: FLCCC paper was published by American Journal of Therapeutics: Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19


Paper: Review of the Emerging Evidence Demonstrating the Efficacy of Ivermectin in the Prophylaxis and Treatment of COVID-19


Dr Andrew Hill meta-analysis for Unitaid (which informed WHO decision-making)

Peer-reviewed final paper by Dr Andrew Hill while sponsored by Unitaid. His conclusions in the pre-print were found to have been influenced by Unitaid (his sponsors). This research informed the WHO as well, which chose to wait for more studies.

Unlike the earlier pre-prints, this final paper no longer recommends further trials (i.e. evidence is sufficient). It shows a clear signal for early treatment, and a dose-dependent effect, which an important factor in judging efficacy: Meta-analysis of randomized trials of ivermectin to treat SARS-CoV-2 infection  06 July 2021


Bayesian analysis of studies Bayesian Meta Analysis of Ivermectin Effectiveness in Treating Covid-19 Disease

Paper: Bayesian Meta Analysis of Ivermectin Effectiveness in Treating Covid-19 Disease July 2021


Ivermectin - Proposed mechanisms of action The mechanisms of action of Ivermectin against SARS-CoV-2: An evidence-based clinical review article 15 June 2021


This video by Dr Been was removed by YouTube - and is now available here:


u/Haitchpeasauce analysis of mechanisms of action:


Ivermectin and cancer Ivermectin and cancer


Ivermectin and Scabies


Ivermectin is NOT approved by the FDA for treatment of Scabies - yet is widely considered the treatment of choice for Scabies: Wonder drug for worms: A review of three decades of ivermectin use in dermatology 2019


Ivermectin is the only recommended oral medication for scabies. Two doses of oral ivermectin are given 7 days apart, to act on newly hatched scabietic nymph. In severe or resistant cases, it is often combined with topical medications like permethrin. Two doses of topical ivermectin were also found to be as effective as two applications of permethrin. In case of crusted scabies, multiple doses of oral ivermectin are given as shown in [Table - 2].


Papers: The efficacy of topical and oral ivermectin in the treatment of human scabies 2015 Comparative efficacy and safety of topical permethrin, topical ivermectin, and oral ivermectin in patients of uncomplicated scabies 2012 Crusted scabies 2009


Ivermectin and Rosacea


Ivermectin is approved by the FDA for treatment of Rosacea: Wonder drug for worms: A review of three decades of ivermectin use in dermatology 2019


Ivermectin 1% cream is now approved by US FDA for inflammatory rosacea. Ivermectin not only targets Demodex folliculorum, but also reduces the inflammation associated with the condition.[16]


Papers: The efficacy, safety, and tolerability of ivermectin compared with current topical treatments for the inflammatory lesions of rosacea: a network meta-analysis 2016


Ivermectin and Psoriasis


I (u/stereomatch) could not find much evidence for Ivermectin benefit for Psoriasis.


However, this article suggests some interesting treatment possibilities: Psoriasis treatment: “Off-label” medicines that work throughout the body



Fumaric acid esters



Mycophenolate mofeti




Some cases of Psoriasis may be due to Crusted Scabies - in which case Ivermectin may be beneficial: Psoriasis or crusted scabies 2008

We describe a case of a 67-year-old woman with a 1-year history of nail thickening and a non-itchy erythematous scaly eruption on the fingertips. She was diagnosed with psoriasis and started on methotrexate after having had no response to topical calcipotriol. The diagnosis was reviewed after it was revealed by another consultant that the patient's husband had been attending dermatology clinics for several years with chronic pruritus, which had been repeatedly thought to be due to scabies. Our patient was found to have crusted scabies after a positive skin scraping showed numerous mites. She was treated with topical permethrin, keratolytics and oral ivermectin. We also review the literature on crusted scabies and its management, with recommendations.

And: Crusted scabies mimicking psoriasis in a patient with type 1 diabetes mellitus 2021


Ivermectin and Vitiligo (Leucoderma)


Some anecdotal cases of Ivermectin helping Vitiligo: Ivermectin and Vitiligo (Leucoderma)

Also see u/realopticsguy confirmation of similar results in his case:


Ivermectin and Asthma Ivermectin and asthma


Ivermectin and seasonal allergies


Ivermectin seems to reduce seasonal allergies for some - which may or may not have a link to strongyloides exposure: Allergy Cures


Ivermectin and mold toxicity




Ivermectin for Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Lyme disease and for nerve remyelination



If you plan to start ivermectin for Lyme or Multiple Sclerosis (MS), you may want to start with a low dose so you can assess any side-effects for your case.

Some Lyme disease patients, and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) patients may experience herxheimer reactions to the killing of parasites (Lyme), or to reaction with demyelinated nerves (MS) - since ivermectin is neuro-toxic but in humans does not cross blood-brain barrier.

So as Dr Steven Phillips bestselling author of "Chronic" explains it is best to start with a low dose and build up - since ivermectin seems to help in the long run even with MS, because of it's nerve remyelination potential.

Keep us updated.


For more info on Lyme, MS and nerve remyelination potential, check out:



Regarding neuropathy mention in other comments - in the recent interview by Dr Been of recent bestselling book "Chronic" author Dr Steven Phillips, Dr Phillips said ivermectin may have remyelination impact.

Since ivermectin helps with covid19 treatment, and anecdotally some subset of long haulers, I don't know if this is relevant.

Ivermectin and Multiple Sclerosis (MS) - ivermectin as a potential nerve remyelination agent (for restoration of nerve cover in diseases like Multiple Sclerosis)

Rough transcript:

at the 37:08 minute mark:

So yes I have used it - I think you have to have special care with patients with demyelination.

Is what I wanted to say - because ivermectin is also being studied as a remyelinating agent. It can induce back the growth back of lining around nerves.

And paradoxically in my experience when I use it with MS patients - it flares them up like crazy - and we have to go extremely slowly, and then they get a net benefit, but it can take them a year to get up to full dose.

And that's my experience with Ivermectin.


For Lyme disease:

Eva Sapi Ph.D.

Eva Sapi Ph.D. is an Associate Professor of Biology and Environmental Science at the University of New Haven, where she combines teaching with research, leading graduate students in developing a higher level of understanding of Lyme disease. In her research, Dr. Sapi investigates the presence of different formations (spirochete, round bodies and biofilm) of Borrelia burgdorferi, the Lyme disease bacteria. She also studies resistance of these different forms to antibiotics and natural agents. She organized three national Lyme disease conferences in the last several years.

Lyme disease is caused by the species of bacteria, Borrelia burgdorferi, and is transmitted to humans by a vector ticks, Ixodus scapularis. (1-2) Many investigators, including the University of New Haven Lyme disease research group, focused on identifying novel tick-borne bacteria, viruses and fungal co-infections in ticks or in patients with a tick bite history. (1-2) Despite these efforts and the introduction of novel treatment protocols, there are little improvements in the outcome of some of the Lyme patients.

Can species other than bacteria, virus or fungus be responsible for these chronic problems found in Lyme patients? It has been proposed that certain parasites could also be a factor in Lyme disease. European doctors have already incorporated Ivermectin, an antihelminth drug, into their Lyme disease protocol with surprising success. Ivermectin is well known for its effectiveness against filarial nematode infections and is often used by veterinarians to eradicate parasitic infections. (3)


A google search turns up some papers - search for - ivermectin nerve remyelination.

Ivermectin Promotes Peripheral Nerve Regeneration during Wound Healing

October 1, 2018

Taken together, we demonstrate that ivermectin promotes peripheral nerve regeneration by inducing fibroblasts to adopt a glia-like phenotype.

P2X4 receptor controls microglia activation and favors remyelination in autoimmune encephalitis

July 4, 2018

Conversely, potentiation of P2X4R signaling by the allosteric modulator ivermectin (IVM) favored a switch in microglia to an anti-inflammatory phenotype, potentiated myelin phagocytosis, promoted the remyelination response, and ameliorated clinical signs of EAE. Our results provide evidence that P2X4Rs modulate microglia/macrophage inflammatory responses and identify IVM as a potential candidate among currently used drugs to promote the repair of myelin damage.

Common Anti-Parasitic Agent Eases Motor Symptoms, Aids Remyelination in MS Mouse Model

July 13, 2018

By promoting the activity of a receptor called P2X4R that is present in microglial cells — immune cells that reside in the brain — ivermectin (marketed as Stromectol, or Soolantra) eased the clinical manifestations of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis (EAE; an induced autoimmune disease similar to MS in humans).

Specifically, researchers saw evidence suggesting that ivermectin was “a potential candidate among currently used drugs to promote the repair of myelin damage,” they wrote.


Dr Steven Phillips substack article on Ivermectin - anti-cancer, nerve remyelination potential, and use against chronic viral infections: Ivermectin--Upon Neutral Ground The truth will set you free. But first it will piss you off. Mar 1, 2022


Ivermectin and diabetes


There have been some anecdotal reports that Ivermectin reduces diabetes symptoms to some degree.

Here someone reporting improved sleep after starting Ivermectin - which could possibly be due to reduced urination during sleep (because of reduced diabetic symptoms?):


Another anecdote:

My anecdote. I experience severe insulin resistance as a diabetic. When I use IVM in the past the resistance seems to disappear.


Ivermectin for COVID-19 long haulers


There are a number of reddit posts where users have reported benefit from Ivermectin for long haulers syndrome: Has anyone been able to cure post vax neurological and numbness?


Ivermectin for COVID-19 post-vaccine injury/issues


There are a number of reddit posts where users have reported benefit from Ivermectin for post-vaccine issues:


See this case and my comments there too - for relief of neurological symptoms post-vax: IVR After Pfizer Vaccine [Neurological Side Effects].



Update: Ivermectin + Pepcid + Liposomal Glutathione Cured Me. 90% Better After Vaccine Nerve Problems.



Ivermectin for COVID-19 pre and post-vaccine prophylaxis




Ivermectin and post-covid19 Anosmia/Fatigue reversal


In the post-day8 period, if a patient has residual anosmia or residual fatigue, usually this course of Ivermectin reverses it:

  • Ivermectin 0.4mg/kg bodyweight per day - for 3 days

If there is still residual anosmia or residual fatigue, wait a week, and then do the 3 day protocol again.


NOTE: Ivermectin should not be given to children below 50kg weight. Also avoid giving to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers (since children have a reduced blood-brain barrier). However, historically over it's 40 years of use and 3.7 billion doses given, it has been given to pregnant and breastfeeding mothers without an obvious signal of harm. But still should be avoided in pregnant and breastfeeding mothers.

NOTE: if the patient has been given Ivermectin during the day1-7 period and the doctor feels they already have taken a lot of Ivermectin - then wait a few days - and then do the above protocol. This protocol can be done as a matter of course - to ensure any residual anosmia/fatigue is taken care of.

NOTE: the above protocol assumes the patient was given Ivermectin during day1-7 period as well. However while Ivermectin during day1-7 may reduce anosmia - anosmia can still appear in some of the patients. However, for those patients, the above 3 day course when done in the post-day8 onwards period, is usually sufficient to reverse anosmia and residual fatigue.

NOTE: I (u/stereomatch) have observed 5-7 cases of anosmia reversal with Ivermectin in a retrospective fashion (i.e. anosmia reversal was not specifically targeted - but was reported as having happened in a time-sensitive manner following Ivermectin use). Later I tried suggesting Ivermectin to 6 successive anosmia patients (who agreed on the above protocol to reverse their ongoing anosmia - all 6 were recent post-covid19 cases) - in every one of the cases there was anosmia partial reversal within 12 hours - and complete reversal in 1-2 days. One case had partial reversal - and was advised to wait a week - and then repeat the 3 day course - after which her anosmia was 100% reversed.

NOTE: the 5th of these 6 successive cases was actually Dr Been's mother-in-law - he had reported his mother-in-law was still suffering from anosmia - and I had reminded him that Ivermectin reversed anosmia - he later reported he had given Ivermectin and his mother-in-law's anosmia had reversed in 2 days.

NOTE: this protocol has also been used for post-covid19 residual fatigue in the post-day8 period (when the patient has started steroids-at-day8 and is feeling great - but still has some residual fatigue). If fatigue is reversed partially - then wait a week and do the protocol again.


Ivermectin and post-covid19 Anosmia reversal - Dr Been testimony


Dr Been in his videos has also observed that Ivermectin reverses post-covid19 anosmia.

It started with a video report on his mother-in-law whose anosmia he reversed with a course of Ivermectin 0.4mg/kg per day (see video and transcript below).

In subsequent videos (see video and transcript below) he reported more cases where Ivermectin has shown anosmia reversal within 2 days.

In his words "Ivermectin .. works like magic".


NOTE: in his videos, Dr Been has to take care when mentioning Ivermectin for covid19 - since YouTube will demonetize or remove videos (and author will incur a strike) if Ivermectin is mentioned as treatment for covid19.

NOTE: YouTube Terms of Service explicitly prohibit mention of Ivermectin and HCQ as treatments for covid19

NOTE: Of the successive cases of anosmia reversal I (u/stereomatch) have recounted above - the case of Dr Been's mother-in-law was the 5th. I have added it to the statistics I was accumulating for successive anosmia cases observed. This is how it happened - Dr Been had mentioned his mother-in-law had anosmia in one of his videos - I tweeted a suggestion that Ivermectin at the 0.4mg/kg dosing should be tried - which he apparently did - as he later reported that he had advised Ivermectin at 0.4mg/kg dosing for his mother-in-law - which reversed her anosmis within 1-2 days.


Dr Been says that he gave 0.4mg/kg to mother in law and got taste/smell recovery within 2 days:


Europe, Asia, Africa, ME - COVID Questions with Dr. Been (#30) May 20, 2021 Drbeen Medical Lectures


at the 38:40 minute mark:


Dr Been:

So Amman says Dr Bean I've lost my taste sensation - what can I do?

So I'll tell you what I did for my mother-in-law - my mother-in-law was vaccinated - she went in for the second vaccine dose and she came back and she had covid19.

So now she maybe already had covid19, or she got it from there - something happened.

And so she had covid19 and part of that was that within two days she lost her sense of smell.

And I started her on high dose Ivermectin - it was 0.3 or 0.4mg/kg bodyweight - and within two days her sense of smell came back.

My experience is that the sense of smell usually comes back in weeks or months - but high dose Ivermectin helps return that very fast.


Dr Been later reported another case study of anosmia reversal with Ivermectin:

Dr. Mobeen Syed

May 30, 2021

Case report.

Acute COVID patient. Healthy young female. Anosmia occurred. Her doctor brother asked for advice.

Started her on Ivermectin. 0.3 mg/kg body weight. Recovered from anosmia in two days.

Message in the image says, "my sister has recovered. Taste is back."


Dr Been video overview of anosmia - and why it may be recoverable with IVM without long term damage.

Dr Been also discusses Ivermectin doses that he has used for reversing anosmia (this is after he used Ivermectin for reversing anosmia for his mother-in-law): (YouTube has removed this video - but it is available on Odysee)


Ivermectin and COVID Anosmia A Review of Studies Drbeen Medical Lectures June 8, 2021


at the 9:34 minute mark: (YouTube has removed this video - but it is available on Odysee)


Now how do we fix this (anosmia)? (With) high dose Ivermectin - and what is the high dose that I have used - I have used .. again make sure that the side-effects and (you have made sure) that the person can take this (dose).

What I have done so far are 0.2-0.4mg/kg bodyweight - and within 2-3 days the person recovers from anosmia.



Dr Been discusses Ivermectin for anosmia reversal again here:


Dr. Syed Haider Discusses COVID Management (July 2021) Drbeen Medical Lectures Jul 10, 2021


at the 13:20 minute mark:


Dr Been:

Ivermectin 0.4mg/kg bodyweight in long haulers esp with anosmia it works like magic - 2 or 3 days and done - anosmia goes away.



Dr Been discusses anosmia reversal with Ivermectin - in this more recent video as well: Brain Shrinking after Mild COVID (Oxford Study)

or Brain Size Reduction after Mild COVID (and Potential Solutions)

Mar 15, 2022

Drbeen Medical Lectures

Brain Size Reduction after Mild COVID (and Potential Solutions)


at the 35:00 minute mark:


Dr Been:

My takeaway in this all was that the anosmia part we should worry about it if it occurs.

And i think that we have done this discussion that there is a drug (Ivermectin) that can be useful for anosmia and within 2-3 days it can help restore and recover from anosmia

I think that drug (Ivermectin) should be part of the management.

So I'm on Youtube here so I cannot say that IVM will help covid19 because Youtube would then just block my channel and this discussion.

(NOTE: YouTube Terms of Service explicitly forbid the suggestion that Ivermectin helps against covid19)

But I can talk about olfactory nerve and inflammation and Ivermectin reduces that - and that has been very very effective.


at the 35:48 minute mark:


Dr Been:

So then what are the solutions

So one solution i just spoke about (Ivermectin).

I have been fortunate that the folks I have worked with who were taking IVM (Ivermectin) - they recovered very fast from anosmia.

I would suspect then the brain tissue damage were was reduced as well.


In this followup companion discussions video, Dr Been uses an anatomy program - and does a walkthrough showing brain anatomy and the location of the olfactory bulb: Discussion for Brain Shrinking After Mild COVID

or Discussion for Brain Size Reduction After Mild COVID

Mar 15, 2022

Drbeen Medical Lectures


Ivermectin and post-covid19 Anosmia reversal - others


Report of 6 cases from @peterpham - not clear how many were chronic/recent - anosmia must have been long enough that they sought out help - perhaps he can fill in some details on chronic/recent:

Peter Pham

Had 6 friends already solve anosmia with ivermectin


Dr. Juan M. Luco (Argentina) has been trying to build awareness of Ivermectin impact on anosmia.


This twitter thread points to the twitter threads by Dr Juan Luco on Ivermectin and anosmia:



Dr Bruce Boros - we have this report from Dr Bruce Boros (no longer on Twitter) of 8 month anosmia case responding to IVM:

I have personally treated a lot of patients with Ivermectin for CV- Anosmia can return in 2 days of treatment or up to 2 months after. I also had an 8 month long hauler get back t and s after one week of Iver 0.2mg/kg. Called me at 8am shouting "I can smell"


Dr Gustavo Aguirre Chang early study on post-covid19 anosmia reversal - study had 21 subjects with post-covid19 anosmia - near 100% anosmia reversal using Ivermectin + Aspirin:



Ivermectin and post-vaccine hearing loss (in one ear)


To be added


Ivermectin safety


Dr Hong has this video for pharmacists: Pharmacology professor on IVM

Video: COVID Focus Talk || Ivermectin Pharmacological Considerations || Is this drug suitable for everyone? Jul 5, 2021 Dr. Hong's Pharmacy Classroom


Merck 2002 study conclusion that ivermectin was safe at 10x doses: Safety, tolerability, and pharmacokinetics of escalating high doses of ivermectin in healthy adult subjects. J Clin Pharmacol (2002)


We have the data from ivermectin use for leukemia in children - they used very high doses of ivermectin - they used 1mg/kg (compared to the typical 0.2mg/kg) for 14 days to 6 months continuously (!) (compared to the typical 1 day to 5 days with refresher doses usually used for covid19): Regular dosing of ivermectin for prophylactic purposes - was this done in the past?


Ivermectin drug shelf life


See comment by u/Haitchpeasauce:


Ivermectin manufacturings costs


Dr Andrew Hill, who earlier did the meta-analysis for Ivermectin for Unitaid (in support of WHO decisionmaking), has argued in interviews that countries need to stockpile Ivermectin.

At the time of that interview he said the UK did not have a stockpile of the drug.

He has argued that if countries delay approval of Ivermectin too long, then other countries will secure strategic reserves, and later mover countries may not be able to secure supply.

In this report, he examines the manufacturing costs for various generic drugs that may have utility for covid19, including Ivermectin: Dr Andrew Hill (author of Unitaid paper informed the WHO decision on Ivermectin) pre-print on costs mass production of Ivermectin and repurposed drugs (June 3, 2021)-paper in line with concerns he raised earlier UK lacked strategic stockpiles of Ivermectin


Early Treatment guide for physicians - Ivermectin


Ivermectin - interactions with other drugs


Ivermectin is contraindicated in patients using Warfarin (or Coumarin family that includes Warfarin).

Low dose heparin is ok - and is part of the FLCCC protocol for treatment of covid19.

Calcineurin inhibitors - used by transplant patients - because of interactions. However transplant patients undergoing covid19 treatment are often switched in favor of steroids (instead of calcineurin inhibitors), precisely because steroids also interact with calcineurin inhibitors. And steroids can be used instead for a short while - to prevent rejection.

Please correct any inaccuracy in above paragraph.


Added Feb 22, 2022:

The FLCCC MATH+ extended protocol document PDF includes a section on Ivermectin drug interactions - see "Table 5. Drug Interactions With Ivermectin".



Dr. Paul Marik Discusses Ivermectin and Vitamin D

Feb 17, 2021

Drbeen Medical Lectures


at 5:00 minute mark:

Dr Paul Marik starts presentation for 30 minutes

at the 25:20 minute mark:

drug-drug interactions

caution with calcineurin inhibitors used for transplant patients


There may be some interaction with cholera and dengue vaccines:

(although Dr. Pierre Kory has said in a video interview with Dr Been and Dr Paul Marik - that Ivermectin has no known side-effects or drug interactions - except for some mention of possible interaction with cholera and dengue vaccines)


Ivermectin - few side effects


Ivermectin in general has almost no side-effects (see caveats below) at the 0.2mg/kg bodyweight dosage (FLCCC-recommended for prophylaxis), even when taken over many days.

Many people have taken ivermectin now over 8 months or more, weekly at the 0.2mg/kg bodyweight dosing, without any visible issues.


Ivermectin - Dizziness, visual disturbances


At the 0.4mg/kg bodyweight dosage over 5 days or more (FLCCC recommendation for covid19 treatment) can lead to some side-effects in some people.

These side-effects can be mild dizziness, or visual disturbances (which is similar to the daze one may feel when one has been sleep deficient for a few days).

Generally if someone is going to feel side-effects for Ivermectin, they will notice them the first time they use Ivermectin.

For this reason it is advisable for people considering prophylaxis or treatment with Ivermectin should "pre-qualify" themselves ahead of time. They can do this by taking Ivermectin once and seeing if they have any issue with the drug at that dose.

If they are not feeling any issue, then they can be sure that they will have ability to use Ivermectin in a moment of crisis i.e. when they get covid19.


Ivermectin - Reducing dose


If such side-effects are experienced, the dosage should be halved, and usually the dizziness etc. will go away in most people. The patient can then be continued on that lower doze.

If side-effects continue, the dosage should be halved again, or should be stopped.

And an alternative treatment strategy - using Fluvoxamine, or perhaps easier for many patients the over-the-counter Bromhexine (or other such candidates) may be considered.

Generally 1 in 20 patients have been observed who may have some sort of reaction the first time they use Ivermectin.


Ivermectin - Parasites


Occasionally patients can experience a one-time soft stool or mild diarrhea the day after - this is often because of worms being ejected (traditional anti-parasitic action of the drug)

But in such cases, for example the first time they take their prophylaxis weekly dose of ivermectin, they may get mild diarrhea the next day. But this should not happen the next time, or in the weeks thereafter.

Patients with Lyme disease or Multiple Sclerosis (MS) may have a reaction to Ivermectin. This can be due to a herxheimer reaction (as parasites die off), or due to demyelinated nerves (in MS). For these patients, the use of Ivermectin may not be ideal, and the physician should consider using some of the other promising early treatment drugs like Bromhexine (which is also over-the-counter).


Ivermectin - Lyme disease and Multiple Sclerosis


Regarding Ivermectin for treating Lyme disease or Multiple Sclerosis (MS), Dr Steven Phillips author of the best-selling book "Chronic" (in a Dr Been interview) has mentioned that for Lyme or MS, the dosing of Ivermectin should be done very carefully - i.e. start off with very low doses, and then build up the dose over time. He also refers to emerging evidence that Ivermectin may help with nerve remyelination (so may be beneficial for MS in the long run). (TODO: add references to Dr Steven Phillips' interview by Dr Been).


Ivermectin - Genetic variation

Rarely, some people may have a genetic variation which weakens the blood-brain barrier. In these folks, Ivermectin may trigger the dizziness etc. side-effects mentioned above.

The 1 in 20 people mentioned above who have side-effects, may have these issues, or may be suffering from parasites.


One possible strategy

For those who are concerned, start with a minor dose instead, and see if patient starts to have dizziness or visual disturbances within half a day perhaps.

If so avoid it.

Or if taking full dose dose, if feel above symptoms, halve the dose or stop entirely.


Ivermectin - Kidney disease and Ivermectin


Dr Been addressed this in a Q&A session video recently - someone asked about any precautions for ivermectin and kidney disease.

He suggested there should be no special caution for kidney disease, although there might be some caution for liver disease, since ivermectin is metabolized in the liver.


Ivermectin - Kidney transplant patients with covid19


Here is a review of things to watch for a kidney transplant patient who has covid19:

State-of-the-Art Review

Immunosuppression in kidney transplant recipients with COVID-19 infection – where do we stand and where are we heading?

Ahmed Daoud, Ahmad Alqassieh, Duaa Alkhader, Maria Aurora Posadas Salas, Vinaya Rao, Tibor Fülöp & show all

24 Jan 2021



Despite not FDA approved, to date, there are more than 15 peer-reviewed published articles showing high efficacy of the anti-parasitic agent ivermectin in prophylaxis and treatment of all stages of COVID-19 infection [47].

In vitro, ivermectin administered to Vero-hSLAM cells 2 h after SARS-CoV-2 infection showed ∼5000-fold reduction of viral RNA after 48 h [48].

Its anti-viral effect is thought to be mediated through the inhibition of importin α/β-mediated nuclear transport of SARS-CoV-2 proteins [48].

Proposed dose is 0.2 mg/kg for 4–5 days.

Caution is advised when using ivermectin with CNIs, the former being a known cytochrome P450 inducer, potentially altering CNI drug levels.

NOTE: CNIs (Calcineurin inhibitors) are often used as immunosuppressive agents for kidney transplant patients, to reduce risk of rejection.


Ivermectin - Liver disease


Ivermectin has been given to liver transplant patients on occasion, with care.


Dr Pierre Kory addresses ivermectin and impact on liver here:

Vanakkam Tamil Nadu: Not Banning Ivermectin Could Have Saved More Lives: US FLCCC Dr. Pierre Kory

India Ahead News

Jun 11, 2021


at the 21:40 minute mark:

Dr Pierre Kory:

The idea that it (ivermectin) hurts the liver is a joke.

There are 3 cases reported in the literature of a hepatitis (ie in 40 years and 3.7 billion doses) with ivermectin.

Again today that report out of Argentina (La Pampa province) - they reported that in 3000 patients that they treated, not one serious side effect was reported - none. In 3000.

But we already know that from the billions of doses.

As so, a French toxicologist that just finished a review about a month ago.

And in his report, the famous toxicologist, 350 different articles and studies done on ivermectin and he wrote, in his executive summary, that severe adverse events of ivermectin are unequivocally and exceedingly rare - unequivocally and exceedingly rare.


Early Treatment guide for physicians - Steroids


Steroids - Usage


Prior to starting steroids, one should check for pre-existing conditions that sometimes are present in severe covid19 patients (diabetes predisposes to severe disease, so you may find many patients have uncontrolled blood sugar levels).


Steroids - Bacterial infection


If the patient has yellow/green phlegm then it is an indicator they may have a bacterial infection. NOTE: viral infections (like covid19) typical have clear (transparent) phlegm (the output from lungs).

In such a case, priority should given to reduce the bacterial infection before the start of steroids for covid19 (which are usually needed at day7-8 from first symptoms when hyperinflammatory stage starts appearing).

Antibiotic treatment (and if they are diabetic, their blood sugar level normalization) will help recover from bacterial infection within a few days.

Given the risk of bacterial infection, or the return of a bacterial infectionafter treatment with antibiotics, one may evaluate whether it is wise to start steroids at day7-8 or later.

If hyperinflammation sets in, treating it at day 10 will require a higher steroids dose.

So it could be argued that it is preferable to start on time i.e. at day7-8 but at low dose steroids, i.e. to arrest early, so that the possibility of needing high dose steroids later is avoided.

You cannot start steroids much earlier than day7-8 (unless obvious oximeter levels/pulse rate are suggesting hyperinflammation has started - in which case perhaps day1 was not judged correctly because of very mild early symptoms).

But if you start steroids much later, i.e. allow oximeter readings to fall too much, then more aggressive steroids therapy is required to stop daily decline.

So timing of steroids, and needing to ensure bacterial infection is eliminated - all these considerations have to be balanced.


Please send your criticism or insights into how to deal with bacterial infection at a time when you want to give steroids - by posting a comment to:


Steroids - unrelated dehydration


In hot/humid climates patients can sometimes lose a lot of water and have electrolyte imbalances. This can be corrected with ORS (oral rehydration salts) and increasing water intake. But may require rehydration with saline IV in severe dehydration cases.

Sometimes patients who have high pulse rate (which increases on standing up or going to the bathroom) may try to reduce the need for urination, and wind up reducing their water intake severely - leading to dehydration.

Some patients may not be taking enough water to compensate for fluid loss via sweating and urination.

Common symptoms of dehydration can be:

  • listlessness

  • high blood pressure

  • high pulse rate (100+)

If a patient seems to be dehydrated, saline IV - or lacking that ORS (oral rehydration salts) and water should be increased.

If patient has high pulse rate, and is stressed by getting out of bed, then a pot should be provided for urination while on bed.


Steroids - DKA (diabetic ketoacidosis)


Steroids usually raise the blood sugar level of patients. Some mild increase in sugar levels are ok, but in some patients this can lead to issues.

Paradoxically, in some patients, once they start steroids, their blood sugar levels can remain unchanged, or in some cases may even become better - it is possible such patients had ongoing inflammation issues pre-covid19, and the steroids fixed those issues (?)

During covid19, a lot of patients have not been visiting their doctors for their diabetes and other conditions.

As a result, many may have uncontrolled blood sugar levels in the 250-300 range, despite taking their old diabetes medicines.

Patients who are used to taking insulin using insulin pen, may be in better shape generally, since they have learned a procedure to check sugar on glucometer, and dose according to need. Their blood sugar may be the best managed among diabetes patients. These patients are generall also adept at adjusting their insulin pen doses to deal with rising blood sugar levels (due to starting steroids)(.


Diabetic ketoacidosis can happen in patients with blood sugar levels around 300 for extended periods of time. This can lead to electrolyte imbalances and insulin exhaustion (body unable to provide sufficient insulin).

This is a dangerous condition, and can be remedied in 2-3 days with electrolyte supplementation via saline IV, and administration of solubilized insulin via IV, while monitoring with glucometer every hour - in order to bring down blood sugar levels to 200-250 range or lower.

Common symptoms of DKA can be:

  • excessive thirst

  • frequent urination

  • low blood pressure (though in some cases high blood pressure has been observed)

  • high pulse rate (100+)


Blood tests can reveal:

  • lowered bicarbonate levels

  • somewhat higher potassium levels (as it leaches out of cells)

  • high ketone levels in urine


Steroids - high dose steroids in the ICU - pulse dosing for "organizing pneumonia" - part 1


Dr Been interviews Dr Pierre Kory on the need for steroids.

Capped-to-6mg Dexamethasone and Remdesiriv are still (as of Dec 31, 2021) the standard of care at many large Us hospitals.

If patients require more than 6mg Dexamethasone, they stagnate and wind up on ventilator.

Dr Pierre Kory outlines why high dose steroids are needed to turn some patients around, and pulse dosing for "organizing pneumonia".

Here Dr Pierre Kory highlights the need for early high dose steroids - "250mg methylprednisolone for 1st 3 days in ICU":

Dr. Pierre Kory Talks About Human Rights and The Big Science Disinformation

May 6, 2021

Dr Been Medical Lectures


Rough transcript:

(for each of the timestamps below, a direct link to the section in the video is provided below)


at the 4:30 minute mark:

Discusses steroids - how Dr Umberto Meduri suggested steroids do have benefit when regulators saying no.

And his US Senate testimony.

at the 5:30 minute mark:

6 weeks later were validated when Oxford RECOVERY UK trial results came out

at the 6:00 minute mark:

Mentions his paper on "organizing pneumonia"

(at 6:50 minute mark says - it took him 6 journals to get it published)

Pulse dosing - high dose steroids

And need to adjust to conditions, state of patient - not a rigid protocol of 6mg prednisolone for 10 days.

at the 7:00 minute mark:

6mg dexamethasone

1 year into pandemic - and gods of science still saying Remdesivir and 6mg dexamethasone

Higher dose and methylprednisolone lead to more benefit

250mg methylprednisolone for 1st 3 days in ICU

at the 8:00 minute mark:

We are undertreating patients on a global scale and it is really hard to watch

We are using anemic doses of a corticosteroid that doesnt work very well

But is hard to watch the level of doctoring occuring globally

We put this thing (MATH+) back in March - there is such a thing as expertise


Steroids - high dose steroids in the ICU - pulse dosing for "organizing pneumonia" - part 2


Dr John Campbell (YouTuber who appears on Deutsche Welle German TV) interviews Dr Pierre Kory for a more extensive discussion on the uphill task to convince the world to use steroids (in opposition to WHO/CDC/NIH comments against steroids).

See the interview and rough transcript of the steroids-related section below.


The role of RECOVERY UK trial on steroids - how it finally removed obstacles and opposition to steroids.

However, it also led to some unfortunate bad practices - large US hospitals taking the RECOVERY UK trial outcomes literally - as is the practice of placing RCTs on a pedestal without employing common sense and real world observation.

Large US hospitals instituted policies based on their reading of the RECOVERY UK trial:

  • capping the doses to 6mg Dexamethasone - but primarily not tailoring it to the patient

  • giving Dexamethasone even though Prednisolone is faster to lungs and better tolerated at high doses (Dr Paul Marik in Dr Been interview)

  • erroneous conclusion drawn from RECOVERY UK trial on steroids - that there is a signal of harm if steroids given before intubation (!) - a result probably due to lumping of very early and day8 patients in the study. As a result they lose the window of opportunity to give steroids-at-day8 - because they are waiting for oximter levels to decline below 95 or 90 or for intubation (day10-14 time period). And are allowing hyperinflammation to graduate to hypercoagulability.


This strategy means the subset of patients who need more steroids, will stagnate and go to ventilator.

And by denying early treatment, an opportunity is lost for timely intervention. Patient will go home and will usually come to hospital only when gasping for air.

Since patients are not sent home with steroids, they are unable to arrest hyperinflammation at home.

A vicious cycle is created which generates more serious cases, more ICUs, more ventilator beds.


Large US hospitals turned away early patients - asking them to wait for hypoxia and then come back.

These people should have been given a medicine packet in the parking lot (by another team dedicated to this task) - the medicine packet would have included Ivermectin, Famotidine, Zinc, Vitamins, NAC, Aspirin - and Prednisolone (with a strong caution to take it on day8 or after consultation over phone).

An opportunity was lost to arrest early disease.

Ostensibly the reason for this hospital behavior was to do triage in hostile working conditions.

But this lack of treatment itself created more severe patients.

The mild cases of this week became the severe cases of next week.

An opportunity to add extra staff (from the National Guard etc.) in hospital parking lots was lost.


Large US hospitals are still (as of Dec 31, 2021) using Remdesivir in post-day8 patients as standard of care.

The obfuscation of viral timeline and treatment in the public eye has created an opportunity for is the prescription of Remdesivir.

Even now (as of Dec 31, 2021) large US hospital protocols still have Remdesivir as standard of care for post-day8 treatment.

If viral timeline was clear to everyone - how would hospitals be able to justify giving Remdesivir at day8?



Dr Pierre Kory, Part 1, Steroids and anticoagulants

Dr. John Campbell

Apr 26, 2021


Rough transcript:

(for each of the timestamps below, a direct link to the section in the video is provided below)


at the 2:28 minute mark:

Dr John Campbell:

So I know you are the early proponents of thinking about treatments for covid19.

And you are one of the first people in the world to suggest using steroids.

Now what are steroids and why are they important in covid19.

at the 3:19 minute mark:

Dr Pierre Kory:

Live virus is not present generally after about 6-7 days - so these fears of using steroids ..

at the 4:10 minute mark:

So I testified back in May 2020, back when every national and international health agency had statements we recommend against ..

all were against steroids - all of them

And so when I testified that it was critical to use steroids, I was roundly attacked and criticized for irresponsible recommendations, even though they were based on my expertise.

And let me answer your question - so why did we know it worked?


at the 7:15 minute mark:

I told him (a doctor friend) - almost screamed at him on the phone - you have to start steroids.

A bit later he said he is a little bit of a hero in his hospital because of what he tried.


at the 8:15 minute mark:

I recognized that this disease is actually what's called "organizing pneumonia" ...

It used to be called BOOP (Bronchiolitis obliterans with organizing pneumonia) or COP (Cryptogenic organizing pneumonia)

It's a pretty rare disease and is not well recognized even by lung specialists.


Paper describing Organizing Pneumonia (September 2014): Organizing pneumonia: What is it? A conceptual approach and pictorial review September 2014


Paper by Dr Pierre Kory (December 2020): SARS-CoV-2 organising pneumonia: ‘Has there been a widespread failure to identify and treat this prevalent condition in COVID-19?’ Pierre Kory and Jeffrey P Kanne December 2020


at the 8:35 minute mark:

But I noticed that the covid19 patients reminded me so much of organizing pneumonia patients.

And when I talked to one of my colleagues, he's one of the top chest radiologists in the world, I called him up one day and I said Jeff, what would you say if I told you that everybody with covid19 has Organizing Pneumonia ?

And he said of course they do - we published that back in March 2020 - this was like in April 2020.

I said what do you mean.

And he came up - him and a lot of national experts, they reviews all of the CT scans from Wuhan, China - and in their position paper in the Journal of Radiology, the top journal of Radiology in the world, they wrote the predominant form of lung injury in the CAT scans is of Organizing Pneumonia.


at the 9:15 minute mark:

Just so you know John, THE gold standard therapy for Organizing Pneumonia - corticosteroids.


I tried to publish my paper, saying that why is there a widespread misdiagnosis of this disease and no one is considering that this is Organizing Pneumonia.

It got published by 6 rejections.

One of the rejections by a top pulmonary journal.

The reviewer told me, that to prove my hypothesis I would need to do a randomized control trial of corticosteroids.

So this was before the RECOVERY trial.

And so are the reasons we thought that corticosteroids would work - it is a pandemic of Organizing Pneumonia.


at the 10:10 minute mark:

Dr John Campbell:

And this is to do with the idea that covid19 is a phased disease, and again you were one of the first people to identify that.

What is a phased disease and why is it important to know about.


Dr Pierre Kory:

Dr Paul Marik really tried to codify the best way early on, but I will tell you ..

People knew on the ground that it starts to hit around day 5-7.

So one of my former mentors, he got covid19 very early on, before N95s were used widely in hospitals.

And we were really worried about him - and we were watching the data - everyone was really scared, it was like the clock, every day am I going to have trouble breathing.

And he started to develop a little problem breathing, but luckily he didn't advance to the severe phase.

And so we knew that if someone went into the pulmonary phase a little bit later on, and if arrested you went into like late phase pulmonary - which is basically kind of an ARDS pattern - really damaged lung.


at the 11:33 minute mark:

Dr John Campbell:

What about anti-coagulants - you were very early proponents of anti-coagulants.


Dr Pierre Kory:

I want to mention one other really important .. about corticosteroids.

So the RECOVERY trial from Oxford - when they came up with showing they tried to save the world that steroids are saving ..

I got texts from all over the world .. we should have listened to Pierre ..

But here's the deal, John I got to tell you, the dose they used in the RECOVERY trial is an absolute farce.

6mg of dexamethasone is about 32mg of methylprednisolone (40mg prednisolone/Deltacortril).

I will give 82 year old COPD patients 40mg prednisolone.

And so to give patients in severe lung disease on ventilators 6mg dexamethasone is a joke.


(NOTE: basically these studies were killing people by being miserly with steroids doses - and these studies have inspired many doctors and hospitals to also use low doses - just as these studies have lamentably according to Dr Paul Marik unnecessarily pushed dexamethasone as the steroid of choice, when prednisolone is better tolerated at high doses and is faster to lungs - according to early Dr Paul Marik interview with Dr Been)


at the 12:25 minute mark:

But fulminant cases need pulse dose steroids - look at our protocol - we have been calling for high doses and pulse doses from the beginning.

Yet the entire world is being treated with Remdesivir and 6mg dexamethasone.

It gives me chest pains - and the entire world has this idiotic protocol which is ineffective in most patients.

I call 6mg dexamethasone - "it helps the few, and fails the many".

at the 13:00 minute mark:

The second thing about corticosteroids and Organizing Pneumonia - is that you do not prescribe steroids for a defined time.

There is not 5 days or 10 days - we are not built with calendars.

You know we follow disease - secondly, you need to do prolonged durations - number three Organizing Pneumonia it relapses.


at the 13:20 minute mark:

And you know .. I admitted patients back in September 2020 who were discharged, off oxygen, and they came back 5-6 days later - the lungs were whited out again (ground glass opacities and infiltrates).

And some of them died.

And it was because of widespread failure to realize you need to treat for long durations with slow tapers.


(NOTE: this is a common mistake by many doctors working from habit - many do a 1 week course of steroids for mild cases, and do a cold stop - instead of tapering off over another week - given that there is a risk of viral debris not having being fully cleared, there exists a risk of renewed irritation and immune excitement again if steroids are stopped too early)



at the 13:40 minute mark:

And so I have been trying to communicate that.

And lastly, so many of my trainees are finding my paper, they are recognizing a lot of Organizing Pneumonia in the patients that are discharged - the pulmonologists are able to say hey (Pierre) this is Organizing Pneumonia.


at the 14:00 minute mark:

But you asked about anti-coagulation.

You know the first 4 patients we had - we had been doing something called a TEG - you know what a TEG is - it's one of the newer and fancier coagulation assays you can do. In the past it was PP, APTT ..

And now we have in hospitals something called a TEG - and you can get it very quickly.

And it gives you this wealth of information.

And it tells you where in the coagulation cascade you have a deficit - is it platelets, is it clotting factors, and you can also diagnose hypercoagulation states.

We were doing .. because we had heard there was a lot of clotting coming out of China and New York.

So we started doing these TEGs - and they were all what's called hypercoagulable - with zero what's called fibrin lysis.

Fibrin lysis is normally active in the body - (it was) zero.

Once the clots were forming they were not breaking down.

So we knew we had to use anti-coagulation.

So we saw these clots - and we knew these terribly hypercoagulable ..

And we were working with actually the top haematologists, very well published.

And he said this is extremely high risk for clotting.

So we put together a protocol and the anti-coagulation committee did - but we had a chair of medicine who decided to overrule the anti-coagulation.

It was crazy stuff going on in hospitals.

There is like "leaders" telling us what to do what they never did before - covid19's made everyone crazy.

So this chair of medicine said no, I do not want to hear an anti-coagulation protocol, I disagree, you need to wait for the trials.


So it is really hard to watch what is going on ..

There is massive widespread "oh we must wait for trials".

People forget how to doctor.

Would you just doctor.

You don't need a trial to tell you wipe your nose after you sneeze.




Source (split into two comments because was 10,000 characters):


Steroids - the good and bad impact of RECOVERY UK trial on steroids


Physicians around the world had seen inflammation in their patients. And had used steroids.

Some in the developing world had used steroids very early as well.

Usually by day5 things still work out well.

But much earlier can lead to complications - as you don't want to give steroids too early in the live viral stage.


The FLCCC (authors of MATH+ protocol) had from mid-2020 been clear about the use of steroids at day8.

This is in my (u/stereomatch) opinion their most significant impact on worldwide treatment of covid19.

They clarified the viral timeline in their MATH+ extended PDF - and backed it up by experimental reports (preliminary) that the live virus was near zero by day5 for many patients, and was near zero by day8 for nearly all patients.

This was the foundation of their rationale for prescribing steroids-at-day8 - no earlier (would impair immune response against live virus), and not much later (would allow hyperinflammation to take hold).

They also clarified it was the viral debris (or the processes set in motion) which led to the post-day8 hyperinflammation (which killed the patient).


Yet this crucial information was absent from public visibility.


Because it was being actively censored - see section a few paragraphs below.


The WHO/CDC/NIH went against steroids - and for a period of months steroids were dissuaged from being used worldwide.

Dr Pierre Kory appeared before the US Senate (having been invited by Senator Ron Johnson).

This appearance was widely seen, and at the same time censored by YouTube. Fox News removed it from their channel.

However this appearance created pressure for steroids to be reexamined.


Months later, the results of RECOVERY UK trial on steroids appeared.

It brought with it the good - the cloud that had been created over steroids, had now been lifted.

However, the RECOVERY UK trial results were also misinterpreted (literal reading of RCTs) - leading to some bad practices.


RECOVERY UK - 6mg Dexamethasone as canonical dose

The RECOVERY UK trial on steroids also led to some unfortunate bad practices - large US hospitals taking the outcomes literally - and capping the doses to 6mg Dexamethasone.

This strategy means the subset of patients who need more tend to stagnate for a few days and then wind up on ventilator.


RECOVERY UK - Dexamethasone use vs Prednisolone

The other unfortunate outcome from RECOVERY UK trial on steroids - is that large US hospitals have remained stuck to Dexamethasone, even though Prednisolone/Methyprednisolone are faster to lungs, and better tolerated at large doses (as Dr Paul Marik of FLCCC often takes pains to point out).

As of Dec 31, 2021, large US hospitals are still capping steroids dose to 6mg Dexamethasone and giving Remdesivir.


RECOVERY UK - erroneous finding that steroids harmful prior to intubation

Another unfortunate reading has been taken from RECOVERY UK trial on steroids. That there is a slight signal that steroids prior to intubation are harmful.

This is the worst misread - as RECOVERY UK probably lumping very early steroids with day7-10 (prior to intubation).

This simple misreading has resulted in US hospitals still (as of Dec 31, 2021) refusing to give steroids when dailiy oximeter declines are happening (post-day7-8).

The patient is on their way down to oximeter 95 and lower, but they will not move - because they are reading RECOVERY UK trial results to mean that steroids should only be given once intubated (i.e. patient is well below oximeter 90 and when hyperinflammation has transitioned to hypercoagulability).

This is the state of affairs.

This is because the majority of folks were until a few months ago (from Dec 31, 2021 - the time of this writing) still clueless about viral timeline.


A concerted effort to obfuscate viral timeline awareness in public?

This viral timeline was elucidated mid-2020 by FLCCC MATH+ and by Dr Paul Marik in his interviews - that the live virus is near zero by day5 or so for some, and by day8 is near zero for nearly all.

This crucial data was behind the FLCCC insistence that steroids can be used post-day8.

Yet, there is still widespread unawareness of this crucial information. Why?

Because there has been systematic censorship of the FLCCC and MATH+ protocol.


Censorship of FLCCC MATH+ - viral timeline - and steroids strategies

On the r/covid19 and r/coronavirus sub-reddits on Reddit, the mere mention of FLCCC or MATH+ protocol could get you a perma-ban. The FLCCC links to MATH+ were blacklisted on these subreddits.

Once a junior moderator re-allowed posting of MATH+ link on my insistence.

He came back apologetic a bit later - saying the full moderator panel of r/covid19 had voted and insisted that the ban on FLCCC links should remain.

This is thanks to the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) (see elsewhere her for more information).


Steroids - Dr Pierre Kory (FLCCC) explains why anemic doses of steroids as standard of care are damaging


Part 1:

Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients are Systematically Dying from Under-Treatment with Corticosteroids - PART I

US hospitals and their doctors almost never deviate far from the standard, anemic NIH recommended dose of 6mg of dexamethasone daily. Numerous studies support far higher doses far earlier in disease.

Pierre Kory

Dec 30, 2021


Part 2:

Hospitalized COVID-19 Patients are Systematically Dying from Under-Treatment with Corticosteroids - PART 2

US hospitals and their doctors almost never deviate far from the standard, anemic NIH recommended dose of 6mg of dexamethasone daily. Numerous studies support far higher doses far earlier in disease.

Pierre Kory

Dec 31, 2021



Steroids - Dr Pierre Kory (FLCCC) historic May 6, 2020 testimony in front of US Senate


In my (u/stereomatch) view, the greatest contribution of the FLCCC has been in the outlining of the viral timeline, and the implication for steroids use - and the legitimacy of steroids at day8 and beyond.

The work of the FLCCC that was publicized vis Dr Pierre Kory's US Senate testimony (before it was removed from YouTube) and then explained by Dr Paul Marik in his Dr Been interviews - was crucial for the wider dissemination of this understanding. And has saved many patients. Who would otherwise have been mismanaged, steroids stopped too soon, or steroids given too early. Or steroids given in "homeopathic" doses (anemic) as phrased by members of the FLCCC - including Dr Paul Marik in his Dr Been interviews.

Dr Pierre Kory (FLCCC) historic May 6, 2020 testimony in front of US Senate - at a time when steroids were being actively discouraged by WHO/NIH/CDC Roundtable - COVID-19: How New Information Should Drive Policy Full Committee Hearing May 06, 2020 02:00 PM

Text of testimony: Pierre Kory, MD, MPA Medical Director, Trauma and Life Support Center Critical Care Service Chief Associate Professor of Medicine University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health


Dr Pierre Kory appeared a second time in front of the US Senate for his testimony on Ivermectin for prophylaxis and early treatment.

Dr Pierre Kory first appeared in front of the US Senate for his testimony in favor of steroids use.

At that time doctors around the world - esp. in the developing world - were widely aware of the hyperinflammatory nature of the later stages of covid19, and were treating with steroids and other drugs. And seeing success.

All that came to an end when the WHO/NIH/CDC put a stop to that with their caution against use of steroids.

This put the brakes on legitimacy of steroids for covid19 - and probably resulted in under treatment and death.

Dr Pierre Kory's testimony in front of the US Senate was aimed to reignite interest in steroids (that had been waning following the WHO/NIH/CDC actions).

The brakes on steroids were lifted when the RECOVERY UK trial results were released - which showed benefit from steroids.


At that time, doctors around the world already had recognized they hyperinflammatory nature of the disease - and were using steroids and other drugs and seeing benefit. Many though (esp. those not aware of the FLCCC MATH+ protocol) were not aware of the viral timeline in such detail as the MATH+ protocol elucidated. As a result some doctors in developing countries were giving steroids very early - giving steroids at day1-3 is usually not advisable and has risk of suppressing immune response at a time when the live virus is still present in large numbers.

What is surprising is how only the folks familiar with MATH+ protocol were generally aware of the day8 timeline, and the need for steroids not earlier and not much later.

Until late 2021, understanding of viral timeline was absent from the public discourse, and among most US doctors.

Only by late 2021 did one start to see acknowledgement of viral timeline - that the live virus was mostly zero by day 5 in some, and mostly zero by day8 in nearly all patients.

This was acknowledged by Dr Fauci in a web conference.

Why this crucial bit of information - which was listed on the MATH+ protocol by mid-2020 was not widely disseminate and publicize is a mystery.

It could be conjectured that if this viral timeline was more widely acknowledged, the motivation for prescribing Remdesivir well past day8 would be absent.

And most US hospitals would not have been able to justify use of Remdesivir.

Thus obfuscation or confusion of the information around viral timeline may have played a role in allowing the continued practice of Remdesivir use in the US and other countries - well after the WHO stated that it was not effective when given late.


Steroids - undesirable impact of RECOVERY UK trial (RCT)


The brakes on steroids were lifted when the RECOVERY UK trial results were released - which showed benefit from steroids.

However RECOVERY UK trial brought with it's own impact. Just because Dexamethasone 6mg was used in the trial, thus 6mg Dexamethasone became the fixed steroid dose in many hospital protocols. Often hospitals would not go above this dose - regardless of the hyperinflammatory state of the patient.

Secondly, Dexamethasone became standard of care at large US hospitals - even though Prednisolone is faster to lungs, and better tolerated at high doses (i.e. if high doses are needed).

The FLCCC MATH+ protocol recommends Methylprednisolone at higher doses. And Dr Paul Marik has lamented the unfortunate choice of Dexamethasone by US hospitals, and the capping of steroids doses to 6mg Dexamethasone - which is an anemic dose for patients that need more aggressive treatment. In the words of the FLCCC's Dr Paul Marik hospitals are using "homeopathic" doses of steroids for patients whose hyperinflammatory state demands more aggressive treatment.

Capping of doses by hospital protocols therefore leads to a subset of patients who slip through and wind up on ventilator.


In addition RECOVERY UK trial made special note of a small signal for harm when steroids taken before intubation.

I (u/stereomatch) suspect this is an erroneous reading - an outcome of bad lumping of very early steroids use in the RECOVERY UK trial.

Real world observation makes it clear that hyperinflammation is apparent on day7-8, and failure to arrest leads to oximeter readings falling to low 90s and thus the need for oxygen. Failure to arrest at this point leads to further declines and eventually ventilator.


Unfortunately many hospitals and commentators have amplified this supposed signal in the RECOVERY UK trial - and hospitals have taken this interpretation to heart.

Resulting in failure to arrest hyperinflammation. Hospitals are starting steroids only when intubated, or when the situation is so dire that oxygen is required (usually when max achievable oximeter readings fall below 90 or so).

This treatment algorithm essentially winds up creating severe cases out of mild ones - since the patient's hyperinflammatory state is not arrested earlier, before it has a chance to get out of hand and cause hypoxia etc.


Obfuscation of viral timeline - continued opportunity for Remdesivir


While many doctors were using steroids prior to the WHO/NIH/CDC caution against steroids, many were not aware of the finely tuned explanation of viral timeline that the FLCCC MATH+ protocol had provided.

Which clearly explained the rationale for use of steroids, and the timing of steroids.

In many parts of the developing world, doctors were seeing benefit from steroids, but in their enthusiasm to extend that to newer patients, were sometimes starting steroids earlier (ilke day5 from first symptoms - which can still be ok) - but some were starting them on day1-3 (reason was lack of awareness of viral timeline, and secondly the very real risk that patient may not return later on time and thus lose precious time for steroids administration, so start them on steroids while patient is present in the clinic.

Starting on steroids while patient from a village is available to the doctor - is a strategy which usually works out ok because most patients take some time before appearing at a doctor's clinic.

But some patients can appear in front of doctor at day1 or day2 if they are very observant and aware of the need to get medical attention early.

The problem for these patients then becomes that the doctor may prescribe his blanket protocol without interrogating on timeline (i.e. doctor may not spend time to establish which day the patient is from first symptoms).

For these patients, steroids may be administered earlier than is ideal.


I (u/stereomatch) am aware of cases where a doctor has initiated steroids earlier than day7-8 - for example at day5 - and usually there has been no issue.

However, I am also aware of cases where a doctor has initiated steroids earlier i.e. day1-3 - and things have not turned out that well. That is patient had hypoxia and needed additional steroids at day8.

These cases happened because the doctor was not familiar with viral timeline, and did not interrogate the patient to establish day1 of first symptoms.

Some doctors have a habit of not querying - but applying the same protocol that (usually) works for all others.

This stems from the traditional way to practice medicine - medicate for a disease as if it is one phase (covid19 is biphasic).

This strategy of uniform protocol for all can fail when a patient arrives very early i.e. right after first symptoms i.e. day1-3.


There have been studies earlier which suggested that steroids initiation even very early does not affect outcomes that negatively.

But still from an abundance of caution steroids should probably be delayed until day7-8.

They could be initiated immediately if there is day8-like behavior apparent from the symptoms - daily declining oximeter readings, elevated pulse rate or anomalous fever returning. Or if there is evidence of accelerated decline - in such a case one can assume that day8-like situation is happening and to initiate steroids.


Famotidine - covid19, long haulers and post-vax standard of care


Famotidine (H2 blocker anti-histamine):

  • can be helpful during covid19 treatment (reduces symptoms within 1 day - 2 days for newer variants)

  • and can be useful for a subset of long haulers

  • and is very effective for post-vaccine side-effects - possibly due to it's action against Mast Cell Activation Syndrome (MCAS) - and should be the standard of care for post-vax side effects (instead of Paracetamol/Tylenol which is less effective - and potentially a depleter of Glutathione - the body's natural antioxidant)


The FLCCC MATH+ protocol includes Famotidine (optional) as well:


FLCCC MATH+ extended protocol:


Famotidine - proposed mechanisms of action

Dr Robert Malone paper on Famotidine: COVID-19: Famotidine, Histamine, Mast Cells, and Mechanisms 23 March 2021


Added April 26, 2022: thanks to u/bvw

Histamine Potentiates SARS-CoV-2 Spike Protein Entry Into Endothelial Cells

25 April 2022

Although famotidine, the commonly used histamine H2 receptor (H2R) blocker, was shown to have no antiviral activity, recent reports indicate that it could prevent adverse outcomes in COVID-19 patients. Histamine is a classic proinflammatory mediator, the levels of which increase along with other cytokines during COVID-19 infection. Histamine activates H2R signaling, while famotidine specifically blocks H2R activation.

Investigating the effects of recombinant SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1 Receptor-Binding Domain (Spike) on ACE2 expression in cultured human coronary artery endothelial cells, we found that the presence of histamine potentiated spike-mediated ACE2 internalization into endothelial cells.

This effect was blocked by famotidine, protein kinase A inhibition, or by H2 receptor protein knockdown. Together, these results indicate that histamine and histamine receptor signaling is likely essential for spike protein to induce ACE2 internalization in endothelial cells and cause endothelial dysfunction and that this effect can be blocked by the H2R blocker, famotidine.


NOTE: there has been some criticism that the levels used in this study may not achievable with Famotidine 20mg+20mg per day for 5 days - as is often used for day1-7 covid19 early treatment:


They used a 10 uM dose of famotidine, and a 1 uM dose of histamine. The dose of famotidine alone is an order of magnitude higher than you get from a high clinical dose.


80 mg three times per day (an enormous dose) gives max 1.69 uM.

Disagree the impact is very obvious.


My (u/stereomatch) counter to that is that Famotidine:

  • has very obvious benefit in reducing symptoms to tolerable levels during day1-7

  • is effective for a subset of long haulers

  • is very effective for post-vax side effects across the spectrum of inactivated/adenovirus/mRNA vaccines (from observation) - and should be in my view the standard of care (instead of the currently recommended Paracetamol/Tylenol)


Famotidine and kidney disease

Famotidine is advised at lower dose for those with kidney disease in the FLCCC MATH+ extended protocol:

pg 14:

Optional: Famotidine 40 mg BID (reduce dose in patients with renal dysfunction) [109-115].


Vitamin D3 - anti-inflammatory/immuno-modulator

Vitamin D is thought to behave like a vitamin, and also has steroid hormone-like capabilities. Steroid Hormone Vitamin D Implications for Cardiovascular Disease 25 May 2018 Vitamin D, steroid hormones, and autoimmunity May 2014 Vitamin D Is the New Hormone July 20, 2019

Here is a video featuring Dr Roger Seheult (MedCram on YouTube): Is Vitamin D Actually a Steroid? - Roger Seheult Mar 24, 2021


And has impact on immune health, and acts as an immuno-modulator.

It is now believed that low vitamin D levels are a risk factor when it comes to severe covid19.

Most severe patients have low levels of Vitamin D in their blood. There is a question whether this happens because vitamin D levels fall because of the hyperinflammation that has already started in such patients. Or whether they had pre-existing levels of vitamin D which placed them at risk of severe covid19.

Obese patients, and those not getting sufficient sunlight (to make Vitamin D) has long been associated with more severe outcomes for flu - and also for covid19.

The use of the more direct form (calcifediol) of Vitamin D supplementation for severe covid19 patients has been shown to improve outcomes. Since Vitamin D3 takes longer to show effects on Vitamin D blood levels, the use of the direct form was chosen for this study: Calcifediol Treatment and COVID-19-Related Outcomes Sept 27, 2021

Results: ICU assistance was required by 102 (12.2%) participants. Out of 447 patients treated with calcifediol at admission, 20 (4.5%) required the ICU, compared to 82 (21%) out of 391 nontreated (P < .001). Calcifediol Treatment and Hospital Mortality Due to COVID-19: A Cohort Study May 21, 2021

Results: A total of 537 patients were hospitalized with COVID-19 (317 males (59%), median age, 70 years), and 79 (14.7%) received calcifediol treatment. Overall, in-hospital mortality during the first 30 days was 17.5%. The OR of death for patients receiving calcifediol (mortality rate of 5%) was 0.22 (95% CI, 0.08 to 0.61) compared to patients not receiving such treatment (mortality rate of 20%; p < 0.01). Real world evidence of calcifediol or vitamin D prescription and mortality rate of COVID-19 in a retrospective cohort of hospitalized Andalusian patients 03 December 2021


Vitamin D3 - dosing


In preparing for covid19 infection in the future, one needs to start Vitamin D3 supplementation ahead of time.

This is because after starting Vitamin D3 supplementation, it can take many weeks before Vitamin D levels start to become high.

Maintain a Vitamin D level above 30ng/mL (Vitamin D levels closer to 40ng/mL may be desirable for protective effect against covid19) - such a level is achievable if Vitamin D3 5000 IU is taken daily for an adult - test after 2-3 months if a level above 30ng/mL is achieved - reduce dosage slightly if needed.


See this Dr John Campbell video on dosing:

Vitamin D levels advised

Nov 18, 2021

Dr. John Campbell


Without calcium supplementation, even very high vitamin D3 supplementation does not cause vascular calcification

Vitamin D3 supplementation in the range of 4000 to 10,000 units (100 to 250 µg) needed to generate an optimal 40–60 ng/mL (100 to 150 nmol/L)

has been shown to be completely safe when combined with approximately 200 µg vitamin K2


Vitamin D3 - Magnesium helps bioavailability of Vitamin D3


For those who are unable to raise levels of the bioavailable form of Vitamin D in their blood (even though they may be taking Vitamin D3 5000 IU per day supplementation), consider adding Magnesium supplements (a multi-vitamin that includes Magnesium), or improving your diet to include natural source of Magnesium (nuts, whole grains, green leafy vegetables).

Magnesium is known to be useful for the metabolism of Vitamin D3: Vitamin D and Magnesium - Benefits, Dosages, and Why They Should Go Together Nov 5, 2021

Recent studies have shown that if a person is deficient in magnesium, no amount of Vitamin D3 supplementation will allow a patient to realize the health benefits of adequate Vitamin D. Magnesium is a critical factor in making Vitamin D bioavailable. Without magnesium present, Vitamin D is stored in the body and not used.

The body depends on magnesium to convert Vitamin D into its active form within the body. Magnesium also helps Vitamin D bind to its target proteins, as well as helping the liver and the kidneys to metabolize Vitamin D.

This research shows that supplementing with Vitamin D is pointless if a patient is deficient in magnesium - in fact, as the next section will explain, it may actually have harmful side effects to overload your system with Vitamin D without banking the magnesium needed to use it.

Remember, magnesium deficiency prevents the body from using the Vitamin D you are supplementing it with. Additionally, the Journal of the American Osteopathic Association points out that people with low magnesium levels who supplement with Vitamin D show markedly higher levels of calcium and phosphorus. This is probably due to the role that activated Vitamin D plays in the absorption of calcium into the bones and other tissues.

Excess calcium in the bloodstream can lead to calcification of the inside of the arteries, resulting in poor cardiovascular health. Unabsorbed calcium can also cause nausea, frequent urination, fatigue, and kidney problems like kidney stones.

Before starting a Vitamin D and magnesium supplementation regimen, it is worth discovering whether or not your magnesium levels are deficient first. People considering starting a Vitamin D3 regimen without the advice of a doctor should consider supplementing with magnesium as well to prevent the adverse effects of unabsorbed calcium.


Paper mentioned above:

or Role of Magnesium in Vitamin D Activation and Function March 1, 2018

All of the enzymes that metabolize vitamin D seem to require magnesium, which acts as a cofactor in the enzymatic reactions in the liver and kidneys. Deficiency in either of these nutrients is reported to be associated with various disorders, such as skeletal deformities, cardiovascular diseases, and metabolic syndrome. It is therefore essential to ensure that the recommended amount of magnesium is consumed to obtain the optimal benefits of vitamin D.

Vitamin D needs to be converted from its storage or inactive form (25[OH]D) to an active form (1,25[OH]2D) before exerting its biological functions. These various stages of vitamin D conversions are actively dependent on the bioavailability of magnesium


Vitamin D3 - Magnesium dosing


Moderate amoungs of Magnesium supplementation (taking a multi-vitamin that includes Magnesium for example) may be useful for those taking Vitamin D3 supplementation: Vitamin D and Magnesium - Benefits, Dosages, and Why They Should Go Together Nov 5, 2021

As far as magnesium goes, doctors recommend the following doses of magnesium, with variations between the sexes at older ages:

1–3 years: 65 mg

4–8 years: 110 mg

9 years and older: 350 mg


Lack of magnesium may lead to excess unabsorbed calcium:

Humans absorb and replenish their body’s supply of magnesium by eating foods rich in magnesium, like almonds, cashew nuts, and spinach.

Excess calcium in the bloodstream can lead to calcification of the inside of the arteries, resulting in poor cardiovascular health. Unabsorbed calcium can also cause nausea, frequent urination, fatigue, and kidney problems like kidney stones.


As with any supplementation, watch out for excess dosing - here is some information on magnesium overdosing (from article above):

Over-supplementation with magnesium can lead to hypermagnesemia. Early symptoms of hypermagnesemia include nausea, vomiting, hypotension (excessively low blood pressure), flushing, urine retention, ileus, depression, and lethargy.

Symptoms of advanced hypermagnesemia include breathing trouble, extreme hypotension, muscle weakness, irregular heartbeat, and cardiac arrest. Fatal hypermagnesemia has been observed in very young or very old subjects.


Also see this list of recommended doses for Magnesium, and the foods that contain it (nuts, whole grains, green leafy vegetables): Magnesium

Recommended Intakes

19-30 year olds

400mg for males

310mg for females


Dr. Jin W. Sung videos on Magnesium dosing for Vitamin D3: MAGNESIUM the Forgotten Mineral Sep 30, 2021 Dr. Jin W. Sung Vitamin D and Magnesium Dec 21, 2021 Dr. Jin W. Sung


Vitamin D3 - Safety


Vitamin D3 maximum recommended doses are usually around 4000 IU per day.

However, if you are deficient, it can take 2-3 months to get Vitamin D levels above 30ng/mL with Vitamin D3 5000 IU per day. Evaluation of vitamin D3 intakes up to 15,000 international units/day and serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations up to 300 nmol/L on calcium metabolism in a community setting April 13, 2017

Check out this Dr John Campbell interview of Dr Michael Cohen (Israel):

Vitamin D in Israel

Dec 11, 2021

Dr. John Campbell

at the 10:15 minute mark:

Dr Michael Cohen:

But as a first line of defence we should be dealing with people's immune systems.

We know 25mg of Zinc (can take up to 40mg per day - going above that can reduce the absorption of Copper so not good taking for too long at that dose).

Vitamin D3 - 4000 IU - overweight may need 8000 or 10,000 IU per day.

Other thing I tell them to take is Vitamin K2 - 200mcg (0.2mg) per day every day.

Vitamin D3 does cause the release of Calcium from the bones into the blood and you do want to try to avoid the deposition of that into the wrong places.

And obviously the other things getting enough sleep etc.

at the 11:50 minute mark:

My concern is that all the focus has gone into putting the burden on the hospitals and even outpatient care.

And we need to be doing everything to prevent becoming a severe illness.


at the 12:05 minute mark:

Dr John Campbell:

And a lot of the focus has been on these very clever high tech - like these vaccines.

And expensive.

These vaccines are completely brilliant.

But why have expensive clever things - if can use simple things as well as.

Dr Michael Cohen:

Half the world is not vaccinated - what are we doing for them?

Why wait?


at the 12:50 minute mark:

Dr John Campbell:

If levels are low in Israel - which is sunny and hot - imagine what the levels must be elsewhere.


at the 13:15 minute mark:

Dr Michael Cohen:

Someone's supposed to have above 32ng/mL - but it seems from what seen you would want to have above 50.

Even to get to 32 it may help.

But is a cheap vitamin - pretty much no side effects - and it can do a lot.


at the 14:10 minute mark:

Dr John Campbell:

It is interesting how a modest dose of vitamin d3 is enough to reverse Rickets (vitamin d deficiency).

And then a little more does some more.

And at each level are interacting with more genes.

Dr Michael Cohen:

As every cell has a vitamin d receptor.

And a lot of it is immuno-modulatory.


at the 14:40 minute mark:

Dr Michael Cohen:

If combine with zinc - which has significant effect on viral infections - there is little to say don't take this concoction.


at the 17:10 minute mark:

Dr Michael Cohen:

Important to keep at good levels.

Have seen many people get covid19 twice.

It's important to be taking it throughout.

It takes time for Vitamin D3 to kick in - so better to be taking ahead of time.


at the 18:45 minute mark:

Dr Michael Cohen:

It is switching genes off and switching genes off.

For immunomodulatory it takes time.

For some of the effects need to see turnover in the cells i.e. new ones - so can take some time.

Dr John Campbell:

It's like with Iron - if give Iron - it is the new generation of cells which get benefit from that - in slides see half RBCs round and half small i.e. newer ones gotten doses of Iron.


at the 20:11 minute mark:

Dr John Campbell:

Why do obese people need more Vitamin D3?

Dr Michael Cohen:

It seems they store vitamin d in the fat cells but not use it.

They don't reach the same level in plasma.

Some patients at 12,000 IU per day - and that's what get to 40-50ng/mL range bracket.


Vitamin D3 - taking Vitamin K2 and avoiding Calcium supplementation when doing high dose Vitamin D3 supplementation


Taking high dose Vitamin D3 can expose to risk of hypercalcemia, and deposition of Calcium in blood vessels and in calcification of heart valves (also happens with age).

When doing higher dose Vitamin D3 supplementation, a dose of Vitamin K2 will help reduce risk of hypercalcemia.

Avoid excessive Calcium supplementation while on high dose Vitamin D3 - to reduce risk of hypercalcemia.


Check out this Dr John Campbell interview of Dr Michael Cohen (Israel):

Vitamin D in Israel

Dec 11, 2021

Dr. John Campbell

at the 20:54 minute mark:

Dr John Campbell:

I am very interested that you are advising Vitamin K2 as well - which makes perfect sense. My understanding is the K2 would really only be necessary if you are taking quite high Vitamin D3 - because you'd need quite high doses of Vitamin D3 to release enough Calcium into the blood to even be a risk of hypercalcemia

Dr Michael Cohen:

I think your thinking is correct. But from what I can tell from what I have read, you need at least 100mcg (micrograms) a day of Vitamin K2 if you are taking 4000 IU of Vitamin D3.

And seeing as many people don't get levels of 50ng/mL even with 4000 IU Vitamin D3 - they often need 6000, 7000, or 8000 IU a day - I tell people to take 200mcg (i.e. 0.2mg) once they are above 4000 IU Vitamin D3.

But 100mcg is supposed to be enough if you are taking 4000 IU Vitamin D3.

If you are only taking 1000 or 2000 IU Vitamin D3, you probably don't need Vitamin K2.


Vitamin K and blood clotting

Vitamin K (K1 and K2) dosing may interfere with or enhance clotting.

For this reason, if you are taking Vitamin D3 over the long term, you could add Vitamin K2 supplementation for that (to avoid hypercalcemia from taking high dose Vitamin D3).

But during covid19, especially during the post-day8 hyperinflammatory stage, it may be advisable to taper down or reduce use of the Vitamin K2 supplementation.

During covid19, there can be hyperinflammation visible at day7-8 onwards. Which can lead eventually to hypercoagulability (if the hyperinflammation is not arrested with sufficient steroids etc.). Vitamin K1 vs K2: What’s the Difference?

Vitamin K1, also called phylloquinone, is mostly found in plant foods like leafy green vegetables. It makes up about 75–90% of all vitamin K consumed by humans (2Trusted Source).

Vitamin K2 is found in fermented foods and animal products, and is also produced by gut bacteria. It has several subtypes called menaquinones (MKs) that are named by the length of their side chain. They range from MK-4 to MK-13.

Vitamin K activates a protein that helps prevent calcium from depositing in your arteries. These calcium deposits contribute to the development of plaque, so it’s not surprising that they are a strong predictor of heart disease (16Trusted Source, 17Trusted Source).


Vitamin K1 and K2 helpful for reducing hypercalcemia and deposition of calcium in blood vessels and calcification of heart valves:

Several observational studies have suggested that vitamin K2 is better than K1 at reducing these calcium deposits and lowering your risk of heart disease (18Trusted Source, 19Trusted Source, 20Trusted Source).

However, higher quality controlled studies have shown that both vitamin K1 and vitamin K2 (specifically MK-7) supplements improve various measures of heart health


See also Dr John Campbell discussing Vitamin K2 for those on Vitamin D3:

Vitamins D and K2

Mar 4, 2021

Dr. John Campbell


For 2000 IU to 4000 IU per day - usually not need to take Vitamin K2.

(NOTE: Vitamin K2 helps reduce risk of calcification in blood vessels and heart valves.)

(NOTE: Vitamin K1 does not - also Vitamin K1 may be contraindicated since it encourages clotting - which want to avoid during covid19)

Official guidelines in UK from NICE - are potentially not helpful.

at the 10:35 minute mark:

starts talking about Vitamin K2

Vitamin D levels advised

Nov 18, 2021

Dr. John Campbell


Talking about Vitamin D levels in blood:

Preferable, 40–60 ng/mL (100 to 150 nmol/L)

Without calcium supplementation, even very high vitamin D3 supplementation does not cause vascular calcification

Vitamin D3 supplementation in the range of 4000 to 10,000 units (100 to 250 µg) needed to generate an optimal 40–60 ng/mL (100 to 150 nmol/L)

has been shown to be completely safe when combined with approximately 200 µg vitamin K2

However, this knowledge is still not widespread in the medical community, and obsolete warnings about the risks of vitamin D3 overdoses unfortunately are still commonly circulating.


we recommend raising serum 25(OH)D levels to above 50 ng/mL (100 to 150 nmol/L)

to prevent or mitigate new outbreaks due to escape mutations or decreasing antibody activity.

At a time when vaccination was not yet available,

patients with sufficiently high D3 serum levels preceding the infection were highly unlikely to suffer a fatal outcome.

This correlation should have been good news when vaccination was not available but instead was widely ignored.

the lower threshold for healthy vitamin D levels should lie at approximately 125 nmol/L or 50 ng/mL 25(OH)D3,

which would save most lives, reducing the impact even for patients with various comorbidities.

This is—to our knowledge—the first study that aimed to determine an optimum D3 level to minimize COVID-19 mortality

natural vitamin D3 levels seen among traditional hunter/gatherer lifestyles,

in a highly infectious environment,

were 110–125 nmol/L (45–50 ng/mL)

WHO advice may not be correct

30 ng/mL D3 value considered by the WHO as the threshold for sufficiency


Vitamin D3 - high dose and toxicity Vitamin D Toxicity Dec 23, 2021 Dr. Jin W. Sung

16 year retrospective study of 73,000 people

most of whom supplementing with Vitamin D3 tablet at home

most people had Vitamin D levels below 80ng/mL

among those with Vitamin D levels above 120ng/mL - only 4 people had symptoms of Vitamin D toxicity (nausea, abdominal pain, constipation)

so is pretty rare to get it from self-supplementation

in his experience, overdoses more common with liquid Vitamin D3 - where doctor may advise 1 drop a day (2000 IU) but patient may think the full dropper

so people may come in with Vitamin D levels at 150-175ng/mL

and still do not show Vitamin D toxicity symptoms


Description section has suggestions for levels that should be targeted:

  • Vitamin D levels of 60-80ng/mL

His recommendations:

  • Vitamin D3 - 2000 IU to 5000 IU

  • Magnesium 200-400 mg

Additional: K2, Vitamin E and A

Considerations: Take vitamin with a fatty meal. Gallbladder function: ox bile, choline

Vitamin D target level on testing is 60-80 ng/mL


Additional video: The Truth About VITAMIN D May 22, 2021 Dr. Jin W. Sung


Vitamin D supplement types:

  • D2 - ergocalciferol

  • D3 - cholecalciferol - better absorbed (preferred)


at the 7:20 minute mark:

Vitamin D levels can be low due to some factors:

  • gastrointerstinal issues preventing

  • age - kidney function may not be as good

  • skin type - darker skin absorbs less UV-B light

  • where you live - sun exposure

  • bile - gall bladder removed or if have liver dysfunction - lower bile - reduces absorption of Vitamin D

  • insulin resistance

  • auto-immune issues will suck up your Vitamin D

  • genetic issues



Zinc as antiviral


Zinc dosage


The typical dosage of Zinc during treatment is around 40mg "elemental zinc".

The entry of zinc into cells tends to hinder viral replication. This is why many lozenges for flu include zinc. Some children's syrups for flu include zinc - the syrup is to be given on an age or weight adjusted basis (described on the bottle).

Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) is a zinc ionophone - i.e. it helps zinc get into cells.

And Quercetin is also a zinc ionophone.


Check out this Dr John Campbell interview of Dr Michael Cohen (Israel):

Vitamin D in Israel

Dec 11, 2021

Dr. John Campbell

at the 10:15 minute mark:

Dr Michael Cohen:

We know 25mg of Zinc (can take up to 40mg per day - going above that can reduce the absorption of Copper so not good taking for too long at that dose).



FLCCC MATH+ extended protocol:

Zinc 30–50 mg/day (elemental zinc). [57,59,60,98-102]

Zinc is essential for innate and adaptive immunity.[100] In addition, Zinc inhibits RNA dependent RNA polymerase in vitro against SARS- CoV-2 virus.[99] Due to competitive binding with the same gut transporter, prolonged high dose zinc (> 50mg day) should be avoided as this is associated with copper deficiency. [103] Commercial zinc supplements contain 7 to 80 mg of elemental zinc, and are commonly formulated as zinc oxide or salts with acetate, gluconate, and sulfate. 220 mg zinc sulfate contains 50 mg elemental zinc.


Zinc - elemental zinc


Different zinc compounds will have different amounts of actual zinc - since it depends on the compound's molecule - how much actual zinc there is.

Then there maybe bioavailability - for example zinc gluconate supposedly makes it more bioavailable. But most HCQ+zinc studies are using Zinc Sulphate.

Here is the elemental zinc in different zinc compounds:

  • zinc sulfate 220mg - 50mg elemental zinc

  • zinc gluconate 50mg - 7mg elemental zinc

So if the zinc sulphate 220mg (50mg elemental zinc) is the benchmark, one would match that.

I think the multivitamins which list the zinc in milligrams etc. are referring to the elemental zinc.

Some phrase it like "22mg elemental zinc (as zinc sulphate)".

Other phrasings can be confusing - whether they are referring to the zinc sulphate or elemental.



N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) as antioxidant


NAC usage


NAC has been found to be beneficial for a range of respiratory diseases.

NAC helps reverse the depletion of glutathione levels (the body's main antioxidant), and also breaks disulphide bonds that may be beneficial against clotting. NAC action on disulphide bonds is useful for breaking up phlegm as well (which is why it is mainly known for it's mucolytic usage). But it has strong anti-oxidant value as well.

NAC is also used in emergency rooms to counter the effects of Tylenol overdose - and can protect the liver and kidneys from damage.

NAC is also used to counter the effects of radioactive dyes used as contrast agents for MRI scans.


NAC explanatory videos


MedCram (Dr Seheult) and Dr Been (Dr Mobeen Syed) have a number of videos covering potential usability of NAC for covid19 - primarily as an anti-oxidant (to counter glutathione depletion during oxidative stress during the hyperinflammatory phase post-day8 of covid19).

MedCram: Coronavirus Pandemic Update 69: "NAC" Supplementation and COVID-19 (N-Acetylcysteine) May 11, 2020 Coronavirus Update 114: COVID 19 Death Rate Drops; NAC (N acetylcysteine) Data Oct 23, 2020 Coronavirus Update 59: Dr. Roger Seheult's Daily Regimen (Vitamin D, C, Zinc, Quercetin, NAC) Apr 21, 2020 Coronavirus Pandemic Update 92: Blood Clots & COVID-19 - New Research & Potential Role of NAC Jul 3, 2020

Dr Been: NAC N-Acetylcysteine May 15, 2020

Whiteboard Doctor: N-Acetylcysteine (NAC) And COVID-19: Does This Medication Help Prevent And/Or Treat COVID-19? Oct 30, 2020


NAC and covid19


NAC may have direct activity against covid19: N-acetyl cysteine: A tool to perturb SARS-CoV-2 spike protein conformation

NAC (and L-glutathione) can be beneficial during covid19.

There is a small study that showed L-glutathione reduced hypoxia within hours: Efficacy of Glutathione Therapy in Relieving Dyspnea Associated With COVID-19 Pneumonia: A Report of 2 Cases Richard I Horowitz et al. Respir Med Case Rep. 2020.


Also see this review: N-Acetylcysteine as Adjuvant Therapy for COVID-19 – A Perspective on the Current State of the Evidence 6 July 2021

In vitro data have depicted that N-acetylcysteine increases antioxidant capacity, interferes with virus replication, and suppresses expression of pro-inflammatory cytokines in cells infected with influenza viruses or respiratory syncytial virus. Furthermore, findings from in vivo studies have displayed that, by virtue of immune modulation and anti-inflammatory mechanism, N-acetylcysteine reduces the mortality rate in influenza-infected mice animal models.


NAC for long haulers and post-vax


See this case and my (u/stereomatch) comments there too - for relief of neurological symptoms post-vax: IVR After Pfizer Vaccine [Neurological Side Effects].


Update: Ivermectin + Pepcid + Liposomal Glutathione Cured Me. 90% Better After Vaccine Nerve Problems.


NAC dosage


NAC is typically given at 400mg+400mg per day (or 800mg-1200mg) per day for covid19 patients - until recovery (i.e. until steroids-at-day8 have been tapered off to zero).

After that NAC may be continued for a month or more after recovery at 200mg+200mg per day levels.

After that NAC at 200mg per day can be continued - though long term issues should be considered (see below).


NAC dosing and safety


See this review of dosing and safety for NAC: Safety of N-Acetylcysteine at High Doses in Chronic Respiratory Diseases: A Review 16 December 2020

When treatment requires chronic use, as in COPD and cystic fibrosis, the maximum licensed dose is 600 mg/day, but doses > 600 mg daily have been studied in some clinical trials.

Studies of high doses of NAC (up to 3000 mg/day) in respiratory diseases with explicit reports on safety found that NAC was safe and well tolerated. In general, the safety profile is similar at both the high and standard doses.


NAC can be found in chicken soup: Mom was Right ... Chicken Soup is the Cure November 3, 2003

.. suggests that an amino acid released from chicken during cooking chemically resembles the drug acetylcysteine, prescribed for bronchitis and other respiratory problems. Saha et al (2012) SFN and Erucin from Fresh Frozen broccoli (MNFR) (PUBLISHED) April 2014

Table 2

Sulforaphane N-acetyl cysteine and erucin N-acetyl-cysteine urinary excretion after consumption of soups made with lightly cooked fresh and frozen broccoli


NAC concerns - interactions NAC: A Natural Product So Powerful It Is Used in Hospitals January 11, 2017 Gunda Siska, PharmD

People who take nitroglycerine should not take NAC unless supervised by a physician since it can cause the nitroglycerine to work more intensely and cause an unsafe drop in blood pressure.


NAC and alcohol


One may want to avoid consuming alcohol (ethanol) with NAC: A dual effect of N-acetylcysteine on acute ethanol-induced liver damage in mice March 2006

Pretreatment with NAC prevent from acute ethanol-induced liver damage via counteracting ethanol-induced oxidative stress. When administered after ethanol, NAC might behave as a pro-oxidant and aggravate acute ethanol-induced liver damage.

This study suggests pre-treatment with NAC protected the liver from alcohol injury, but post-treatment with NAC may exacerbate i.e. worsen liver injury.


NAC concerns - cancer


Some studies have raised concern that since NAC is an antioxidant, and for ongoing elimination of cancer cells etc., reactive oxygen species are used, that it can hinder ongoing cancer removal.

However other studies have suggested NAC may help against cancer.

Here is a comment on newer FDA restrictions on availability of NAC - also discusses the criticism of the pro-cancer potential, and anti-cancer potential:


NAC and copper chelation


There is some concern that NAC use long term may reduce copper availability.

NAC does seem to be useful as a chelating agent to remove heavy metals: The Use of N-Acetylcysteine as a Chelator for Metal Toxicity Daniel A. Rossignol 21 September 2018


Inhaled Budesonide (steroids)

Inhaled Budesonide (steroids) - usually available as Rota-caps (capsules which contain steroid powder designed to be inhaled from a plastic container - as you breathe in, the powder gets drawn into your lungs).

These consist of a plastic device - and rota-caps or capsules which you insert into the plastic device.

You then rotate the plastic device, so the capsule gets opened up inside, and it's powder gets dumped inside the device.

Then you suck (breathe in) from the plastic device, in such a way that the air rushing into your lungs brings the powder along with it.

Here is a YouTube video explaining how to use a Rota-caps-based inhaled budesonide device: Learn how to use a Rotahaler Inhaler Sep 16, 2010


Inhaled budesonide rota-caps typically have a very low steroids dose - usually less than 1mg.

So do not have much effect systemically - i.e. your other steroids (oral or intravenous) dosing doesn't need to be changed.

That is, if you are already taking steroids orally or intravenously, the inhaled budesonide can safely be added on top of it.


If a patient has been started on steroids, then it is safe to also start on Inhaled Budesonide.

Usually steroids will be started if sufficient time has passed so the live virus is near zero - i.e. usually by day7-8 from first symptoms.

Sometimes day1 counting is unclear (patient is not sure or there is some confusion when symptoms started, or as with Delta and the already-vaccinated patient, the day1-7 period may be asymptomatic).

In such cases one should watch for oximeter SpO2 daily declines (or alternatively pulse rate going high in 90s or 100+ while at rest and while there is no fever) - usually this is a good indication that "day7-8" has arrived and the hyperinflammatory stage is in full swing. And so steroids can be started.

In some cases, where you are wary of starting steroids (oral, intravenous) - it may be possible to start the Inhaled Budesonide first to start to give some relief in breathing.

However, usually the signal to use Inhaled Budesonide will be similar to that for oral or intravenous steroids.


From studies, and from practical observation, Inhaled Budesonide give very strong and immediate relief to the patient.

So for example you have started the patient on steroids, but their breathing capacity is diminished due to inflammation, or oximeter levels are around 95 and only slowly improving.

Then in such situations, adding inhaled budesonide - 4-5 times a day i.e. every 4 hours or so - will give very visible relief to the patient - both in breathing capacity (i.e. breathing will become less shallower) and in terms of oximeter SpO2 levels also.

However for such a patient, systemic steroids (oral or intravenous) are essential - since in covid19, the hyperinflammatory stage can have impact all over the body i.e. in the blood vessels - so systemic steroids are essential.

But Inhaled Budesonide can be a valuable addition on top of that - in order to give additional relief to the patient.


Just as a patient in this situation - oximeter at 95 and at home - would be told to do prone positioning (lying face down in bed).

Similarly Inhaled Budesonide should be added as well.

NOTE: as with all steroids use - patient should be told to keep a watch on phlegm color - if it changes from white/clear (normal during viral infection) - to yellow/green - that may then be an indication of bacterial infection.

Viral fevers generally go up to 101 Fahrenheit - however bacterial fevers can go higher i.e. to 102-103 or higher. And so a fever that is higher than 101 should always put you on alert to watch for any signs of bacterial infection (phlegm color changing from white/clear to more yellow/green is an indication of bacterial infection).

In such a case, pre-emptive Doxycycline should be started:

  • Doxycycline 100mg - 1+1 per day - for 5 days

This will keep the bacterial infection in check and in 1-2 days the yellow/green phlegm will turn back to white/clear.


Steroids (Prednisolone or Dexamethasone)

Usually at day7-8 from first symptoms, the first signs of oximeter declines will start to become obvious in most patients.

Even the mild patients (or who would have recovered on their own) seem to show some decline at day7-8 as well.

So in order to prevent long haulers, and since you don't know which patient will have a serious downturn in the next few days, it is wise to start steroids for all patients at day7-8.

Of course care should be exercised for those patients who are immuno-compromised, or who have potential for viral persistence (in such cases a higher dose of Ivermectin 0.6mg/kg bodyweight could be tried, or if you are comfortable with Remdesivir, it could be used - to provide a safety net for preventing viral persistence).

And care should be exercised for those likely to get bacterial infections - one should watch for signs of bacterial infection starting (sputum or phlegm color changing from white/clear to yellow/green).


Prednisolone is the steroid of choice for the MATH+ protocols, and it's author Dr Paul Marik - who advises that Prednisolone is faster to the lungs, and is better tolerated by humans at higher doses (since in covid19 high steroids doses are sometimes required to achieve turnaround in the patient - the assurance of better tolerability at high dose is welcome).

Dexamethasone is often preferred by hospitals and physicians - primarily because it was chosen as the steroid for the RECOVERY UK trial on steroids use for covid19.

Because of that RECOVERY UK trial, a number of bad behaviors have become common as well in hospitals:

  • Dexamethasone is not escalated beyond 6mg dose (the dose that RECOVERY UK trial used)

  • Beyond this, generally prior attitudes wind up informing current behavior and hospitals often wind up giving much less doses than are needed for patients - something Dr Paul Marik calls "homeopathic" doses of steroids. If a patient is at day10 and declining - you may need to give Prednisolone 120mg per day even or higher to start to show daily improvement. While a patient at day7 may only require 40mg Prednisolone to show reversal.

  • RECOVERY UK trial also has another negative impact - many hospitals are under the impression that steroids should not be used unless patient is intubated or in extremely dire straits. This is an incorrect reading from RECoVERY UK trial. In practice it is best to give steroids not much earlier than day7-8, and not much later than day7-8. And if patient oximeter SpO2 are falling daily, then that should be seen as a sign that "day7-8" has arrived or already happened, and that aggressive steroids therapy is needed.


NOTE: as described above for Inhaled Budesonide, once steroids are given to the patient, they should be watched for signs of bacterial infection, and if phlegm turns from white/clear to yellow/green then should start antibiotics to prevent bacterial infection from taking hold:

  • Doxycycline 100mg - 1+1 per day - for 5 days

Once this is started, usually the yellow/green phlegm will start to turn back to white/clear.

Since viral infections typically don't go over 101 Fahrenheit, while bacterial infections can lead to fever that is higher i.e. 101-103 Fahrenheit - for this reason, if a patient is showing fever above 101 Fahrenheit, then you will need to watch for any signs of bacterial infection (like phlegm color changing from white/clear to yellow/green).




Fluvoxamine - may simplify protocols if reduces need for time sensitive steroids-at-day8

If Fluvoxamine is given early, there is potential that you may not need steroids-at-day8.

This is the implication of the Fluvoxamine studies since they show efficacy (in reducing deaths) when Fluvoxamine is given during disease (preferably earlier one would think).


The Serotonin Syndrome preventing action of Fluvoxamine also suggests it should be given earlier in the day1-8 period before hyperinflammatory stage appears at day7-8.


Dr Syed Haider is one of the early users of Fluvoxamine - he uses it as Ivermectin + Fluvoxamine - and has confirmed on Twitter in replies that if given early, there may be no need for steroids-at-day8.

If this remains true - that would remove a complication from outpatient treatment practices for doctors - as it removes dependence on the (time sensitive) administration of steroids-at-day8.


Fluvoxamine - issues with patient compliance

There remains an issue of patient compliance - as SSRIs can have side effects, which some patients may not tolerate well.

Dr Syed Haider also has said from the earliest use, that some patients do have issues with Fluvoxamine and for them one can then fall back to other treatments.

For instance, if Fluvoxamine is not given, then the safety net of steroids-at-day8 should be ensured. So patient is caught if hyperinflammatory stage appears, and that they survive it without long haulers syndrome or organ damage from hyperinflammation.

However, lately Dr Syed Haider has suggested in twitter messages, that he resorts to reducing the Fluvoxamine dose to half or to whatever level is tolerable by the user.


Fluvoxamine - side effects

EDIT: November 13, 2021 - taken from:

There is a concern that some patients may have issues with Fluvoxamine from the start.

So it adds an extra layer of logistics to handle for an outpatient doctor - more monitoring and more abrupt change of medications (if patient cannot tolerate Fluvoxamine then have to fall back to steroids-by-day8).

However, I (u/stereomatch) asked this of Dr Angela Rieirsen on twitter - and she said that a one week course should not make dependent.

However, we have direct feedback from Dr Syed Haider who is using it as his main line of defence i.e. ivermectin + fluvoxamine - and the idea being that this avoids need for steroids-at-day8 (I (u/stereomatch) pressed him on this).

Though I am not sure of the edge cases - i.e. if start Fluvoxamine late or later patient arrives.

Dr Syed Haider also addressed the dependence issue on Fluvoxamine in a tweet response - and he also is less concerned about that.

But he has said from the start that some proportion of patients do have issue with Fluvoxamine i.e. cannot continue with it etc.


Fluvoxamine has been reported by some on reddit as does have impact on libido and ejaculation.

(in fact it is used by urologists to treat premature ejaculation in men it seems - private communication by a urologist)

Here are some comments about difficulty weaning off SSRIs:


Cyproheptadine (SSRI)


At day7-8 onwards, Cyproheptadine (also an H1 blocker anti-histamine) can be started to counter the possibility of serotonin syndrome.

Dr Farid Jalali has been highlighting the potential role of serotonin syndrome for months on Twitter and elsewhere to his fellow physicians. Cyproheptadine is now considered an essential addition to the FLCCC MATH+ protocol for hospitals:


MATH+ protocol for hospitals:

  • Cyproheptadine 8mg - 3 times a day


Conjecture: A possible sign serotonin syndrome has started

u/stereomatch conjecture: If a patient takes this dosage and still does not feel sleepy, it may be a sign of ongoing serotonin syndrome. The drug takes about 36 hours to take effect (according to Dr Farid Jalali in an interview with Dr Been), and after 2-3 days the patient can start to feel sleepy again. (TODO: add confirmation of this conjecture)

If this is potentially a good way to diagnose ongoing serotonin syndrome, then it may be possible to use this test to decide whether a patient already on steroids needs to be put on additional Cyproheptadine or not.


Evidence for Cyproheptadine reversing lung damage within 1-2 days

Dr Farid Jalali reports on twitter about cases where Cyproheptadine has reversed lung injury in cases where there was serotonin syndrome (platelets hold 90+ percentage of serotonin - when platelets deaggregate they can release their serotonin, which can lead to clotting).


Dr. Farid Jalali Discusses COVID Management

May 3, 2021

Drbeen Medical Lectures


Cyproheptadine - do not stop suddenly but taper off


Cyproheptadine should not be stopped suddenly (can make matters worse), but should be tapered off over a few days.


Cyproheptadine - side effects


Cyproheptadine 8mg - 3 times a day (FLCCC protocol) for post-day7-8 use in severe cases - dosage will make patient sleepy.

So that they only get up for meals.

Patients who are severe or have oximeter near 90 etc. will usually not mind this sleepiness that much.

But mild patients or those who are wanting to be active may complain that they are not able to do their daily chores at home - if they are on Cyproheptadine.


Organizations and individuals supporting Early Treatment


BIRD Group UK (Dr Tess Lawrie)


Dr Tess Lawrie has also had her videos on YouTube removed - the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) at work.


The BIRD Group UK is the UK version of the FLCCC in the US.




Video channel: The BiRD Group


Canadian Covid Care Alliance




Canadian Covid Care Alliance is affiliated with the BIRD Group:


References: Hey Canadians - I just found out about this Canadian Covid Care Alliance Canadian Group Calls for Off-Label Use of Early Treatment Drugs with Informed Consent June 19, 2021


FLCCC - Front Line COVID-19 Critical Care Alliance



The FLCCC has also had videos removed by YouTube - the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) at work.

Dr Pierre Kory of the FLCCC even had his US Senate testimony removed from YouTube. His appearance there was a matter of public record.


FLCCC YouTube channel: FLCCC Weekly Update


Because YouTube has removed many FLCCC videos, they started using Odysee instead.

FLCCC Odysee channel:


Dr Bret Weinstein - Dark Horse Podcast


Dr Bret Weinstein has had his videos removed from YouTube, and his YouTube channel demonetized - the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) at work.

He has decided to switch to Odysee (open video platform).

Dr Bret Weinstein (evolutionary biologist) video channel:


Ivory Hecker - whistleblower - formerly at Fox News


Ivory Hecker has had her videos removed from YouTube - the Trusted News Initiative (TNI) at work.

She has created a channel on bitchute:

https://www dot bitchute dot com/channel/nJZpoljWM26e/


(reddit does not allow bitchute links)


Experts who post on r/ivermectin


BIRD Group UK (Dr Tess Lawrie)



Dr Been (Dr Mobeen Syed)



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


The FLCCC authors of MATH+ protocol are quacks and no one takes them seriously

Answered here:


As well as here:

Meet the Quacks: Kooky COVID Doctors Who Use Dangerous Animal Drugs - Censor Them! (June 28, 2021) - article provides a resume of the FLCCC doctors and their prior contributions to medicine


Article: Meet the Quacks: Kooky COVID Doctors Who Use Dangerous Animal Drugs - Censor Them!

Courageous COVID Doctors With the Lowest Death Rates #TeamLifeSaving

David DeGraw

June 28, 2021




Chronic - Dr Steven Phillips, Dana Parish


Dr Steven Phillips has suffered through a chronic illness, and his book is highly recommended by Dr Been (should be on everyone's bookshelf) because of it's insights into chronic diseases - especially Lyme disease, and now long haulers syndrome due to covid19:

Chronic: The Hidden Cause of the Autoimmune Pandemic and How to Get Healthy Again Hardcover – February 2, 2021

by Steven Phillips (Author), Dana Parish (Author)


Dr Steven Phillips also had an online chapter for his book that addresses covid19 as well - not clear if it is available on the website, or will appear in next version of the book:


Dr Been interviews with Dr Steven Phillips:

Dr. Steven Phillips Discusses Chronic Diseases (Lyme and COVID)

Drbeen Medical Lectures

Jan 30, 2021

Chronic Diseases Talk with Dr. Steven Phillips (Lyme, COVID Long Haul and More)

March 19, 2021

Drbeen Medical Lectures

Long COVID, Lyme - Dr. Steven Phillips, Dana Parish (Authors of The Book Chronic)

Dec 11, 2021

Drbeen Medical Lectures


The Real Anthony Fauci - Robert F. Kennedy Jr.


Robert F. Kennedy Jr. on Dr Fauci, and the role of Bill Gates and Big Pharma: The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma, and the Global War on Democracy and Public Health (Children’s Health Defense) Hardcover – November 16, 2021 by Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (Author)


Overcoming the COVID-19 Darkness - Dr George Fareed, Dr Brian Tyson Overcoming the COVID-19 Darkness: How Two Doctors Successfully Treated 7000 Patients Paperback – January 7, 2022

by Brian Tyson (Author), George Fareed (Author), Mathew Crawford (Author)


Dr George Fareed & Dr Brian Tyson (AAPS affiliated) have also reported great success with early treatment (reduced mortality, and lower incidence of long haulers syndrome). Dr. George Fareed and Dr. Brian Tyson share early treatment protocol Dec 12, 2020 Updated Apr 16, 2021

Their protocol includes moderate amounts of Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine (HCQ) and other supplements.


COVID-19 and the Global Predators - Peter Roger Breggin COVID-19 and the Global Predators: We Are the Prey Paperback – September 30, 2021 by Peter Roger Breggin (Author), Ginger Ross Breggin (Author)

Foreword by:

Dr Peter McCullough

Dr Elizabeth E. Vliet

Dr Vladimir "Zev" Zelenko


Pandemic Blunder - Peter Roger Breggin

Pandemic Blunder - Fauci and Public Health Blocked Early Home COVID Treatment

Joel S Hirschhorn


Dr Peter McCullough tweet about the book:

Rogan asked "who is behind all of this?" I did not give opinions or make claims, I referred him to this book by Dr. Peter and Ginger Breggin which lays out the field of stakeholders and their connections and how it was put together. Not my opinion but in published nonfiction.


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