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After a discussion about Jesuits with /u/Jesus I began collecting quotes about that group but later discovered someone had already done it for me. I talk with Jesus often 😇 and find him to be stimulating and a fantastic researcher.

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Ha! I have to watch that again soon. The scene where he drops the joint between his legs and crashes his car is priceless.

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Make sure you know for sure these are real quotes. As for the Nazi Jesuit quote, the Nazi's were very interested in the hierarchy of the Jesuit order, however, they persecuted many and closed down their schools and meeting places.

I've seen many people claim Hitler was a Jesuit, which just isn't true at all. I've also seen people claim Hitler was a Freemason, he wasn't. He loathed the Freemasons too. Today, it seems that godwins law is in place, where everything can be blamed on the National Socialists.

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The sources of all the quotes are at the site and linked right at the beginning of my post. Go to the end of the linked page and it shows the book that contained the quote. Of course, we still don't know if the quote was made up.

I'm sure Hitler wasn't a Jesuit but he liked their organization/hierarchy.

I'm not still arguing with you but the quotes are interesting.

Adams and Jefferson died on the same day, July 4, 1826, possibly by poisoning, the Jesuits' favorite form of assassination.

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I'm sure Hitler wasn't a Jesuit but he liked their organization/hierarchy.

Exactly, but shills will try to say Hitler was a Freemason or Jesuit when the National Socialsits persecuted them and shut down their lodges and meeting places. I'm going to find out the origins of this quote though.

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Hitler was a Zionist jew more like it lets think about it he rounded up all of the civilian jews but he never tried going after the true jewish threats like the rich families

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Legend has it that his mother was a maid in one of the Rothschild households and was impregnated while on duty. Technically his mother would have to be Jewish for him to be a Jew unless he or she converted. My Dad used to call Hitler Shikelgruber that was said to be her name. I'm not sure any of that is true. Oh, and more folklore says he had only one testicle.

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Eustace Mullins says that Nazi is formed from NAtional Socialist plus ZIonist.

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Mullins has a lot of disinformation in his books. I have read a few, one specifically on the bible and cannanites. The problem with his dumb theory is that Zionists and politically active Jews in the US and UK created th NAZI slur term. It was used before Hitler ever came to power in the 20's, when the National Socialists were a small minority.

So, clearly the National Socialists did not create the term Nazis. It was used by Zionist Urtemeyer who helped create the federal reserve and who was good friends with Jacob Schiff who fudned the bolsheviks that the national socialists feared. Urtemeyer, also worked with Cyrus Scofield to change the bible so that the Jews would be gods people and that Israel was for the Jews. Obviously, the new testement preached a spiritual kingdom, not a physical one, controlled by Zionists for a thousand years with a one world court Sanhedrin. Also, Urtenmeyer (I don't care to look up the spelling of his name) was for the 1933 German boycott, well before the German boycott on Jews. He said Germany must face exstinction and be boycotted on exports which her economy relies on.

If you care to read the National Socialsits De Stormer or however you spell it. It was a propaganda magazine. It is clear that the National Socialsts loathed the Zionists, and their pieces looked very simialr to BDS style comics. They believed that the Zionists would eventually kill off the arabs, they would loot the economy and enslave them. They made fun of them and said, you'll see what will come, basically. Well, what do we see today?

Yes, the National Socialists worked with Zionists at Basel, Switzerland to try to get the 200,000 communists who sided with the Soviet Union, the majority being Jews out of Germany. Zionists took the oppurtunity to work with Hitler to find a solution because they dreamed of Israel being their ethnostate since the 19th century.

The national soclaists were not Zionists. Never preached Zionism.

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the Nazi's were very interested in the hierarchy of the Jesuit order, however, they persecuted many and closed down their schools and meeting places.

Yes, probably because they knew just how insidious and disruptive the Jesuits can be to any society.

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I'm reading and will compile a piece on the Jesuits, Bavarian Illuminati, their founders, mostly cabalists, the Pharisees, Mormonism, the watchtower bible, Zionists and sects of Kabalah Judaism. They're all connected.

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This is fascinating. I've never taken this deep dive and you two are making me want to look further into this.

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Dive in and please tell us what you think. If you click on my username you can see at least one other post I've made on this subject recently. If you look in the comments of that post you will see a link to a two-hour fifty-five-minute video on Jesuit history. It might well be biased but you can see all the claims made against Jesuits over the years.

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Note the Pope Clement XIV quote above: he banned the Jesuits in 1773 and died the following year. Then in 1776 Adam Weishaupt, a Jesuit, formed the Illuminati who, some say, continued the work of Jesuits but under a different name. About thirty-six years after the Jesuits were banned, they had the then pope imprisoned for five years until he agreed to reinstate the Jesuits [in 1814 by Pope Pius VII]. In fact, my contentions here and below are likely impossible to prove but some historians and would-be historians agree.

It may be impossible to prove but some writers insist that the Jesuits had a large part in starting the American Revolution of 1776 and the French Revolution of 1789. Some also insist that Jesuits fought on both sides of the American Civil War creating havoc whenever possible. I will say no more on this so as not to invoke the wrath of Jesus who has a lot of research on his side.

Jesus and I agree on one point at least: Jews infiltrated the Jesuit Order at some time during their history.

I have used the word Jew(s) instead of Zionist because the latter word did not exist among goyim until after the dates I mention.

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Jesus and I agree on one point at least: Jews infiltrated the Jesuit Order at some time during their history.

Yes, exactly, and I'm going to compile a long piece on this. Jews, not COMMON JEWS, but Cabalist Jews infiltrated the Jesuit order, and the benign Freemason faternal order. They now work to create a one world rule under a sanhedrin. When we look at some books on Freemasons and Jesuit practice and ritual we see that they are littered with Cabala rituas and Jewish mysticism. The present day pope clearly isn't a tradtionalist. That's why he's a Jesuit who seeks to reform the church into a humanist, futurist, secularist powerhouse.

Also, Cabalist Jews and Freemasons created the mormon church and for most mormons they see it as good old christianity. But it is highly subverted and infiltrated. Warping the christian doctrine as a whole.

Look at the founder of the Mormon church, he was a freemason and practiced the Cabala, lol, but nobody questions that. And looks at what the Zionists did to the Protestant denominations. They infiltrate everything.

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Here is the InfoGalactic entry for Society of Jesus (Jesuits).

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Most of it taken from wikipedia, so it is a very basic profile. Does not get into the 'who' over the 500 years and their many connections.