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Like I said elsewhere, I can't entirely say I trust Gutfield, even in comparison to other notable Fox personalities like Carlson, but I've found him and his "The Five" bunch entertaining, and they do have some interesting takes. I've very much enjoyed the clips I've watched from them, even if I have an easier time believing Carlson to be sincere.

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makes sense

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The correct response to "you just want people to die" is "you want people to die". Throw it right back at them.

Then bonus points if you can engage them in a conversation about deontological ethics vs utilitarian ethics and how rights are a better way of organizing society than a politically motivated calculation of what will cause deaths, because you can't figure out what will cause fewer deaths anyway.

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That was fun -- I don't watch TV and this is the first I've heard of him. I wonder how much of it he writes himself. Really similar to Carlson in how he presents and argues his points and then concludes, but ramped up quite a few notches.

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I like how cable news brings in a bunch of people to comment a few seconds each.