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Feels like to me the overzealous head doesn't understand that sometimes we spend time with the opposition to figure out who we truly are. Not everyone is gold ✨️

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    Honestly, it seems that the owners of the old sub just weren't that committed to having a place where we can have open discussion amongst ourselves.

    Yes, I want to be able to talk about all things LGB here, even if they might be offensive. That includes drop the T of course.

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    I'm curious why the sub has gone private.

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    It's not clear. I guess there was a huge blowup over a simple disagreement? That's the rumor anyway.

    Said disagreement; archived

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    I’ve been lurking on the DropTheT sub since I fully peaked about 6 months ago. I’m really disappointed with it being locked. We already have so few places for discussion and now we have even less, which doesn’t help us at all. I wasn’t paying attention when there were subs on Reddit and when I found that sub during my peakening I was so happy and it made me feel so much less alone. I hope that if that sub doesn’t come back this one will be like it, because I don’t know of any other active lgb spaces where sanity is spoken. People are peaking everyday, we need active public places for discussion where we can speak our minds.

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    I agree 100%. Glad to have you here.

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    Thanks. I just got back from a (admittedly long 1 year) break from the sub... Only to come back and find it went private and needed to be invited in?

    I read on what I could about what happened but still kinda confused about it. Why was that, from all discussions that have had happen on the sub in the past, the one to draw the line???

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    It didn't come out of nowhere. Tumble's been banning every homosexual who objected to the shallow analysis of "allies" or 99% straight 1% homosexual "bihet" people who essentially never experienced homophobia, internalized or otherwise, and mostly went with the radfem narrative of "it's 100% misogyny and anyone who transitions is an evil piece of shit!!" ignoring the countless damaged homosexuals (or bis with a homosexual "core" or majority leaning) who were essentially pressured by society into transition. I was banned for defending those users who were banned and deviating from that narrative and getting into arguments with other users about it, though I always stayed civil.

    Simply suggesting that perhaps their perspectives were warped by being an "ally" or 1% bisexual heterosexuals was considered rude enough for a ban. She started this silly campaign where she pretended everyone who didn't share the "this is all misogyny!!!" POV was just one user making new accounts and trolling ... even though many of these accounts were well-established, much older than the account of the one user she was referencing who was frustrated and a bit more rude (though rudeness is not a bannable offense here, how is anything supposed to be solved if we can't express our frustrations in the first place? even if it's done in a less-than-tactful way).

    I actually spoke with all the users that were banned and that's why I made this sub, so that they could have a place to speak about it, but back then it was completely dead and even now it isn't very active. As of now, none of those users are active anymore which is a shame. Tumble really silenced the voices of homosexuals and the few (no offense here, I'm sure you feel irritated with all the 1% and TRA bisexuals out there) sane bisexuals for her own narcissism, and then in a last fuck-you, closed the one place that we had left to talk about transsexualism and the way it affects us to almost everyone.