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It's become meaningless. It's just a way for corporations to rake in easy money by painting everything with rainbows, plus most of the focus is on the T, which means June is the time of year the TRAs' megaphone is loudest. Since TRAs are intent on erasing same-sex attracted people, I'm no longer a fan of Pride month.

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Eh. Our city’s pride parade is nice and tons of fun.

I used to appreciate corporations putting more gay/lesbian couples in advertisements during pride month, I thought it created a lot of really positive exposure and showed that LGB people are actually just normal people. That’s completely changed now though with the emphasis on TQ+, drag queens, etc. The message has gotten away from ‘LGB people are normal and just want to live their lives’ to weird gender issues that 99% of people don’t relate, and lumping LGB people into the gender crowd. I guess more or less I hate it.

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I never liked Pride parades, even as a teen in the 2000's when trans activism was at reasonable level (at least compared to today). While I'm aware of the historical importance, I can't enjoy the level of sexualization and I always thought that they gave bad publicity to homophobes.

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As a fruity, effeminate hetero dude, I'm just glad that if someone thinks I'm gay now they're less likely to beat the shit out of me. Gays have paved the way for less than masculine males to breathe easier, and for this I salute them! Hell it's practically a law that you have to be a little gay now anyway....

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Hell it's practically a law that you have to be a little gay now anyway....

What does this mean

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Homosexuality is now law. Be gay or go to prison!!!! kewww kewwww!!! (thunder and lightning sound)

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Smugly unfunny bigoted comments like that are why homosexuality should be mandatory.

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Early in the sentence: calls my comment smugly unfunny

Later that same sentence: Uses nasty, bullying tone to demonstrate exactly what my comment was commenting


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It’s not “bullying,” a speciesist slur if ever there was one, when you bring it on yourself.

Flagged for dragging down the pyramid of debate, which is an antisemitic metaphor to begin with because it trivializes the enslavement of Jews by Egyptians. All responses constitute homophobic harassment and will be similarly flagged.

Now I’m deadly serious about making homosexuality mandatory.

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omg, I wasn't paying attention....I'm so used to humorless's like the abused cringing away from a gentle caress....thank you for this!

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It’s not “bullying,” a speciesist slur if ever there was one


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I meant what I said. It isn’t bad enough you have to use verbal terrorism against me, but you have to insult an entire species of cattle to do it.

The future is going to be 100% gay and any attempt to subvert homosexuality will be treated as the capital crime it is. I’m not saying that to be cute. That is a promise, not a threat. All opposition to homosexuality and all deviation from the homosexual norm will be eliminated by every means necessary. By EVERY means necessary.

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    I fucking hate it and I want it abolished unless it can be taken back by Gay people and made more militant.

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    It's been co-opted, but how would abolishing it help? Establishing it in the first place was an enormous step.