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It’s definitely not a lesbian sub. I got banned from there last year for saying Lesbians don’t fuck Trans identifying males.

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I didn't subscribe to it, because I've heard several people tell me TRAs are already over there as well too. Soooo, I guess you're right, it was overran. Hopefully someone who was actually there will answer though (this is was I've heard people say).

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It tried to be the middleground between r/ActualLesbians and r/TrueLesbians from the start if I recal correctly. It seems to skew towards lesbians at a glance, but every once in a while you'll see a selfie from a man or comment complaining about not being inclusive of males enough. Typical.

I don't bother with "lesbian" subs on Reddit anymore.

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If I go somewhere for lesbian content it really sucks to go from happy to disturbed and borderline disgusted when I see random photos from men. I don’t know why this is considered acceptable in 2020. Last time I was there a man with an unshaven face was posting that he was a lesbian and at least 3 other faceapp’d dudes. I don’t want to have to play “guess the real woman” on a lesbian forum, it’s honestly creepy and makes me, and lots of women, pretty uneasy. Can you even believe that a lesbian sub thinks they are being diplomatic by supporting that content? It’s diplomatic to make lesbians extremely uneasy. It’s even politically correct to support catfishing, yuck

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/r/LesbianActually creators had personal beef with the top mods of /r/actuallesbians, which is why they split off. Disagreements with moderation style basically (AL is strict about no selfies and their top mods tend to remove things they personally disagree with). The sub that intentionally started with the goal of being a middle ground between AL and TL is /r/Actuallylesbian, but it's tiny.

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Oh okay, I got them mixed up. Thank you for the correction!

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The fact that it’s not even more overrun with transbian selfies is indicative of the fact that the the overwhelming transbian presence on actuallesbians consists of men who LARP as lesbians online only but know they can’t even come close to look like they’re trying in real life. This is also evidenced by the fact that nothing they post about on AL indicates that they’re even trying to live any semblance of a lesbian life IRL. In fact there’s nothing even indicating that they’re participating in activity in the LGBT “community” IRL despite it being dominated by trans and queers. Hence why I think they’re transbians online only and IRL they’re just awkward men. That’s why it’s nothing but memes and objectifying female celebrities and cartoon characters. Funny enough do they ever objectify real life trans women? Not really lol. Even they don’t want them.

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I noticed that too. I don’t really find women objectifying themselves to be particularly hot on a public forum, it just seems a little desperate and sad. I can see that anywhere.

I don’t tend to find women who self-objectify to be very interesting, unless it’s a woman I am with, then PLEASE SEND ME ALL THOSE SHOTS, keep em coming and add some video. You will be rewarded in person and for hours. LOL. I am such a dirtbag for my gfs. But wow, is it ever hot when it’s extra special just for you and you want her already.

Online it just looks like advertising for products.

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That subreddit is literally nothing but selfies. Maybe it is just me, but I find "selfie subs" pretty annoying. It doesn't seem totally overrun by MtFs you can clock from a mile, but they clearly have a presence. I personally just don't get the appeal. If they want to make the sub viable the selfies should be limited to a thread or something, imo.

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LesbianActually was always just kind of...there. It's been inclusive of transwomen for as long as I can recall, though. I wouldn't say it was overrun so much as it was always just a place for selfies. It's honestly pretty harmless.

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I feel like it would be way better if it was just limited to pictures of lesbian couples.

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The creators of r/LesbianActually are former mods of /r/actuallesbians, and their whole thing is wanting limited moderation. They want the users to dictate the content, so that's why there's been a history of users having a little more freedom of speech. But it's also why there's been a huge influx in selfies.

It's essentially just AL with selfies and less moderation.

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I've gone over there a few times and saw some nice threads, but the average age over there seems to be under 25. I do like to discuss things with younger people from time to time, but feel weird hanging out on a sub where everyone is half my age. And yeah, I saw some MTF selfies with gushy comments about this person's eyeliner. (I was an 80s teen-- wearing eyeliner does NOT make someone a girl!)

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It has not been a lesbian sub for years. Little by little it was colonized by by transwomen larping as lesbians.

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Well, from what I remember it used to have more discussion way back when it was first created but sort of descended into nothing but selfies. It was always inclusive of transwomen but not as much as actuallesbians. But they would ban you for being "transphobic". But I guess after all those trueoffmychest posts got made about the issues in actuallesbians and the transbian issue which led to actuallesbians temporarily going private, transbians went to lesbianactually and made a whole bunch of threads whining about the meanie lesbians and they never left. Or the issue is that if you have a lesbian forum and you don't aggressively remove transbians they will take over the space. Really I don't think there are many lesbians left on reddit.

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It wasn't 100% like that when I first got on reddit, but that's a completely different story now. That sub is a lost cause.