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I like a variety of music - my favourite bands/singers would be... Queen, David Bowie, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bob Dylan and My Chemical Romance.

I also love a really powerful voice like Whitney or Celine or Adele. Also a good musical soundtrack doesn't go amiss.

I do enjoy a good nostalgia-fest so for me that would be playlists focused around... 90s R&B, Britpop and turn of the millenium PopPunk.

My guilty pleasure is cheesy 90s UK/Ireland bands like S Club 7, Steps and B*Witched.

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Fellow Bowie fan back again! I love his music so much. Also yes to classic rock! I also like Led Zeppelin, The Eagles, and so on.

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Great list. And thank you for Lynyrd Skynyrd. Their "Simple man" is the healing vibe I needed right now.

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I am listening almost everything, but prefering progressive metal (Dream Theater), art rock (Pink Floyd, Yes), different avantgarde (Forgotten Silence, Morgul), melancholic or calm music (Buckethead - Star Chasing or Mushroomhead - The Heresy or Draconian/My Dying Bride, or just 80s "neon" pop) and remixed classics. I love when there is violin and/or female vocals. Some music I love for lyrics, some for music.

Love to metal is mostly from mother, as father was listening mostly soviet pop songs and Vysotsky.

Most recent song was

Song I'm listening rn is "Blackbriar - I'd Rather Burn". And it is somewhat relatable to my past, heh.

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Dream Theater! I only know a few of their songs. Endless sacrifice is my fave.

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I like "In Presence of Enemies Pt1+Pt2" and "Octavarium". "Endless Sacrifice" is good too!

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Pink Floyd is still the best band of all time IMO. I'm not so much in the right headspace these days to be listening to them constantly as I used to be, but everything of theirs is a work of art. I also got to see Roger Waters perform live, which was great.

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but everything of theirs is a work of art

That is why their genre is called art-rock! And yeah, listening to them too much nowadays can be a bit depressing, yet they are really cool. My mother is their biggest fan, so I was exposed to them even before the birth.

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I guess my go to genre is hip-hop, but I listen to a lot of different music really - ranging from jazz and blues to (obviously) hip-hop, trip-hop, electronica, punk, rock (of various sub-genres), classical, new wave. Currently I've been listening quite a lot to my favourite rapper of all time Vel the Wonder ( and a relatively newly found (musical) love, Hindi Zahra (

I think the leader singer of Shivaree is lesbian, she could be bisexual... then again, she could be heterosexual for all I know, but I think she's lesbian although I can't say for sure why I think so. The lead singer from Skunk Anansie is either lesbian or bisexual (I don't remember which) and Kaki King is lesbian and an amazing guitarist (

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Most of what I listen to is country, mostly old school but there are a few newer artist I like. Then there’s my love of 70-80’s punk bands, industrial metal, and 90’s rap.

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    Yep and Ministry

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      Then there’s Skinny Puppy, one of my favorites of all time.

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      I was obsessed with Skinny Puppy back in the days. I also loved Coil, Psycic TV and Front 242 during my industrial/electronic avant garde phase but then my love for these bands kinda faded whereby Skinny Puppy have never left the pantheon

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      I love anything indie (rock)

      The neighbourhood, artic monkeys, DAUGHTER, Oliver riot, florence and the machine!

      To me that's hands down the best music in the entire world:)

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      Electroclash, electro, funk, discofunk, bossa nova, industrial and some cheesy and funny europop from 70s and 80s

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      I pretty much listen to whatever types of music. I grew up listening to 80s, 90s rock (Bon Jovi, Michael learns to rock), ballads (Mariah, Whitney, Celine) and RnB songs (Babyface, Boyz II men) and I was more into emo bands and alternative rock when I was a teenager. I like hiphop as well but I prefer the old school hiphop. Pop and some Kpop music as well. Whatever is pleasing to my ears. My playlist is a mix of songs from different genres and different languages.

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      i like everything except opera. pink, adele, eminem, jay z, george strait, dolly parton, name it, i probably don't hate it.

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      An Horse are great - lived out my adolescent angst to the tune of "Little Lungs" :)

      There's this French artist, Rbk Warrior, she recently produced an amazing electro album under the band name Kompromat. Here's a clip of her and her girlfriend's collab:

      Laura Marling, great folk/indie artist, she always addresses feminist/identity themes through her work:

      Ferron, lesbian folk singer. Adding because talent, because respect, because lesbian culture. Here's a great song on breakups:

      Edit: spelling

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      Thanks for the recs!

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      I'm also a bit of a metalhead, and getting more into it (I used to be far more into punk/hardcore but it just doesn't appeal to me anymore, I need blast beats or awesome melodies).

      I listen to quite a lot of "alternative" music, such as Meg Myers (she is also HOT besides making good tunes), Caroline Rose, Fleet Foxes, and similar.

      I love a wide mix of electronic, from ambient to hard house to some drum & bass. I have quite a bit of jazz fusion mixed in (like Amon Tobin).

      And then other stuff that doesn't fit well. Khruangbin is my number one favorite band right now.

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        Franz Ferdinand always sounds to me like (old) A.F.I. + Beetles, or less depressive The Killers, hehe. Listened to them dozen years ago!

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          (old) A.F.I.

          And then I've checked "new" their songs like "Beautiful Thieves"...and those are10 years old. Oooof, time is merciless.

          And Black Veil Brides are 14 years old band too. I was copying their or London After Midnight style when tried to be "goth boy" (obviously not "open top" ones, and I was like 24, weird "boy", hehe). I feel myself so ancient now!

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                          Just about everything, to be honest.

                          I like classical, hip hop, chill out, trance, metal, folk, and even some pop. Trip hop is my favourite, however. I like just about any genre, so long as it's good or catchy.

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                          my favorite artist is justin nozuka. super talented, severely underrated. my fav newer artists are keiynan lonsdale and sinead harnett. i'll listen to anything but my music library is primarily soft, smooth shit. very reflective of my personality.

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                          Eveything excluding hard rock/heavy metal.

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                          I love music of all genres, but if I had to pick my absolute favorite, then maybe soft rock?

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                          I enjoy R&B, Jazz, Saxophone music and some cheese Pop. I can appreciate different types of music that sound good to my ears though.

                          If you like women who can play the saxophone, there's Candy Dulfur (youtube below). :D


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                          David Bowie is probably my all timer, and most of the music I listen to is British stuff from the 60s-90s (mod, punk, Britpop, post-punk, power pop, etc) just from being a high school anglophile. I do listen to newer music, but I'm slow to do so and always playing catch up.

                          I also listen to a lot of classical and opera and have been trying to branch out into hip hop.

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                          I've mostly been listening to sad indie and alternative stuff; The Band CAMINO, the wombats, Call Me Karizma, Ollie, Jon Bellion, wolfi, Clairo, girl in red, The Heydaze and EDEN.

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                          Lofi channels on YouTube, Moby, st. Vincent, charlie xcx, ccr, punk/emo from 00s, Robyn, janellemonae, wolf alice, chvches, lp, chillwave