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Khajiits are pleased with your choice.

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That is terrifying answer. If my barn cats were any smarter I would constantly be living in fear.

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I'm confused about the way you are using the word "evolved" here. What do you think evolution is?

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Eh, I mean, there's quite a bit of evidence already of some mammal species having their own complex societies and forms of communication (if not actual languages), e.g. elephants, dolphins, whales, monkey and ape species, to name some of the obvious ones. I think the issue is that humans have a vested interest in not recognising the rights or sentience of other species, as it were.

And sure, we can't communicate via spoken language with other species, but it doesn't mean that humans and animals can't learn other ways to communicate with each other. Again, I think this is largely humans being too dense/lazy/arrogant to want to take the time to learn how to interact with other species.

But, if we're just talking 'what animal would you like to see in sci-fi/outer space' then my answer would be whales. Artists and writers love putting whales in outer space for some reason, stuff like this: I like the idea of whales swimming through the stars.

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I think we're not far from the time when the dolphins will leave us with the mess we made saying: "So long and thanks for all the fish" :)

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Cephalopods will inherit the earth

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My zoology professor said once that their limited lifespan is what is preventing them from developing a civilization.

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I can totally imagine having an octopus as my next door neighbour

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He'll be called something like Mr. Alfred Longshanks the 3rd, will wear pence-nez glasses and will be in a habit of gently huffing and puffing at the sillinnnes of his other neighbours.

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Humanity is finding out birds may be far more intelligent than ever understood and have complex communications and in birds that are more social, complex interactions. But I do wish we could understand each other, I have so many things to ask birds! They could even tell us about stuff they see on their migrations. There is one species, the Veery, that knows how hurricane season is going to be months in advance - they are actually way better than humans at detecting this! They could let us know.

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Some other great ape relative. If we fuck this all up, a closely-related species might be able to best understand where we went wrong and how exactly they can do things differently. Something like us, but better. Either that or crows.

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Lions and sharks! There could be glowing underwater cities and on the surface, an amalgamation of nature and metallic structures. I wouldn't want any deities though. Society will be an equal one, in and out of itself.

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Some kind of ocean animal like a whale so they can tell us about the secrets of the deep sea lol.

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Apparently the Earth is one huge experiment conducted by mice anyway. Don't shoot the messenger lol, Douglas Adams has all the receipts :)

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I was thinking about how cool it would be and how different our world would be if we had had another species evolve to our level of complex civilizations. Like we had neanderthals at the same time as humans and a few other close relatives but those were cousins.

Not very cool. You would have to compete with them for resources and competition with advanced species leads to war.

Many people believe that it is better we do not come in contact with alien species more advanced than humanity,because they could subdue us with ease.