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It was made by some kind of male feminist. Probably some creep. I'll skip it.

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This is quite accurate since one of the main characters Anthy, has an incestuous sexual relationship with her brother. Utena also has sex with him as well so I'm unsure why OP is saying that characters are lesbian or has lesbian overtones. Even in the manga, Utena is determined to be a 'prince' so as to get with the prince she encounter when as a child.

It's a good anime; the movie is better at show casing the female on female love. However, I wouldn't call it a lesbian anime. It's a shoujo-ai which means girls' love regardless if the characters are homosexual or bisexual.

One episode after Utena witnesses them having sex, the next morning, they talk about the possibility of poisoning each other for this man whom they both love.

There is one character though who actually is homosexual but the woman she likes does not desire her back.

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    Yes, it's a joke but not really since both women were willing to die and protect him due to their love for him, if it meant murder, they would have done it.

    Of course it wasn't painted in a good light with her brother. Don't think it was meant to be anything other. However, it was still consensual.

    Yes, I don't think this is a good show to recommend to homosexual women seeking homosexual content. It's still a good anime, but not one I'd recommend for this sub. I'd have recommended the movie instead.

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          He was a headmaster(?) of the school abusing his sister and (coercively) rapes one of the students who is 14 canonically (Utena). That some people miss that is really sad, but honestly I sometimes miss things like this because I kind of black them out. That there’s to this day probably shippers of that is fucked up, but people will fetishize anything.

          It’s a disturbing part of the series and happens towards the end where I expected a happy payoff. I like surrealist stuff and think some of the concepts, metaphors, art and music of the series is cool- but as a young lesbian I found that point in the series quite a let down as much as it had been talked up at the time (mid 2000s).

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          You edited your comment.

          There are tons of allusions in the story to a homosexual relationship between Utena and Anthy.

          Dude, both of these women are having sex with the same man. How is that homosexuality; why is it so wrong to call these two female characters bisexual which is what they are?

          The prince meets her, gives her a ring, and instead of seeing it as an engagement ring, she decides to become a "prince" herself and "rescue princesses".

          Yes, but she still wanted to be with the prince in the manga as well as the anime. There's nothing wrong with being bisexual. You're erasing it by trying so hard to make these women homosexual. These females are bisexual who engage in sexual consentful relationships with males and females in the anime show and movie.

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            I love Haruka and Michiru.

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              Also Haruka is such a wifeguy. She tries to act like she’s not but she’s whipped

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                I would actually do that. It’s how i met my first gf. Attending her play every night

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                  Omg that is why i like Michiru. I fluster my gfs on purpose too. Haruka would be super easy to fluster.

                  I pursued my first gf and made myself indispensable to her, then I told her i was in love with her and we were secretly together for 2 years. Many sleepovers. Lolol. No one knew in my home. It was super hard when we broke up though, even though i left her. No one to tell or talk to.

                  What happened with your friend?

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                    She let me decide everything and never had any opinions and i started feeling like i was in a relationship with no one. Also she loved me too much and i wasn’t ready for that. It took a long time to be ready for it. I broke her heart and she started dating an abusive asshole right after me.

                    And OMG your situation sounds like a sad lesbian movie that even ends on that sad note (like every lesbian movie lol), except there was no murder or anything.

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                        I was into anime way before the tran-nay-nays were into it (the 90s), but I didn’t get into this one. Haven’t seen it.

                        Anime will always be problematic to some degree, but it was sure nice to have at least some lesbian content AT ALL back then. CLAMP did something with a couple of lesbians too. RG veda i think

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                        The Revolutionary Girl Utena Movie is pretty great! It's gorgeously designed, has a high dosage of Yuri/Lesbian content and it's compact to watch as well. I do recommend it! I find it harder to get into the TV series. Too many insufferable characters and the points aren't made that much better, although it offers a better expansion of the storyline. But if you do enjoy it, I would encourage you to continue watching.

                        This makes me think of another recommendation too! If anyone is interested in retro shows with leading strong female characters and a major focus on them, I would recommend "Bubblegum Crisis" the eight-episode OVA. This show (amongst others) is much closer to how action-type live-action series are done in those years, except it's more female-focused and has Yuri/lesbian content (but much less than Utena the movie). The series is concentrated on the plot and character development of the female characters. It is unlike the usual, where women spend half their time crying over men or their actions revolve around the male character's development.

                        On top of it, the show has a whopping soundtrack as well, if you do enjoy some retro pop, that is.