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God that article is horrifically written, 1/10 quality. Journalism is thoroughly deceased

Well, 1. chapstick lesbian, and 2. can't decide. I find a lot of different women attractive. numbers 1,5,8 and 9 are a no go though.

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  1. Butch
  2. Chapstick I guess. The way they describe these types is just not very attractive. You either get an outfit preference or a single personality trait.

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I would be a power (or proto-power) lipstick lesbian. I am attracted to other power lesbians, but she would need to be chiller than me. And I don't see this on there, but this is definitely a type: artists. OK so I just described Bette and Jody, but not like them lol. I wouldn't mind bankrolling my partner as she did something much cooler with her life than I do so I can live vicariously through her while I'm a corporate wage slave.

In all honestly, I just like chill, interesting women who happen to be lesbians regardless of whatever type they are.

Edit: Sometimes I present more "chapstick" than "lipstick." I certainly don't have a problem dressing down and wearing little or no makeup, but I do like to dress up, do my hair, makeup, etc. But that's why I also don't like to type myself other than for fun on the Internet. I don't want to be held to anything.

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Fun post!

The closest for me would be #1.Lipstick lesbian and #2.Lipstick lesbian. But this is just approximate, as I need the right character personality to be fully into her. I also do find variances of Chapstick lesbian attractive.

I find #8(Hasbian) and #9(LUG) to be a waste of space that could be used to fit other real lesbian types for fun.

Curious to see what everyone would like. 😃

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I find #8(Hasbian) and #9(LUG) to be a waste of space that could be used to fit other real lesbian types for fun.

Yeah. I don't know why the author even included those. Straight women need to just stay in their lane sometimes. Don't need them acting like lesbian experts

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sport dykes unite. i also fall under power and butch. but sports are love, sports are life so yea.. yanno. i've only dated lipstick and hasbians(ugh) but i wouldn't say that's what i'm most attracted to. i'm definitely not into the activist and other butches tho. idk. anyone mostly femme and not awful is what i'm attracted to.

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I am like...majority of those, lol.

Sometimes I am chapstic (most often, I guess), sometimes I am soft butch, sometimes I am lipstic (especially during summer, as I am very sensitive to hot weather, and wearing light summer dresses and summer-parasol). At same time I am activist and power lesbian (people even calling me ma'am jockingly).

I am attracted to personality mostly, regardless of anything else. I like looks of soft butch and very feminine ones, thought.

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Soft butch? Like you dress masculine and have shorter hair

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Well, I am often going to work in such, "business woman" in pants and jacket, with low heels shoes. I had short hair, yes. Nowadays I am mostly going with long hair, thought.

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Business woman isn't butch. It's still feminine. Definitely prefer chapstick casual wear/business to ultra feminine.

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That is why I called it "soft butch", as it is without skirt, but with pants and with jacket and blazer, no make up and low heels. As "manly" as you can get from such cloths.

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It isn't mainly for me. I don't see pants as masculine or don't see feminine as wearing skirt and dresses

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Not sure than what "butch" is. I wear unisex jeans, but everyone here is wearing unisex jeans. I have short hair sometimes, I guess that may count as butch? But we often have here women with very short hair, especially ones who work on factories, they can be almost bald.

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No, you're feminine not butch. Butch are masculine. The most masculine types of lesbians-

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Ellen Page was called "soft butch" and I am more "manly" than her sometimes, lol. And at one point, when I was trying to look like a boy, I was even more masculine.

I am not sure what you mean by masculine then, thought.

Like, you said Froskurrin is too butch for you, but for me she looks pretty feminine and only soft-butch: &

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Ellen Page had more boyish look. You more mainly than that. Then we can't get marry lol. Kidding

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No, I like the mostly feminine look. Froskurrin is nice look

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I'm a stone butch and I'm usually into baby dykes. They always have this really excited and happy demeanour about them, just all around thrilled to be out. It's adorable.

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  1. Boi
  2. Whoever's the hottest, I guess stone, hasbian (why did they include this one) and activist would be turn offs though

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I am somewhere between lipstick and chapstick and I am into lipstick or chapstick lesbians

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  1. I am somewhere between lipstick lesbian and chapstick lesbian. Not sure what to pick given the descriptions, as I am not "ultra girly" but I am nowhere close to being butch either.

  2. The same as me or full-on lipstick lesbians.

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  1. I don't seem to align with any of these particularly, I'm pretty unisex with my look (t-shirt/polo, jeans, sneakers, curly hair down to the mid of my ear, no makeup ever) outside of my preference for suits.
  2. Boi

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  1. Which one are you?

Butch I guess.

  1. Which one are you post attracted to?

Other butches.