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Is it Lesbians whom you are concerned about?

Because in the west, the current issue is a growing number of straight women who wish to transit to become men. It's not quite strictly just on lesbians per se. Because, to be honest, right from the beginning, there has always been a certain percentage of lesbian women and gay men who suffer from dysphoria and thus transit to become the opposite sex. It is not a new issue. Just that, of late, it has simply become more public and vocal.

If you are talking about East Asia, there isn't really any such thing here as straight women wanting to become men. Mostly, there majorly exists a growing number of straight men wanting to be women (autogynephilia), and the rest are gay men and lesbians. The fetishists are indeed pushing for LGBT organizations to become a lot more pro-trans. The mainstream isn't really budging on it, so there is not as much invasion in the lesbian community. Although that day may eventually arrive.

Lesbians turning to transition is a concern. It would definitely be good to see what can be done about it.

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Transactivists here are pushing an agenda (which mostly benefits straight males in garb, you're 100% right there) that affects all women's safety. There is actually a bill in the Philippines that TRAs are urging politicians to pass that will eventually allow males in women's bathrooms, to go against the tide would be punishable (6 years imprisonment and fines), all these under the guise of "discrimination". And yes, I'd say lesbian women are definitely the most affected demographic in every asian country. You're also right about the different female demographic who are transitioning, most of the transmen here are lesbian females (some bi) who have dysphoria.

If you are talking about East Asia, there isn't really any such thing here as straight women wanting to become men.

I wouldn't rule out the possibility, albeit there being a small number of them.

What the west and east has in common regarding this issue is that women who are speaking up are actively being silenced and hounded. It's why we need to organise, so that dysphoric women have a safe space and each other to talk to, as well as have access to resources that spell out truths about pharma and transitioning. All they have now are what transactivists are loud about and put out there, which are misleading and actually harmful.