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It depends if the app has a "VIP" or if you're just pushed to the front of the line.

For example, if you're waiting in line at a restaurant and this restaurant offers you to pay more to get in front of the line then you'll get in before everyone else; however, your service won't be any different.

But if you're waiting in line at a restaurant and they offer you to pay more to get in the front of the line and only interact and be scene with others of your same class then that's "vip".

Apps like Tinder, Plenty of Fish, and Her, just push you to the front of the line. Apps like Grindr, EHarmony, and Match give you VIP.

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No, personally I found most paid sites didn't have enough people to be worthwhile, so I didn't get better matches that way. I find the apps with higher volume tend to get better results for me, as there's a much wider variety of people on them.

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I cannot answer as I have no experience with this, but I think it is a good question and will be interested in the results.

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Well, only "professional" women can likely afford to use premium services. I used to talk to a woman who worked 60+ hours per week in a Virginian city and lived in a shitty neighborhood with a roommate. Hardworking woman but couldn't afford to use paid dating app services.

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I would say that the needs and circumstances of lesbians/bis are different from straight people. For lesbians/bis, I feel that all you need is a lesbian/bi exclusive app/site that doesn't have any or many men and non-lesbian/genuine bi women on. If you can have it, then what you get will probably be mostly good. You don't need it to be premium. I'm using such an app myself (non-anglophone app) and things are decently alright. There will always be some men and flakes, but overall they are not that massive in numbers and are manageable.

Of course this depends on what you want. A "walled-off" premium might be useful, if perhaps, you are exclusively interested in lesbians with disposable income. But for me, that's not really my criteria. At the same time, this can be a good method to ward off men and non-lesbian/genuine bi women, seeing as how high the proliferation rate of all that stuff is (in countries affected). But it's exactly because of how ingrained now that these things are, that I question if a premium account will still be all that effective.

For straight people, a lot of men use dating apps to score free or cheaper sex (but all the while lying and pretending not to do so). So a premium section is good to seek out people interested in more serious dating. But women don't really work the same way. Women don't have manhood, and thus women are usually not interested in sleeping with tons of people just for the sake of feeling "manhood". So in a lesbian/genuine bi environment, things won't happen like that, and thus there is not much need for paywalls.