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I am pretty certain there more of them than lesbians.

By that USA country survey asked millions of people - amount of transgender and bisexual people raised to almost 10% (so like 5-10 times more than before), while amount of gay men stayed around same and amount of lesbians decreased (I guess they became transmen? I am pretty sure I'd be one as well if I was a teen today). And numbers are like, if previously LGB(T) were only around 2.5-3.5% of people, now it is almost 12%, majority of who'm are trans or bisexual. Majority of them are straight too. And "straight transwoman" is "transbian" on a woke-speak. So there around 3-5% of USA population of possibly "transbians" while only 1% or less lesbians.

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Worth noting, fewer people may be self-reporting as lesbian on polls and surveys because a) lesbian is apparently a "bad" word now, something to be avoided (I was told this by another woman who is exclusively same-sex-attracted), b) a bunch are identifying as "trans demiboys" and whatnot instead.

I think percentage of people self-reporting as trans is growing and percentage of people self-reporting as lesbian is shrinking.

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Oh, this is a "They did the math" kind of question. Let's see. Starting point is all transbians are male. If we go with Kinsey's assertion that 10% of the population is homosexual (which I don't believe, but let's use it as a starting point), that means that 10% of transwomen are attracted to other males and 90% are attracted to females, so that would mean that around 90% of all traswomen are transbians. By the same metric, 10% of women are lesbians. Now, this doesn't account for bisexuals, and also Kinsey's figures have been challenged by people way smarter than me. But it does give you an idea of the proportion. As to why the percentage of the population that is trans seems to be rising, I don't think that's the case at all. Sure, more and more people are finding it easier to come out as trans. That doesn't mean they didn't experience dysphoria before, they were just closeted. And as a group they tend to be very vocal, very loud. And being a bit cynical, I would also point out they're a bit the cause du jour, precisely because of that same loudness.

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I've thought about this, mostly on the subject on transwomen in lesbian spaces, because tbh I think it's a fight no one will have our backs in. Anyways, let's assume the percentage of lesbians as in actual homosexual women are around 1-2%, and the number of transwomen are about 0,5% but probably growing. That would give us 10-20 lesbians out of 1000 women, and 5 transwomen out of 1000 men. I would guess at least half of those would be transbians, let's say 2. So best case scenario 2 transbians - 20 lesbians in 2000 people would be a good guesstimate.

However, if you're to have a purely lesbian event/group, it is of course complicated by the fact that many lesbians call themselves nonbinary/trans masc or transition even, and some bi women call themselves lesbians, and that transbians would love the validation from something like that so worst case scenario you'd end up with say half the lesbians attending (5-10) all the transbians (3+) and bi women (maybe 10-15 since they at 3-5% of the population easily outnumber lesbians) making lesbians the minority in their own community.

This is just me playing around with numbers though, but the way things are going I wouldn't be surprised if transbians, with AMAB nonbinaries etc added, already (at least in certain populations/cities) outnumber homosexual women.