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MGTOW is about more than individual men flipping the bird to golddiggers. It's also about men educating other men as to why MGTOW is a good idea...before bitches have a chance to sink in them claws. To prevent future victims, it is necessary to discuss the modus operandi of the victimizers. I often find it hilarious that the same 'tards who whine about MGTOW's focus on women, are the same idiots that cast a blind eye and deaf ear to the feminazi focus on attacking men.

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That's been my experience as well. I've got one moron on MeWe that has it set in his mind that MGTOW is the flip side of feminism. And when he's asked to back that up with sources even after I've proven conclusively that the actions by MGTOW in no way mirror anything done by Feminists