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You forgot 4. Not being a default mod and existing – permanent suspension

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    5 . Criticizing r/defaultmods – IP banned and passwords locked

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    I got banned from Reddit twice.

    First account was admittedly a troll account. I was being as offensive as I possibly could. I called the left-right political paradigm 'autistic' numerous times which got me banned eventually.

    Second account was more laidback. I would post on technology subreddits and r/MakeMyCoffin. Then I came across r/4chan and I had a little too much fun with that sub. That sub was one of the few based subreddits that were left until the Ukraine War started.

    Anyway, I first got a warning in September 2021 for saying on r/4chan that 'Chinese men have small penishu'. It was a joke, but the admins saw it and they have no sense of humour. They threatened to delete my account if I said 'penishu' on Reddit again.

    In February this year I got a 3-day ban. I don't remember why. Finally, in March I got a 7-day ban for criticising the western narrative on Ukraine. A day later I was told that my account was permanently suspended. Not interested in creating a new account.

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      Most Reddit admins are troons. And some of these troons are hapas.

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      Just another Tuesday on Saidit.