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Interesting... I posted this to /c/reddit on and it was deleted without any reason/notification and I don't see a way to message the mods. They have a modlog that gave a server error message. Later on I got the modlog to load but it just shows an endless loading icon. There is also no access to your content after it's deleted, unlike with reddit.

I made this comment about some of the drawbacks of Lemmy and I guess this is just another one to add:

I've seen people complain about the phpBB UI, so that made me shy away from using it for my website even though I personally like it.

I started looking into forums some months ago, and in that time Lemmy has already come a long way, to where I think Lemmy would possibly be the better option soon. But I wanted to get my site up and running ASAP.

A few things that factored into my decision:

  • I think Reddit and its alts need the features of /r/enhancement and /r/Toolbox.
  • I don't like the default UI of Lemmy. It's too bloated. I'm using now but it's definitely lacking in features and a bit buggy (IE: I have to switch to the "regular" site, and log in separately, to edit my post).
  • I saw beehaw defederate due to lack of mod tools.
  • showing Lemmy's vulnerabilities (ddos, security, etc.).
  • I'm still familiarizing myself with Lemmy and the fediverse. It's a bit complex.
  • The voting system has its upsides and downsides. I think no downvote button is the best option.
  • I don't like the time-based nature of reddit-type sites. With forums, you don't need to always be there to answer right away. Discussions can take place over longer periods of time.
  • As you say, a full step-by-step guide is essential.
  • I'm now very hesitant to trust any 3rd party. I'd have to trust that the Lemmy instance I choose won't do the same thing reddit did to me.

I wasn't really considering hosting my own Lemmy instance at the time. But I think it can be installed onto a subdomain of any website?