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Because you can't have a white girls gone wild sub, but you can have a {insert race other than white} gonewild to your heart's content. Where else would they post?

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You can have r/pawg though. Apparently appreciating white girls is OK as long as it's done in a trashy way.

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That's sort of my point, the whole gonewild thing (although I like it because I like looking at random nekkid womans) can get pretty graphic and degrading.....I like a chocolate woman too, I like thicc latinas....I have some pretty diverse tastes in the womans, I don't want to go on r/gonewildxyz, I want equal representation for all flavours of hotties on the main gonewild sub and the fact that it's just vanilla flavoured woman's shows the hypocrisy of the loonie lefties that populate that vile website!

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Good point. I wish they'd refine their standards a bit. There's a big difference between PAWG and fat.

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Why do people look at this dumb shit instead of real porn

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Because "This chick took off her clothes because it turns her on to get guys like me off" is often a sexier thought than "This chick needs $300 to buy heroin, so she's doing an impression of a stuck pig while some divorced guy rails her."

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Except today, everything could be generative AI. ByteDance could deanonimize everyone on /r/gonewild in a week. I wonder whether the people posting understand that, but I doubt it. I refuse to believe the majority of the people posting doesn't have TikTok.

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Everyone knows that site is artificial. And just like porn sites, it is meant to steer certain demographics into certain acts for obvious reasons.

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Because despite the virtue signalling everyone is most attracted to white girls.