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So they're really doing the IPO thing finally... part of why we built saidit was in anticipation of reddit going IPO and banning/blocking tons of subreddits and users as a result, who may then migrate to saidit to enjoy actual free speech.

Looks like it's finally happening.

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At this point, we can only hope reddit self-inflicts a mortal wound. It's obvious it's not going to get better.

Also, I think that would be incredibly unsafe to give reddit your dox. If they behave the same way towards real people, you can bet on getting some IRL harassment if you disagree with their extremist politics. I don't want to deal with stuff like having pets poisoned or family members stalked or attacked.

On the other hand, if you're brave enough, you could buy a little bit of the stock such you could show up at a shareholder board meeting, and confront the board with all the dirty things reddit is pulling. Their incel tranny admins would probably have a stroke. That's probably why they're giving an "initial offering" to curated mods who will continue to do their bidding.

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I wouldn't buy their stock anyway cause I don't see much value in the platform.

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Lots of other shitty companies had their stock pump year after year. It seems the more unethical a company is, the better their stock does.

I see it being similar to twitter, where people ride the FOMO train up without realizing or caring that 99% of the site are repost bots, and other corporate/karma farming spammers. I get more interaction on saidit with only maybe 100 people active, than I do on reddit with supposedly "millions".

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It's already happening in slow motion.

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What part?

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They would have years ago but were worried about section 230. That affects how much a social media company is worth. Terrorists, pedos, criminals, etc communicate thru social media so is the company liable?

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Lol, I got one of those as well, and my only contribution to Reddit is being a shitposter and a member of numerous subs that were eventually banned.

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reddit never made a single buck, but is useful for the power to spread woke propaganda and left wing narrative.

imagine moderating reddit for free while spez makes $200M a year... you have to be a moron to do that...

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Pump it, and dump it after the IPO for big money big prizes! :)

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Update on moderation.. if there would be a lot of more influx.

Sadly we currently have a huge spam problem on both Saidit and Reddit.
On reddit, half of the posts in my subs are spam for karma-farming.
On saidit, about 66% spam for link farming. And about 50% propaganda articles.

Many of them are posts and comments from bots.
The bots just copy/paste previous posts or comments from other posts.

A lot of people post in many subs. Easy recognizable spam.
Also there are a lot of "bait" posts, which seem meant to get flame-wars.
Like "How much did you like your first trans experience?"

Would it help to restrict registration?
Maybe there should always be a connection to a valid account on one identified platform.
Like X or substack or even Steam. A limited list that can grow later.
It needs to be automatic somehow.
That way people can not endlessly spam accounts, and still have some kind of anonymity.

It would also help to rename some accounts.
For example an account with the name "BUTTFUCKSHIT" does not welcome a insightful conversation.
And not allow names that are similar to other account-names.

There are lots of people that post in the wrong subs (neolib/cancelthis).
Sometimes in many at the same time (newsgrid).
And then complain in other subs about "censorship" when their wrong post got removed.
Maybe they want to post into subs that are the most popular to get more visibility?

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I spent 12 or so year dutifully contributing to Reddit's forums. I was not offered anything, but they took my subreddit communities, erased my content, censored my posts/comments, and banned me. They refused any dialog, recourse, or to give any explanation of why my months of hard work were mysteriously instantly permanently banned....again. This has been a pattern at Reddit. It is a platform that abuses its users by design as well as incompetence.

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Be cautious. It's highly unlikely that Reddit would offer shares early to individual moderators in such a manner. Reddit's IPO (Initial Public Offering) would typically involve a process managed by financial institutions and would not involve direct outreach to individual users, especially moderators.

Scammers often use the hype around IPOs to trick people into giving away personal information or money. Be sure to verify any communication you receive regarding investments, especially if it seems unusual or too good to be true. It's always safest to do your own research or consult with a trusted financial advisor before making any investment decisions. If you're unsure about the legitimacy of the message you received, you can contact Reddit directly or report the message as suspicious.

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Why buy shit like this? I’ve been buying Microsoft for 15 years. Buy an ETF like XLK if individual stocks aren’t your thing. Reddit….JHC… shit in a box.

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I also got that email/PM (I have a 14-year-old account with 500k+ of total karma).

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I imagine the offer will be overpriced and the price will plummet once shares are released to the public.

I might buy one at that point for the lulz

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Well, they are scumbags. But if you can earn some money off them and even have any measure of influence over them-as a "shareholder"-you should do it.

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I forgot this would only be available to Americans. It warms my heart to think that Canadian blue-haired Stalinists will feel excluded, even if it's a scam.

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Yeah, I got that too. I'd be vaguely tempted if reddit wasn't shit.

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They think people wont cut the branch they're on. But they will.