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Man, when elephants take over the world you're in deep shit. Elephants never forget. /s

Seriously though, reddit is now a circlejerk of programmed thinking. Yet someone (or group, corporation, etc) pulled a brilliant move by convincing the users they are so smart, much smarter than questioning dissenters. I wonder if I would get banned on r/dogs if I say cats are smarter than dogs.

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a circlejerk of programmed thinking.

That is definitely accurate, and it just keeps getting worse. I very much like your phrase "programmed thinking" because that's what it is.

Your opponent says X and you say Y. This is beat in to people's heads. Then when they come across this argument in the wild, they reflexively parrot the response, not even allowing themselves time to process the information sometimes. It's really a hijacking of the human brain, if the person never steps out of this reflexive verbal slumber. And doing so can take courage, because of a culture that demands conformity.

I just wish more people would wake up to this sort of thing, and spot it for what it is.

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It's really a hijacking of the human brain

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That article has several issues. But what it's talking about is important.

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RIP A. Schwartz also. That was the death-knell. FUCK censorship. Never in a bazillion years did I think this would actually happen in my lifetime; all those hours in civics classes are ringing in my ears. It's go-time IMHO.

HAIL saidit

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The Australia mods just told me which comments were the offending ones. Here they are:

Let's just turn Australia in to Somalia and skip the middle man, eh?

Also they tried that in South Africa. It isn't going so well.

Then the other one they cited is:

That's what Sweden thought too, now they have "no-go" zones and regular stabbings, and the police are too afraid of appearing racist to do anything about it. It's very sad for the people who just want a good quality of life.

edit: Why the downvotes? Facts running against a mainstream narrative so they have to be hidden? Sorry for the wrongthink

then the mods muted me so I can't respond. Fucking Kafkaesque. Are these comments really bigoted? I don't think so. I think they're making valid points about the dangers of over-immigration. Being banned for bigotry when I'm just stating my opinion and backing it up with facts, is extremely frustrating. But I know it's just because I went against their narrative. And this is why reddit will soon be ruined.

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hey i was also banned for bigotry from r/australia for posting a video of some riots in sydney. that must be their goto excuse. but your other ban is hilarious :-)

i must see that sub for myself. i better take a headlamp tho

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Here's the elephant exchange, if anyone wants to waste time perusing it:

This was the comment I was banned for:

and we can't exactly give elephants IQ tests to know what their intelligence is to make any sort of reasonable comparison.

Yeah because they can't talk or communicate in any serious way, because they have a shit IQ compared to a human.

Connectivity and design matters just as much, if not more, than size. Some small birds are extremely smart, like African Grey Parrots that can speak English and understand math. They have tiny brains.

Lol I think that's the least ban-worthy comment I've ever been banned for. Like seriously, it only happened because it pissed off the OP, who happened to also be a mod for that sub (which no one goes to, probably because he banned everyone!).

Reddit is becoming a parody of itself.

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Elephants can communicate though, as outlined in their response. Even if an animal can't communicate, they still may be intelligent in other aspects. Everything else you say, however… seems to agree perfectly with the article? I don't quite see what the actual disagreement was. To me it seems like one of those discussions that somehow degenerated from discussion to a you-are-wrong argument, but maybe I am misinterpreting.

I can see some mistakes here that may give people a bad impression of you (mainly charismatic), but banning is a terrible way to deal with this, and doesn't sufficiently allow for the situation to improve. Have you tried appealing this ban? I would like to aid in resolving this conflict between you and the mod, but little will work if the mod doesn't listen to appeals.

Edit: Analysing more, it appears that the mod also escalated this conflict too high, specifically in their first and last responses.

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He basically got mad at me because I wasn't agreeing with him, is what it seemed to boil down to. Fragile person, addicted to a worldview, who cannot handle their facts being contradicted with other facts.

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I'm offended by the intolerance of the SJW ridicule and differently-abled trans-species cause my eco-feelz. Elophunts are endangered minorities!

Reddit is parroty intelephrant.

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state of reddit

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is it better to ignore echo chambers like this or engage? and if you engage, how?

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At this point I think the best way to destroy these echo chambers is to divert the people in them to more open sites.

You can't fight them ideologically when they can just ban you the moment you step over some imaginary line. They control the information flow as long as you use their subreddit. I say it's worth abandoning, telling everyone why, and then telling people about alternatives.

I think that's the most effective way to open the information spigot, in my opinion.

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in this context, how would you go about explaining why the New Green Deal is such a volatile action? it seems to me that we've already past the precipice where if you disagree with the group then your wrong(from a broader picture than the green deal thing), instead of being able to disagree and then discuss. then, if you're wrong you're criminalized and counted as invalid. and i cant feel but the only answer is to abandon completely or to fight outright, both of which are failures.

... interested in what you think. thanks!

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Yeah I know what you mean. I don't know either. I guess the only solution is to make noise, to counteract the programming. Some people will hate you for it, but those people are asleep anyway, and if one wakes up because of you then they will be thankful.

The New Green Deal not be a bad thing, who knows. I don't really know much about it tbh. But I do get wary when people are using fear-based intimidation tactics to force through legislation and wars and stuff.

I think the important thing is to say what you really believe. To be silenced is to take yourself out of the equation, which those in power would be very happy with. But don't cause yourself undue stress, if you can avoid it. It's a balancing act. That's how I see it, anyway.

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It makes me wonder if this is a new cycle?

Just as the market peak and crash, so to perhaps interwebs will squeeze and when they release the divided folks will have pooled into new bubble to squeeze.

Alternatively it's only going to get worse until the new Corporatocracy Geo-A.I.-God slowly wakes up to squash us all by 2050.